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#6629 Assertion failed when specifying h264 format on v4l2 device that does NOT support h264 v4l2 crash abort new defect important
#1389 support setting bitrate for v4l UVC web cam with hardware h264 encoder v4l2 new enhancement normal
#2410 ffmpeg down with video4linux2. v4l2 open defect normal
#4407 Blackmagic/video signal to v4l2 loopback device has hickups v4l2, v4l2loopback, decklink new defect normal
#4708 ioctl(VIDIOC_G_PARM): Inappropriate ioctl for device v4l2 new enhancement normal
#4988 Dequeued v4l2 buffer contains corrupted data (0 bytes). v4l2 new defect normal
#5850 Using Hauppauge HD-PVR fails (streaming I/O) v4l2 open defect normal
#6249 v4l2 output encoder does not support h264 (only raw) v4l2 new enhancement normal
#6707 v4l2_m2m: fix full reinit v4l2m2m open ldts defect normal
#7221 V4l2 fails when attempting a second capture v4l2 new defect normal
#7265 The v4l2m2m decoder leaks memory: avpkt in v4l2_receive_frame is never freed leak v4l2m2m new defect normal
#4791 ffplay does not exit for -f v4l2 -t 1 -autoexit v4l2 new defect minor
#2305 v4l2 user control configuration mechanism v4l2 new enhancement wish
#6636 Support H264/5 Streams with v4l2 outdev v4l2 open enhancement wish
#6639 video4linux2 (v4l2) add option to set bitrate for compressed video v4l2 new enhancement wish
#7596 ffmpeg ignores v4l2 device prefs and selects a non-optimal format v4l2 new enhancement wish
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