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#6553 Memory leak when copyts option enabled on udp input new defect undetermined unspecified
#6552 Unable to overlay DVB subtitles into the output video new defect undetermined unspecified
#6550 Unknown input format: 'decklink' with decklink headers on Windows10 new defect ffmpeg git-master
#6549 low bitrate mp3 encoding result in vbr instead of cbr new defect ffmpeg git-master
#6547 FFmpeg auth fail with long rtsp urls new defect ffmpeg git-master
#6546 CFHD decoding regression new defect avcodec git-master
#6542 drawtext fails to render non-Latin characters new defect undetermined git-master
#6540 Atempo filter cuts off data at the end new defect avfilter 3.2.4
#6532 Extract a part of a song new defect ffmpeg
#6531 MPEG-TS encoder may stop emitting SDT/PAT/PMT after DTS jump or rollover new defect avformat git-master
#6529 interrupt_callback not working new defect avformat unspecified
#6528 Codec ljpeg incorrectly missing "D" tag in -codecs output? new defect ffmpeg 3.2.4
#6527 NASM 2.11.06 doesn't load config.asm new defect build system git-master
#6525 Still image file format codecs are tricky to filter out of -codecs output new enhancement ffmpeg 3.2.4
#6523 FFMpeg3 slow audio encoding new defect undetermined 3.1.7
#6522 Hardcoded publish type of rtmp publishing new enhancement avformat git-master
#6521 HEIF support new mateo enhancement avformat unspecified
#6519 Crash when passing rgb24 data to ssim filter new defect undetermined git-master
#6517 defect: ffmpeg won't timeout on network problem, can't be interrupted to give a valid mp4 new defect undetermined unspecified
#6516 tsan symbols are broken with NASM new defect build system unspecified
#6514 hwaccel auto don't select hwdecoding on macOS(Sierra) new defect undetermined unspecified
#6511 The ouput file has no video data at the beginning when transcoding MP4 file new defect avformat git-master
#6510 mpeg2_cuvid with de-interlacing freezes after minutes new defect undetermined git-master
#6509 Remuxing m3u8 to mkv, Can't write packet with unknown timestamp new defect undetermined unspecified
#6505 libxvid crash new defect undetermined unspecified
#6503 interplayvideo: crash with fuzzed file new defect undetermined unspecified
#6496 FFMPEG is not pushing the HLS chunks to remote server new defect undetermined git-master
#6494 Concat'ing HEVC streams with different encoding parameters produces gibberish new defect ffmpeg git-master
#6493 filter_complex Segmentation fault (core dumped) new defect undetermined git-master
#6491 FFMPEG crashes when trying to crop 1080p60 video to 1440x1080 and interlace open defect avfilter git-master
#6490 youtube live stream stopt play new defect avformat git-master
#6489 Screen capture on Android open pitrex29 task ffmpeg git-master
#6488 Videotoolbox and VDA fail to initialize for H.264 new defect undetermined git-master
#6487 Transcoding h.264 mp4 file from Canon C100 leads to a/v desync new defect undetermined unspecified
#6486 ffplay broken with hls format after his commit ee4b14322155b5808eeceb463f5edcd751eb3a98 new defect ffplay git-master
#6485 sound disappears after some time when creating hls chunks new defect undetermined unspecified
#6484 libavfilter.a: File in wrong format new defect undetermined unspecified
#6483 Failing to Multiplex Data Stream on MPEGTS file new defect ffmpeg unspecified
#6482 h264_videotoolbox encoder hardcodes SPS with 25fps new defect avcodec git-master
#6481 ffplay - Video from capture device slowly falls behind new defect ffplay git-master
#6480 Overlay fails with ProRes input new defect undetermined unspecified
#6479 Concat filter uses duration of longer stream for the last segment new defect undetermined unspecified
#6478 Intel QSV: H.264 level is ignored new defect undetermined unspecified
#6477 NVENC: Warn explicitly when specific bit rate is out of range new enhancement undetermined unspecified
#6476 NVENC: "InitializeEncoder failed" error occurs when level 5.2 is specified new defect undetermined unspecified
#6475 NVENC: -coder 0 parameter produces no error, but does not disable CABAC new defect undetermined unspecified
#6474 qt targa: unreadable video encoded with alpha channel new defect undetermined unspecified
#6472 Conversion failed! by Too many packets buffered for output stream 0:0. in wmv new defect undetermined unspecified
#6470 Problem with getting bitrate from some udp mpegts streams new defect undetermined unspecified
#6469 Device recording/playback ignoring framerate option new defect undetermined git-master
#6467 m3u8 to ts|mp4: Non-monotonous DTS in output stream 0:0... This may result in incorrect timestamps in the output file. new defect undetermined unspecified
#6465 wrong metadata for the DNxHD codec prevent playback on Specialized Broadcast Hardware new defect undetermined unspecified
#6463 av_interleaved_write_frame(): Cannot allocate memory new defect undetermined git-master
#6457 Encrypted HLS - wrong ranges in .m3u8 file new defect ffmpeg unspecified
#6455 Zero length packets in UDP stream cause EOF new defect avformat git-master
#6452 MP3 contcat error => Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream 0 new defect undetermined unspecified
#6451 ffmpeg not able to decrypt mp4 fragment files new defect avformat git-master
#6449 Videotoolbox and VDA fail to initialize for H.264 new defect undetermined git-master
#6445 Incorrect Video Levels in vf_colorspace new defect undetermined git-master
#6444 libavformat segment format new defect undetermined unspecified
#6443 Fail in the install step when cross-compiling with mingw new defect build system unspecified
#6438 3.3 branch is missing doxygen docs in the website. new defect website unspecified
#6433 I tried to convert mp4 file to f4v and it gives me error. new defect undetermined unspecified
#6428 MXF codec error: Invalid pixel format new defect undetermined unspecified
#6426 Muxing using av_interleaved_write_frame() does not interleave new defect avformat git-master
#6415 Strange DTS of first packet in RTSP stream reopened defect undetermined unspecified
#6404 302 Moved Temporarily Url dont work new defect ffplay git-master
#6402 First frames incorrect after seeking on H264 file new defect avformat git-master
#6400 Canopus HQA video stream is truncated on decode new defect undetermined git-master
#6399 FFREPORT doesn't support drive letters on Win32 due to parsing separator new defect undetermined unspecified
#6393 First second of output video frozen when video stream copied and audio stream transcoded for Sony H.264 file new defect undetermined unspecified
#6392 dvb stream hd transcoding, Buffer queue overflow, dropping new defect undetermined unspecified
#6390 ASS subtitle parser truncates lines at 4095 characters new defect undetermined unspecified
#6384 Bug in URL decoding in Windows version new defect ffmpeg unspecified
#6383 Incorrect scan type (AVI DV) new defect avformat git-master
#6381 Re-encoding png image fails new defect avcodec git-master
#6378 hevc_qsv encoder failed with 'Selected ratecontrol mode is not supported by the QSV runtime. Choose a different mode.' new defect undetermined git-master
#6369 Memory leak on HLS segmenting without transcoding new defect undetermined git-master
#6368 audio_preload broken new defect avformat git-master
#6367 ogg vorbis decode results in too many sample frames open defect undetermined git-master
#6366 tracks lengths are not frame accurate for non-compressed codecs new defect undetermined 3.1.7
#6365 Invalid timestamps [ mpegts ] and bad hls chunks new defect undetermined unspecified
#6363 Can't connect to some rtmp streams new defect undetermined unspecified
#6357 An error in decoding RTMP (h264&aac) live streaming for a long time open defect avformat git-master
#6351 encodec lossy audio LFE how to do not to process new defect undetermined unspecified
#6347 [h264_qsv @ 0x22fc7a0] Warning in encoder initialization: partial acceleration (4) new defect avcodec unspecified
#6345 MPEG2 decode error open defect avcodec git-master
#6342 fix decoding mscc/srgc open defect avcodec git-master
#6341 last subtitle line in mp4 continues until end of file, real end time ignored new defect ffmpeg unspecified
#6338 http cookies not set when using proxy new defect undetermined git-master
#6334 Memory leak: (RTSPState)->real_setup_cache new defect avformat git-master
#6330 Strange behavior with native FFmpeg AAC encoder, when converting audio to mono new defect undetermined unspecified
#6327 Filtergraph video overlays freezing new defect avfilter git-master
#6324 Cannot compile ffmpeg 3.3 and latest master for arm64 for iOS reopened defect ffmpeg git-master
#6321 (DVB-T channel) Cannot map stream #0:15 - unsupported type new defect undetermined unspecified
#6315 seeking in mp4 is inaccurate new defect ffmpeg git-master
#6307 detected tbr different past 3.1.7 (1080i H.264) new defect avcodec git-master
#6306 Wrong first frame using new decode API new defect undetermined unspecified
#6305 Negative AVIndexEntry::timestamp value new defect undetermined unspecified
#6300 cseq warning if i http stream more than 5 camera new defect undetermined unspecified
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