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#5281 FFmpeg doesn't care about existing output file win open defect important
#5783 Regression: circular buffer overrun on UDP stream under Windows. udp regression win new defect important
#7162 rtsp socket timeout not working socket timeout windows new defect important
#819 ffmpeg fails to read an image if the image filename contains an accent (win32) image2 win32 open defect normal
#2349 Windows, continuously write progress on one line win open defect normal
#2702 Faulty handling of file: protocol on Windows url win new defect normal
#3268 CRLF problem with custom headers when playing hls streams on windows hls win new defect normal
#3747 ffmpeg overwrites files with non-ascii characters on Windows (cmd) win open defect normal
#5708 Intermittently, encoding video with h264 Quick Sync can fail with 'EncodeFrameAsync returned -17' qsv win reopened defect normal
#6399 FFREPORT doesn't support drive letters on Win32 due to parsing separator FFREPORT windows win32 colon separator new defect normal
#6443 Fail in the install step when cross-compiling with mingw cross-compilation, mingw, windows new defect normal
#6891 FFplay: WASAPI can't initialize audio client (zeranoe's FFmpeg 3.4 MS Windows binaries) win new defect normal
#6337 Cannot build dll without version suffix on Windows. win new enhancement wish
#6987 Showinfo halves decoding speed showinfo new enhancement wish
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