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#1819 Wrong number of channels reported for HE-AAC stream in MP4 new defect undetermined normal
#1838 Some BOXX bxy2 samples (v210) cannot be decoded new defect avcodec normal
#1841 raac: fail to seek open defect avformat normal
#1848 AMR-NB Q bit ignored new defect avcodec normal
#1853 libswscale writes past scanline end open defect swscale normal
#1867 License violation in all MediaHuman products new license violation undetermined normal
#1878 Seeking causes later packets to be thrown away new defect undetermined normal
#1891 Problem transcoding realmedia file open defect avformat normal
#1912 mpeg2video demux-decode-encode-mux uses only 50% cpu when multithreading (need frame multithreading) new defect undetermined normal
#1927 ffplay loop triggers image corruption with cut realvideo sample open defect undetermined normal
#1939 zork pcm decoder is broken new defect avcodec normal
#1941 unable to receive RTSP stream from VLC new defect undetermined normal
#1958 mp3 24khz (in wav): overreads open defect undetermined normal
#1965 mmf: support correctly formats ma-3/5/7 open defect avformat normal
#1972 swscale: vertical line at the right side with rgb24 -> yuv410p conversion (odd width) open defect swscale normal
#1993 Badly interleaved partial AVI file causes audio/video desync open defect avformat normal
#2002 mms streaming always requests all streams reopened defect avformat normal
#2009 Bogus library dependencies (e.g. on SDL) open defect build system normal
#2023 mkvalidator does not like how FFmpeg muxes pgssubtitles new defect avformat normal
#2035 DVD subtitle from VOB does not contain CodecPrivate data open defect avcodec normal
#2039 ONVIF metadata read failure in Avigilon camera? new defect undetermined normal
#2044 timecode copying error with variable frame rate QuickTime files new defect avformat normal
#2061 ffmpeg -vf drawtext not support ft_load_flags=vertical_layout open defect avfilter normal
#2067 Support subtitles in libavfilter so seek is honored for subtitles filters (like hardsubbing) open enhancement avfilter normal
#2077 Realmedia rv40 file cannot be demuxed open defect avformat normal
#2078 FFMPEG created WTV files cannot be fast forwarded or fast rewound in Windows Media Center open defect avformat normal
#2084 Wrong duration in program streams with timestamp discontinuity new defect undetermined normal
#2085 h264 remuxed from flv to mov fails on Android (duplicated SPS) open defect undetermined normal
#2094 Forward seeking in svq3-in-mov impossible new defect undetermined normal
#2105 Can't receive rtsp interleaved from encoder new defect avformat normal
#2111 files made by ffmpeg cannot correctly be playbacked with panasonic hdd recoder. new defect undetermined normal
#2120 mmf files generated by ffmpeg does not play with yamaha software player new defect avformat normal
#2149 referenced qt chapter not found open defect avformat normal
#2151 Warning: data is not aligned! This can lead to a speedloss new defect swscale normal
#2162 ffmpeg does not create PS3 compatible m2ts files open defect avformat normal
#2168 Timecode from XDCAM-EX MP4 file new defect undetermined normal
#2173 m2ts made by ffmpeg isn't playbacked with panasonic hdd recoder with some of x264 options new defect undetermined normal
#2181 AVIO should provide a way to reconnect broken network streams new enhancement avformat normal
#2199 ffplay: stop time counter at the end of file open defect ffplay normal
#2240 xvid: visible artefects open defect avcodec normal
#2252 WTV files created by ffmpeg do not playback on XBox 360 extender reopened defect avformat normal
#2259 http_proxy doesn't work new defect avformat normal
#2260 FFmpeg doesn't auto-select subtitle codec for MP4 new defect ffmpeg normal
#2261 mpegts: PID switch breaks demuxing open defect avformat normal
#2270 ffmpeg transcodes cover art to a video stream with a single frame open defect avformat normal
#2282 Failed seeks lead to undefined behavior open defect avformat normal
#2283 Slow counter / incorrect duration for aac-in-flv new defect undetermined normal
#2294 timeout option does not work for rtsp streaming reopened defect avformat normal
#2307 Stream segmenter bug if total recorded length > 12 hours new defect undetermined normal
#2308 Transcoding problems with asf / wma lossless files new defect undetermined normal
#2309 Continuing -async issues new defect undetermined normal
#2319 Using concat demuxer with truncated mp4 (mpeg2video,pcm_s16be) leads to infinite loop new defect avformat normal
#2330 Impossible to fast-forward and fast rewind m2ts made by ffmpeg with panasonic hdd recoder new defect undetermined normal
#2333 mkv + ac3 remux adds a little time new defect undetermined normal
#2338 avformat_seek_file seeking to wrong frame for AVCHD sample new defect avformat normal
#2348 Slowmotion when reencoding mpeg stream new defect undetermined normal
#2349 Windows, continuously write progress on one line open defect undetermined normal
#2356 Failing mms stream new defect avformat normal
#2360 FFmpeg rtp streaming was not synchronous new defect ffmpeg normal
#2361 Error message: [dshow @ 000000000249efe0] Could not enumerate video devices. new defect undetermined normal
#2375 FFprobe outputs nonsense DTS/PTS for streams with reordered frames reopened defect undetermined normal
#2398 Bad timestamps when remuxing h264 wtv to ts open defect undetermined normal
#2407 Conversion from yuv to RGB leads to broken gradients and colors. new defect swscale normal
#2410 ffmpeg down with video4linux2. open defect avdevice normal
#2429 matroska h264 building wrong index_entries list new defect undetermined normal
#2434 -target pal-dvd incorrectly forces 704x576 to 720x576 new defect undetermined normal
#2438 Audio and Video not sync after import to Edius 6 or Premier 5 new defect undetermined normal
#2445 Live audio/video gets out of sync when the output (file, network, pipe) lags or is too slow. new defect undetermined normal
#2458 raw aac fails with FFmpeg, works fine with faad open defect undetermined normal
#2464 Decoding of Matrox mpeg2video 4:2:2 HD avi files broken new defect undetermined normal
#2474 MKV transcoded to MKV with copied attachments is unplayable if output is stdout open defect avformat normal
#2478 PTS: DTS: invalid, clipping when recording alsa new defect avdevice normal
#2481 libavformat doesn't update file duration when file size changes during playback new enhancement avformat normal
#2493 support filter options within ffprobe new enhancement ffprobe normal
#2496 seek swf file failed open defect undetermined normal
#2504 Audio glitches and distortion when recording alsa new defect avdevice normal
#2507 Unknown packet pts values in mpeg4-ogg sample open defect undetermined normal
#2515 Output file incompatible with PS3 and a Panasonic TV when muxing h264 to mpegts open defect undetermined normal
#2516 pgssub produce warnings and are blinking new defect undetermined normal
#2547 -muxrate option doesn't work with stream_segment mpegts output open defect avformat normal
#2559 Bad pixel format negociation with scale and gray open defect avfilter normal
#2576 Downloading HLS streams from fails after random time. new defect undetermined normal
#2594 ffmpeg stalls when accessing a live Windows Media stream with multiple audio and video streams open defect undetermined normal
#2595 Last frame of partly deintelacted video stream, not deinterlaced open defect avfilter normal
#2604 flm files cannot be written without explicitly setting the pixel format for rawvideo reopened defect undetermined normal
#2613 Bad playback of mov samples containing pcm audio new defect undetermined normal
#2616 support matrox mpeg-2 I-frame with alpha codec (m704 fourcc) open defect avcodec normal
#2617 Playback of HLS fails when one of the variant streams are down open defect avformat normal
#2619 Unable to play HLS urls from new enhancement avformat normal
#2622 Subtitle (hdmv pgs) remux fails open defect avformat normal
#2646 FFMPEG HTTP protocol not generation authorization line open defect avformat normal
#2658 Written mp4 with h264/AAC doesnt use fps as video timebase (discrepancy with libav) new defect avformat normal
#2681 Invalid frame duration for wmav2 in asf new defect undetermined normal
#2691 ffmpeg detects 0 channels in audio streams (audio streams are detected after the main loop in find_stream_info) open defect avformat normal
#2693 -async chokes on damaged audio input stream new defect avfilter normal
#2701 mpeg2video 4:2:2: green artefacts at the bottom with lowres 3 open defect avcodec normal
#2702 Faulty handling of file: protocol on Windows new defect avformat normal
#2703 when encountering a ENOSPC as a HLS streamer ffmpeg hangs without exiting new defect avformat normal
#2704 RTMP: fails to get information about particular stream new defect undetermined normal
#2712 remuxing h264 from avi to ts leads to stuttering with WMP open defect undetermined normal
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