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#2741 Remuxing dvbsub to mkv fails open defect undetermined normal
#2746 Incorrect -to arg working open defect ffmpeg normal
#2750 video buffer problem after cut video open defect undetermined normal
#2758 DVD-A LPCM in vob cannot be decoded open defect avformat normal
#2764 FFMPEG is blocked when multicast group membership is lost (on linux kernel < 2.6.27) new enhancement undetermined normal
#2778 Corrupt image when transcoding H264 stream to JPEG using IB-CAM2002 new defect undetermined normal
#2786 last packet of TTA stream in Matroska isn't decoded correctly reopened defect avformat normal
#2796 Problems dumping H264 stream from an Axis M1014 camera new defect undetermined normal
#2801 Concat protocol with too many files new defect avformat normal
#2809 AAC output does not play on Nintendo devices new defect avformat normal
#2814 rtmp tp hls fails to produce reliable stream new defect undetermined normal
#2815 rtmp stream plays badly new defect undetermined normal
#2827 Output pixel format should be chosen based on H.264 profile, not the other way around new enhancement ffmpeg normal
#2829 failed to read from a valid rtmp stream with error Invaid data found when processing input new defect undetermined normal
#2832 ffmpeg produces broken audio with -async 1 open defect undetermined normal
#2846 Two-pass libx264 -preset veryslow crashes on some MPEG-type inputs new defect undetermined normal
#2851 support odd mpeg4 in avi open enhancement avcodec normal
#2855 Multiple ffmpeg instances are not independent new defect undetermined normal
#2856 nuv vp3: seek only to keyframes open defect undetermined normal
#2879 Non-Existing PPS when converting AVI to MPG new defect avformat normal
#2883 avi+aac - AudioSpecificConfig missing new defect undetermined normal
#2900 remux of interlaced MPEG2-PS to AVI doubles frame rate. new defect avformat normal
#2907 RTMPE Support new defect avformat normal
#2908 Blue Lucy Media Player violates GPL and has --enable-nonfree new license violation avcodec normal
#2909 Make dvbsubs more compliant among stb's new enhancement avcodec normal
#2915 mpeg2 vdpau hardware decoding does sometimes not work with libavformat mpeg2 demuxer, but always works with mplayer mpegps demuxer new defect avformat normal
#2918 Transmuxing Facebook MP4s creates bad mpeg-ts stream new defect undetermined normal
#2938 Incorrect start time and duration when transcoding audio-only (-vn) from A/V files. new defect undetermined normal
#2966 ljpeg: support 36bpp rgb open defect avcodec normal
#2967 mjpeg enc: ljpeg output is incompatible with other programs new defect avcodec normal
#2974 Plex Media Server: LGPL/GPL violation reopened license violation undetermined normal
#3003 aac in dvb: No audio open defect undetermined normal
#3020 FFmpeg should do framerate convert before scaling if (and only if) that is expected to be faster open enhancement ffmpeg normal
#3023 Information lost when remuxing DTS from MKV to MP4 new defect avformat normal
#3027 tee muxer do not catch exception when slave fall dow new defect undetermined normal
#3035 h264 decoder duplicates 8-th frame new defect avcodec normal
#3039 Support kate subtitles in ogg new defect undetermined normal
#3040 ICY metadata not handled when using HTTP chunked transfer new defect avformat normal
#3044 pts resets when input parameters changes new defect avfilter normal
#3064 Audio drafting out of sync on Samsung TV with ffmpeg created MP4 or MKV file new defect undetermined normal
#3071 Encoding of files from FMS emits many errors and never ends new defect avfilter normal
#3087 Suspicion that valid random access point is not marked as keyframe in AVCHD samples from Panasonic Lumix GH1 (1080i material) open defect avcodec normal
#3097 -report option with parallel ffmpeg instances overwrites existing report files new enhancement ffmpeg normal
#3112 vcodec copy produces broken AVCHD files new defect undetermined normal
#3118 SAMI: multiple languages not detected open enhancement avformat normal
#3125 \\ 'separator' in id3tag causes unwanted truncation of ffprobe output reopened defect avformat normal
#3127 Video stream publishing via RTMPT new defect avformat normal
#3135 Extra audio tracks no longer disabled in mp4 container new defect undetermined normal
#3138 VDPAU: MPEG-4 Video Corruption/Garbling with Radeon hardware decoding new defect undetermined normal
#3148 SubRip subtitles to TX3G problems when the millisecond in the presentation timestamp are not a multiple of 10 new defect undetermined normal
#3149 Matroska muxer does not generate cues for audio files new defect avformat normal
#3156 Laggy a/v sync catch up after seeking with ffplay new defect ffplay normal
#3157 Cinec Violates the GPL new license violation undetermined normal
#3167 Creating/Remuxing AVI files results in unplayable AVI for hardware player Philips DVP640 new defect avformat normal
#3169 x11grab leaks shared memory if X server shuts down new defect avdevice normal
#3175 audio (aac) silently on streamcopy from mpegts to flv open defect avformat normal
#3178 AVFrame.best_effort_timestamp and/or AVFrame.pkt_dts gives wrong output new defect undetermined normal
#3179 Transcoding a transport stream with a timestamp wrap does not work with -copyts open defect undetermined normal
#3182 A/V desync when transcoding MPEG-TS streams if an audio track disappears open defect undetermined normal
#3192 Dropped frames if x11grab and webcam are used in filter_complex new defect undetermined normal
#3199 duration incorrect for mpeg file new defect avformat normal
#3201 A/V desync without -async 1 new defect undetermined normal
#3222 RTSP (client): Fallback to TCP causes 454 Session Not Found new defect avformat normal
#3237 Mikael Kroencke / emmgunn violates FFmpeg copyright new license violation undetermined normal
#3251 Since version 1.1 ffmpeg produces DNxHD files with wrong codec time base. new defect undetermined normal
#3252 Using -ss before the input file causes WTV stream copy to error with PTS<DTS and av_interleaved_frame_write error reopened defect undetermined normal
#3255 mss2: decode errors open defect avcodec normal
#3259 MP4 chapter metadata issues: map_metadata failures new defect undetermined normal
#3267 MP4 chapter metadata issues: weird/superfluous text streams open defect undetermined normal
#3268 CRLF problem with custom headers when playing hls streams on windows new defect avformat normal
#3272 ffmpeg fails to recognize AAC in mpeg program stream container open defect avformat normal
#3307 -level AVoption does not set refs with libx264 reopened defect avcodec normal
#3308 High memory consumption on remuxing a program stream to matroska new defect undetermined normal
#3310 Missing Font cache messages when using libass? new defect undetermined normal
#3317 Drawtext+Alphamerge results in incorrect alpha value open defect avfilter normal
#3324 AVTimecode framerate is int not AVRational - causes desync new defect avutil normal
#3325 CodecVisa violates GPL new license violation undetermined normal
#3345 Bias in planar YUV to YUV bit depth conversion new defect swscale normal
#3347 Amounts of UDP traffic below some limit are not transmitted with aviocat new defect undetermined normal
#3352 SVN repository should be disabled new defect undetermined normal
#3360 Metadata key for matroska default flag new enhancement ffmpeg normal
#3375 FFmpeg doesn't set the right language code for Dutch tracks open defect avformat normal
#3391 Gaps in input timestamps cause invalid Ogg Opus output open defect undetermined normal
#3403 A/V desync with ffplay for a broken avi sample new defect ffplay normal
#3405 Bizare behaviour with RTP mpegts sources reopened defect undetermined normal
#3406 H.264 threaded decode error new defect avcodec normal
#3408 ffmpeg fails to decode aac in mpeg-ts open defect avcodec normal
#3409 Impossible to transcode full range RGB videos with libx264, and keep full range + proper colors reopened defect undetermined normal
#3413 invalid read in swscale when converting from rgb24 to yuv420p open defect undetermined normal
#3433 using "shortest" results in mismatched audio and video lengths new defect ffmpeg normal
#3442 h264 decoder decodes complete GOP wrong / skips one GOP if stream does not start with SPS/PPS open defect avcodec normal
#3454 Emotion Systems violates GPL reopened license violation undetermined normal
#3455 aresample=matrix_encoding=dplii doesn't downmix backleft and center correctly new defect swresample normal
#3467 Sigala Media violates GPL new license violation undetermined normal
#3483 live stream with a gopro (hero 3) new defect undetermined normal
#3488 require_pkg_config() dies with useless error message when pkg-config is missing new defect build system normal
#3507 console prompt to "overwrite file" can be lost new defect undetermined normal
#3511 support FrameRate in dpx files new enhancement undetermined normal
#3520 Remuxing from flv to swf breaks framerate new defect undetermined normal
#3532 Muxer SAP can't use unicast address when same_port=1 new defect avformat normal
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