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#5759 libopusenc: make surround masking and LFE optimizations default, optional and independent of mapping family new enhancement avcodec git-master
#5831 HDR Metadata in Encoding new enhancement undetermined unspecified
#5881 Allow writing subtitle only hls streams open enhancement avformat unspecified
#6167 ffmpeg subtitles to overlay by language new enhancement avfilter unspecified
#6249 v4l2 output encoder does not support h264 (only raw) new enhancement undetermined unspecified
#6257 ffmpeg mapping audio/video streams separately by language new enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#6522 Hardcoded publish type of rtmp publishing new enhancement avformat git-master
#6578 ARM NEON detection should use getauxval instead of parsing files in /proc new enhancement undetermined unspecified
#6835 DVBSUB -> DVDSUB "blurring" new enhancement avcodec git-master
#6845 -map 0:m:language:eng? new enhancement undetermined git-master
#7056 Make ffmpeg to automatically convert audio sample format to floating point before apllying filters new enhancement undetermined git-master
#7061 Loudness histogram - like "showwavespic"-filter? new enhancement avfilter git-master
#7109 Means to specify the adpcm blocksize new enhancement avcodec unspecified
#7141 support repeat boolean in FFREPORT global var new enhancement undetermined git-master
#5 jp2k muxed into mov by FFmpeg can't be played by QuickTime open defect avformat git
#110 MP4 Muxer gives incorrect frame duration with AAC reopened defect avformat git-master
#128 svq1 decoder is somehow buggy reopened defect avcodec git-master
#244 rm muxer fails with frames larger than 64k byte open defect avformat git-master
#259 framerate detection does not work properly. (mkv with default duration != actual average duration) open defect undetermined unspecified
#443 -color_range AVOption appears to do nothing open defect documentation git-master
#479 AVStream.start_time incorrect by 2 frames for Sony XDCAM-EX files reopened defect avformat unspecified
#502 Jumping frames (wrong presentation order) in QT for avi(h264)->mp4 streamcopy (missing h264 pts interpolation code) reopened defect avcodec git-master
#504 Fixing av_seek_frame new defect undetermined unspecified
#604 Multithreaded ffmpeg decode with DXVA2 hangs new defect avcodec git-master
#615 ALSA buffer xrun open defect undetermined git-master
#628 frame duplication doesnt work with raw h264 input (missing timestamp generation code) new michael defect undetermined git-master
#655 mms stream shows artefacts on codec change reopened defect undetermined git-master
#691 Errors while decoding wmav2 stream open defect avcodec git-master
#730 Encoded video plays too fast for network input open defect undetermined git-master
#742 zygo video codec decodes with visible graphic corruption open defect avcodec git-master
#819 ffmpeg fails to read an image if the image filename contains an accent (win32) open defect avformat git-master
#845 Artefacts with Indeo 4 reopened defect avcodec git-master
#912 mpegts muxer does not follow TS buffering requirements specified in iso13818-1 section open defect avformat git-master
#933 A/V desync when transcoding A/V files with timestamps non starting from 0 with -copyts reopened defect ffmpeg git-master
#946 ffplay: almost unreadable dvd subtitles due to wrong colors open defect avcodec git-master
#948 No audio in output when the audio starts late in VOB file open defect avformat git-master
#978 wrong container fps when muxing raw Xvid to avi new defect undetermined git-master
#979 Unexpected Color Conversion (bgr->yuv vs rgb->yuv) open defect swscale git-master
#1007 PMW-EX3 camera raw videos (mpeg2video/pcm_s16be/MP4): A/V out of sync in quicktime after transcoding to h264 with ffmpeg new defect undetermined git-master
#1031 yuv420p to rgb24 wrong pixels at end of rows reopened michael defect swscale git-master
#1102 mxf separate fields in interlaced j2k open mateo defect avformat git-master
#1150 H264 Main remuxing to TS fails (missing timestamps) open defect undetermined git-master
#1157 Circular buffer overrun with 4+ ffmpeg instances. new defect undetermined 0.10.2
#1177 movie source: seek_point does not allow for accurate seeking (keyframe only) new defect avfilter git-master
#1178 tiff enc: visible green dots with odd width and -pix_fmt yuv410p reopened defect avcodec git-master
#1185 broken playback of rtsp streams - under windows at least new defect avformat git-master
#1261 yellowish color with resize and -pix_fmt pal8 open defect swscale git-master
#1281 RTMP Streamig to is not working new defect undetermined unspecified
#1282 VP6F Libavcodec decoding bug (slowly accumulating artifacts) open defect avcodec git-master
#1304 rawvideo 8bpp: incorrect output with -vcodec copy reopened defect avformat git-master
#1309 Android(NDK) cannot compile thumb mode new defect avcodec git-master
#1323 avid dv codec (dv50 mode) decodes with visible artefacts open defect avcodec git-master
#1337 MPEG4 ASP does not seek to keyframe new defect undetermined git-master
#1349 itsoffset doesn't work for second input file (audio) reopened defect ffmpeg git-master
#1357 Memleak when avformat_open_input used together with avio_context new defect undetermined unspecified
#1388 rv30 decoder does not completely support resolution changes open defect avcodec git-master
#1417 FFMPEG -bf flag with mpeg4 codec creates video that cant be played with WMP/MCE new defect undetermined unspecified
#1438 Seeking in vob file with timestamp discontinuities fails open defect avformat git-master
#1446 Output via rtsp results in logs not displaying frame size nor bitrate new defect undetermined unspecified
#1456 video will not stream new defect undetermined unspecified
#1476 rtp pcm_alaw/pcm_mulaw streaming from ALSA new defect undetermined git-master
#1486 stalls / pauses in video every 30 seconds. new defect undetermined unspecified
#1487 ffmpeg's mpeg mux bug(s) never fixed... new defect avformat git-master
#1528 drastic v210 - packet too small open defect avcodec git-master
#1538 request_channels does not work for mpeg program stream new defect undetermined git-master
#1555 WebM: Silent track not taken into account if followed by a noisy track open defect undetermined git-master
#1556 Frame rate changed without changeing timestamps new defect undetermined 0.11.1
#1558 Artefacts and wrong duration when decoding a (possibly damaged) matroska file open defect avformat git-master
#1559 cannot seek in .m4a file open defect avformat git-master
#1582 Banding/discoloration in darker gradients when converting to rgb24 open defect swscale git-master
#1598 Muxing raw h264 into mpegts (and mkv) fails. open defect undetermined git-master
#1600 remux of xdcam mxf to mov is unplayable in Final Cut Pro reopened defect avformat git-master
#1604 Rtmp streaming fps continually drops new defect undetermined git-master
#1607 av_seek_frame() without AVSEEK_FLAG_ANY on mpg files returns success without seeking to a keyframe new defect avformat git-master
#1614 AAC stream with SBR fails with "channel element 0.1 is not allocated" open defect avcodec git-master
#1618 Padding to odd/uneven size fails open defect avfilter git-master
#1621 Converted flash video has longer duration than the source new defect undetermined unspecified
#1625 avformat_find_stream_info waits for non-existing video track in mms stream open defect avformat git-master
#1643 Custom lock manager will cause multiple thread encoding deadlock new defect avcodec unspecified
#1659 g723_1: wrong current duration after seeking open defect avformat git-master
#1663 Multiple named pipes don't work new defect undetermined unspecified
#1670 -filter_complex doesn't handle well finite video + infinite audio new defect ffmpeg unspecified
#1683 atrac3: fix remuxing of atrac3 in avi new defect avformat unspecified
#1691 New SN40 samples fail to decode new defect avcodec git-master
#1693 AAC Scalable Sample Rate (SSR) new defect avcodec git-master
#1700 Can't publish stream to CRtmpServer new defect undetermined git-master
#1706 (win64) avformat/FFMPEG crashed after connection loss to stream server new defect avformat unspecified
#1712 Audio precision in lossless and long time to encode. open defect ffmpeg git-master
#1719 MPEG-TS demuxer : don't parse a PAT (and clear programs) if its version number is the same as the previous one open defect avformat git-master
#1721 ffplay doesn't correctly play files with audio timestamps not starting from 0 new defect ffplay unspecified
#1723 Stream selection doesn't check the existence of the stream new defect undetermined unspecified
#1731 libavformat muxers destroy initial timestamp offsets new defect avformat unspecified
#1735 Problems with quicktime reference clips new defect undetermined 0.11.1
#1737 ffmpeg detect aac stereo as mono open defect avcodec git-master
#1751 FFmpeg keeps streaming but stream is blank/offline new defect undetermined unspecified
#1759 Bad video DTS value new defect avformat git-master
#1766 Can't encode MPEG-2 at more than ~3Mb/s new defect undetermined git-master
#1768 audio AAC fails at CCE open defect avcodec git-master
#1798 Real-world transport stream with incorrect PMT plays fine with WMP open defect avformat git-master
#1799 movie: loop option doesn't seem to work open defect avfilter git-master
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