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#1582 Banding/discoloration in darker gradients when converting to rgb24 open defect swscale git-master
#4455 Better dependency tracking for ffprobe FATE tests needed open defect undetermined git-master
#3345 Bias in planar YUV to YUV bit depth conversion new defect swscale git-master
#3405 Bizare behaviour with RTP mpegts sources reopened defect undetermined git-master
#4407 Blackmagic/video signal to v4l2 loopback device has hickups new defect undetermined git-master
#3661 Blu-Ray stream changes audio from ac-3 to dts open defect undetermined git-master
#2908 Blue Lucy Media Player violates GPL and has --enable-nonfree new license violation avcodec unspecified
#4732 BlueIris Video Security Software violates GPL (Perspective Software) new license violation undetermined unspecified
#2009 Bogus library dependencies (e.g. on SDL) open defect build system git-master
#5830 Bring the outreachy page into shape new task undetermined unspecified
#6910 Broken audio timestamps with Hikvision recording new defect undetermined git-master
#5453 Broken h264 sample permanently damages decoder output new defect avcodec 3.0.2
#4904 Broken vp9 decoding after failed seek in webm file new defect undetermined git-master
#5257 Buffer queue overflow, dropping. new defect avfilter unspecified
#4993 Buffer queue overflow, dropping. when ovelaying new defect ffmpeg git-master
#6384 Bug in URL decoding in Windows version new defect ffmpeg unspecified
#6834 Build error with latest rockchip-mpp version 20171107 new defect undetermined git-master
#6620 Build fails on Windows due to command line truncation new defect build system git-master
#6564 Built in CUE marks now lost in MP3 new defect avformat unspecified
#3268 CRLF problem with custom headers when playing hls streams on windows new defect avformat git-master
#6619 CUDA/CUVID decoding error new defect avcodec git-master
#5713 Can't Recalculate the Timestamp of Fragmentary Video Streams new defect ffmpeg git-master
#5922 Can't access pin through DirectShow input new defect avdevice git-master
#6363 Can't connect to some rtmp streams new defect undetermined unspecified
#1766 Can't encode MPEG-2 at more than ~3Mb/s new defect undetermined git-master
#1700 Can't publish stream to CRtmpServer new defect undetermined git-master
#4473 Can't receive RTP stream on FreeBSD new defect avformat unspecified
#2105 Can't receive rtsp interleaved from encoder new defect avformat 1.0.1
#5212 Can't seek while using -re and -ss at the same time open defect ffmpeg git-master
#6602 Can't set or remove encoder metadata new defect undetermined unspecified
#6324 Cannot compile ffmpeg 3.3 and latest master for arm64 for iOS reopened defect ffmpeg git-master
#4974 Cannot download HLS streams (.m3u8 files) with "-codec copy" in latest versions new defect undetermined unspecified
#6576 Cannot load library new defect undetermined git-master
#6881 Cannot output to ffserver if using -filter_complex overlay new defect ffserver 3.2.4
#5053 Cannot select sample rate for the link between filters audio format new defect ffmpeg git-master
#3418 Cannot stream h264 to libvorbis/libtheora with ffserver open mastered defect ffserver
#6253 Canon C100 - bugged playback in Premiere/QT after rewrap to mov new defect undetermined unspecified
#5010 Capitalization not preserved in map_metadata new defect undetermined unspecified
#4869 Capture with error msg: Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing new defect undetermined unspecified
#4973 Changing video bit depth resets drawtext timecode new defect undetermined git-master
#4580 Choppy audio while recording. Queue input is backward in time Non-monotonous DTS in output stream new defect ffmpeg git-master
#3157 Cinec Violates the GPL new license violation undetermined unspecified
#6675 Cineform decoder distorts lower 8 pixels on 1080 video open defect avcodec git-master
#1157 Circular buffer overrun with 4+ ffmpeg instances. new defect undetermined 0.10.2
#6842 ClearVideo: support P-frames new defect avcodec git-master
#5969 Closed Captions broken with h264_qsv encoder new defect undetermined git-master
#4616 Closed Captions: Data Ignored since exceeding screen width open defect avformat git-master
#6105 Closed captions not exported from mpeg2video new defect undetermined git-master
#5690 Codec hevc_nvenc (GPU M4000) + HLS memory leak new defect undetermined git-master
#3325 CodecVisa violates GPL new license violation undetermined unspecified
#6479 Concat filter uses duration of longer stream for the last segment new defect undetermined unspecified
#4676 Concat of AAC + MP4 has gaps new defect undetermined unspecified
#2801 Concat protocol with too many files new defect avformat git-master
#6494 Concat'ing HEVC streams with different encoding parameters produces gibberish new defect ffmpeg git-master
#4198 Concatenate mov files new defect undetermined git-master
#6908 Concatenating mpegts files into stream longer than timestamp wrap can produce non-monotonic timestamps new defect undetermined git-master
#4350 Concatenating split files of a Ikegami GFPack camera new defect avformat git-master
#2309 Continuing -async issues new defect undetermined unspecified
#6598 Conversion from FLAC to OGG creates broken files when the FLAC has images new defect undetermined unspecified
#5802 Conversion from JPEG-SOF3(lossless) fails open defect avcodec git-master
#2407 Conversion from yuv to RGB leads to broken gradients and colors. new defect swscale git-master
#5083 Conversion from yuv410p to rgb24 looks wrong open defect swscale git-master
#4214 Conversion to mp3 changes audio duration new defect undetermined unspecified
#1621 Converted flash video has longer duration than the source new defect undetermined unspecified
#4955 Converting H.264 Video in MPEG-TS container doubles tbc new defect undetermined git-master
#6757 Copying pgs sub stream(s) results in non incrementing dts error new defect undetermined unspecified
#4450 Copying subtitle streams aborts w/non monotonically increasing dts open defect undetermined git-master
#2778 Corrupt image when transcoding H264 stream to JPEG using IB-CAM2002 new defect undetermined unspecified
#3167 Creating/Remuxing AVI files results in unplayable AVI for hardware player Philips DVP640 new defect avformat git-master
#1643 Custom lock manager will cause multiple thread encoding deadlock new defect avcodec unspecified
#3903 Cutting video file with invalid start time does not warn and produces invalid file new enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#6835 DVBSUB -> DVDSUB "blurring" new enhancement avcodec git-master
#2035 DVD subtitle from VOB does not contain CodecPrivate data open defect avcodec git-master
#2758 DVD-A LPCM in vob cannot be decoded open defect avformat git-master
#4726 DXVA not functional with resolutions greater than 1080 on AMD GPUs new defect undetermined unspecified
#4482 Datavideo NVS-20 violates LGPL new license violation undetermined unspecified
#5399 Dealing with duplicated multicast RTP packets new enhancement undetermined unspecified
#4824 Decklink Lip-sync trouble reopened defect avdevice git-master
#3776 Decoding bug when playing some MPEG-4 ALS streams open thilo.borgmann defect undetermined git-master
#2464 Decoding of Matrox mpeg2video 4:2:2 HD avi files broken new defect undetermined git-master
#4988 Dequeued v4l2 buffer contains corrupted data (0 bytes). new defect avdevice git-master
#6469 Device recording/playback ignoring framerate option open thilo.borgmann defect undetermined git-master
#4951 Different frame rate using ts and mov containers reopened defect undetermined git-master
#3993 Digiarty WinX violates GPL new license violation undetermined unspecified
#4177 Digimetrics Hydra Player violates the GPL reopened license violation undetermined unspecified
#5578 Disabling Icy-Metadata header not working new defect avformat git-master
#4290 Don't abort when existing output file is detected; instead skip to next output file new enhancement undetermined git-master
#2576 Downloading HLS streams from fails after random time. new defect undetermined unspecified
#4114 Drastic Preview Pro violates the GPL open license violation undetermined unspecified
#6911 Drawbox & drawgrid replace source pixels if input or box color has alpha new defect avfilter git-master
#3571 Drawtext fontcolor alpha not working with border (border and glyph would need to be combined before drawing them) open defect avfilter git-master
#3317 Drawtext+Alphamerge results in incorrect alpha value open defect avfilter git-master
#3192 Dropped frames if x11grab and webcam are used in filter_complex new defect undetermined git-master
#5935 Duration glitch and seek offset problems with transcodes to h264/aac/mp4 new defect undetermined git-master
#5075 Duration of M4A file is wrong? new defect undetermined git-master
#3981 Duration_LastFrame when muxing mp4 new defect avformat unspecified
#5141 Eltima violates GPL reopened license violation undetermined unspecified
#3454 Emotion Systems violates GPL reopened license violation undetermined unspecified
#730 Encoded video plays too fast for network input open defect undetermined git-master
#3071 Encoding of files from FMS emits many errors and never ends new defect avfilter git-master
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