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#3414 ffmpeg stream to ffserver fails with "Not enough space" new defect ffserver normal
#3418 Cannot stream h264 to libvorbis/libtheora with ffserver open mastered defect ffserver normal
#3433 using "shortest" results in mismatched audio and video lengths new defect ffmpeg normal
#3442 h264 decoder decodes complete GOP wrong / skips one GOP if stream does not start with SPS/PPS open defect avcodec normal
#3454 Emotion Systems violates GPL reopened license violation undetermined normal
#3455 aresample=matrix_encoding=dplii doesn't downmix backleft and center correctly new defect swresample normal
#3467 Sigala Media violates GPL new license violation undetermined normal
#3483 live stream with a gopro (hero 3) new defect undetermined normal
#3488 require_pkg_config() dies with useless error message when pkg-config is missing new defect build system normal
#3507 console prompt to "overwrite file" can be lost new defect undetermined normal
#3511 support FrameRate in dpx files new enhancement undetermined normal
#3520 Remuxing from flv to swf breaks framerate new defect undetermined normal
#3532 Muxer SAP can't use unicast address when same_port=1 new defect avformat normal
#3535 Too Short RTP/JPEG packet. new defect undetermined normal
#3537 Invalid chapters are copied if -t is used as input option open defect ffmpeg normal
#3560 configure/fate changes armv7s to armv6j new defect undetermined normal
#3563 wrong duration reported by ffmpeg new defect avformat normal
#3565 ffmpeg with hwaccel vdpau decode created washed out highlight h.264 video new defect ffmpeg normal
#3571 Drawtext fontcolor alpha not working with border (border and glyph would need to be combined before drawing them) open defect avfilter normal
#3572 failure to remux h264 from mkv with pts < dts error open defect undetermined normal
#3574 resolved bug "ffplay says cannot use next picture in error concealment while streaming from ffserver using feed file" new enhancement undetermined normal
#3578 h.264 from avi to mkv/mp4 new defect undetermined normal
#3586 [discrepancy with libav] avcodec_encode_video2 merges packet side data with the packet body new defect avcodec normal
#3600 concat demuxer does not work for two h264 streams new defect undetermined normal
#3608 Transcoded NUT-File has incorrect duration open defect avformat normal
#3615 -y option affects audio/video skew during screen capture (alsa+x11grab) new defect ffmpeg normal
#3623 Mixed results writing M4A metadata reopened defect undetermined normal
#3631 Aspect ratio change in the middle of a video stream reopened defect undetermined normal
#3639 ffmpeg not apply filter to http output stream (to output file is ok) new defect ffserver normal
#3643 XYZ to RGB color space new enhancement swscale normal
#3647 caf muxer doesn't obey Apple Core Audio Format Specification 1.0, section Information Entry Keys new defect avformat normal
#3659 Some H.264 WTV files created by ffmpeg do not playback on WMP and MCE open defect undetermined normal
#3661 Blu-Ray stream changes audio from ac-3 to dts open defect undetermined normal
#3672 av_read_frame failed after av_seek_frame(0) called new defect undetermined normal
#3677 av_read_frame after av_seek_frame failed (.rm) new defect avformat normal
#3680 can't seek to a key frame new defect undetermined normal
#3681 ffmpeg creates broken MOV/MP4 files with invalid edit list ('elst') new defect undetermined normal
#3683 ffmpeg misdetects duration for mpeg file generated using ffmpeg (one frame short) new defect undetermined normal
#3697 H264/MPEGTS avg_frame_rate inconsistencies new defect undetermined normal
#3702 RTSP Streaming fails with "Could not write header for output file" new defect undetermined normal
#3705 Seeking fails for H264 file open defect undetermined normal
#3714 Remuxing mpegts results in 5% bigger file size than original file open defect avformat normal
#3719 Single frame cannot be encoded with -vcodec hevc new defect undetermined normal
#3723 aac copy issue with -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc when container is not flv, m4a, mov or mp4 new defect undetermined normal
#3732 ffserver does not perceive closing of input feed new defect ffserver normal
#3733 ffmpeg encoder does not retry sending a feed new defect ffmpeg normal
#3734 ffserver logging of feed events new defect ffserver normal
#3740 drawtext drops backslashes new defect avfilter normal
#3744 green benetian blinds on the video new defect undetermined normal
#3747 ffmpeg overwrites files with non-ascii characters on Windows (cmd) open defect undetermined normal
#3752 can't seek to specified position in asf stream open defect avformat normal
#3770 WardenCam violates LGPL/GPL new license violation undetermined normal
#3776 Decoding bug when playing some MPEG-4 ALS streams open thilo.borgmann defect undetermined normal
#3778 RTMPProto Overflow Interger (bytes_read) Bug new defect avformat normal
#3788 [SMK] Seek error new defect undetermined normal
#3789 shortest command doesnt work when using a filter_complex with audio and video filters open defect ffmpeg normal
#3790 IP Video Transcoding violates GPL new license violation undetermined normal
#3794 SWSCALE: Quantization Errors in Y Studio Range new defect swscale normal
#3798 ffprobe indentifies 16:9 display aspect ratio as 0:1 new defect ffprobe normal
#3801 SWSCALE: Incorrect Values (+-1) in Full Range Conversion RGB to YCbCr reopened defect undetermined normal
#3802 Telestream Wirecast Violates GPL new license violation undetermined normal
#3811 Misleading error when segmenting H.264 bitstream to MPEG-TS new defect undetermined normal
#3825 Wrong PTS in Ogg Vorbis file new defect avformat normal
#3831 conversion to bgr8 does not work correctly for some resolutions open defect swscale normal
#3846 The output video show a wrong alpha new defect avcodec normal
#3853 silence in front of generated audio mpegts new defect undetermined normal
#3861 mpegts malformed in specifc circumstances new defect undetermined normal
#3863 ffmpeg libx264 increases the bitrate new defect undetermined normal
#3875 Cannot seek MP4 with HEVC new defect undetermined normal
#3885 cavs: "weighted prediction not yet supported" new defect avcodec normal
#3886 imc: read coefficients failed open defect avcodec normal
#3887 ffmpeg cant multiplex IMX video essence (m2v) with correct vbv into mov or mxf new defect undetermined normal
#3899 FFMPEG uses incorrect MACs when new defect undetermined normal
#3903 Cutting video file with invalid start time does not warn and produces invalid file new enhancement ffmpeg normal
#3920 ffprobe can't parse dash init.mp4 new defect ffprobe normal
#3922 comment metadata doesn't show on iTunes new defect avformat normal
#3940 Wrong behavior -force_key_frames new defect undetermined normal
#3951 RTSP (WMServer) playback failed to recover after pause. new defect avformat normal
#3954 Remuxing vorbis into AVI leads to very large files new defect undetermined normal
#3965 Non-sense best effort timestamp new defect avcodec normal
#3981 Duration_LastFrame when muxing mp4 new defect avformat normal
#3982 FFMPEG Does Not Support the Audio in TS stream recorded by Marshall Electronics VS-7300 open defect undetermined normal
#3988 GPL license violators who try to spam the mailing lists or forum new license violation undetermined normal
#3990 Video duration increases when reducing frame rate open defect ffmpeg normal
#3993 Digiarty WinX violates GPL new license violation undetermined normal
#3999 Input option -r does not work for all formats without reencoding open defect ffmpeg normal
#4021 Sony XDCAM MP4 => MOV provide out-of-sync file without metadata new defect undetermined normal
#4027 Gdi capture window title, then I close the window, ffmpeg send don't automatically stop. Version 2.3 will stop the capture. new defect avformat normal
#4037 [Transcoding] Duration and frame number changed after transcoding new defect undetermined normal
#4043 mss2: fix decoding of mss2 open defect avcodec normal
#4047 dvdsub -> dvbsub: color palette and postion do not match new defect undetermined normal
#4048 segment: Handle WebVTT as per HLS spec new enhancement avformat normal
#4050 Archimedia Master Player violates the GPL new license violation undetermined normal
#4057 Interlacement information is not passed from the lavfi demuxer to the rawvideo decoder open defect avfilter normal
#4063 sub2video gets stuck with damaged video and non-monotonic timestamps when used with -copyts new defect ffmpeg normal
#4064 aresample=async=1000 gets stuck with damaged and non-monotonic input and -copyts new defect avfilter normal
#4076 Poor performance when using unsharp filter on multiple outputs new defect undetermined normal
#4089 Audio delays in AV Foundation capture new defect avdevice normal
#4091 Unable Mux to mpegts using an HLS stream new defect undetermined normal
#4092 Frame Drops and high cpu usage for Multibitrate Streaming new defect undetermined normal
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