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#1486 stalls / pauses in video every 30 seconds. pause,stall,freeze,capture,xllgrab,xvfb new defect normal
#2044 timecode copying error with variable frame rate QuickTime files timecode, mov, vfr new defect normal
#4089 Audio delays in AV Foundation capture avfoundation new defect normal
#4437 AVFoundation recording has consistent intermittent frame drops avfoundation bounty open mateo defect normal
#4463 AVFoundation audio cutout avfoundation open thilo.borgmann defect normal
#4513 Avfoundation Audio stutters / sounds broken with screen capture avfoundation new defect normal
#4760 AVFoundation memory leak on 10.11 avfoundation leak open thilo.borgmann defect normal
#5654 avfoundation screen capture produces misaligned picture at 1366x768 resolution avfoundation reopened defect normal
#3570 AVFoundation indev cannot enabled when configure ffmpeg compile in Mac OS Marverick osx avfoundation open enhancement wish
#4486 Missing AVInputFormat.get_device_list() for dshow and avfoundation dshow avfoundation open thilo.borgmann enhancement wish
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