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#2764 FFMPEG is blocked when multicast group membership is lost (on linux kernel < 2.6.27) udp new enhancement normal
#3899 FFMPEG uses incorrect MACs when udp new defect normal
#5156 Multiple instances of ffplay to stream different rtp streams on same port fail udp sdp multicast new defect normal
#4155 UDP Output is Waving udp reopened defect normal
#1185 broken playback of rtsp streams - under windows at least rtsp udp new defect normal
#368 enable interface selection for udp multicast udp new enhancement wish
#3313 ffmpeg can't receive the UDP multicasted MPEGTS streams udp deadlock reopened defect important
#4379 paket loss with rtp via udp rtp via udp packet loss new defect normal
#1774 rtpproto: allow "?reuse" option in URI rtp udp new enhancement normal
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