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#4736 h264_qsv and hevc_qsv crashes on windows 8.1 (q=-0.0) qsv crash open defect important
#4831 Can't initialize h264_qsv encoder post Aug 29 2015 - Ivy Bridge CPU qsv regression reopened IvUs defect important
#4832 Freeze when scaling and encoding h264_qsv qsv deadlock open IvUs defect important
#6073 QSV (h264) encodes via CPU instead of GPU qsv regression new defect important
#6418 ffmpeg QSV doesnt work with live streams qsv regression open defect important
#6492 Intel QSV: "No device available for encoder" message is given qsv, quick sync, intel, h264_qsv new defect important
#7030 qsv in ffmpeg qsv regression open defect important
#4658 QSV Decoding + Video Post Processing (VPP) support qsv new enhancement normal
#5279 ffmpeg cannot link with --enable-libmfx and --toolchain=msvc qsv new defect normal
#5393 Option to select the Intel Quick Sync GPU device adapter for encoding qsv gpu device id new enhancement normal
#5433 Last frames are dropped while decoding with qsv decoder qsv new defect normal
#5708 Intermittently, encoding video with h264 Quick Sync can fail with 'EncodeFrameAsync returned -17' qsv win reopened defect normal
#5969 Closed Captions broken with h264_qsv encoder cc QSV new defect normal
#6077 openCL cannot be run simultaneously with h264_qsv ? openCL, qsv new defect normal
#6347 [h264_qsv @ 0x22fc7a0] Warning in encoder initialization: partial acceleration (4) qsv new defect normal
#6378 hevc_qsv encoder failed with 'Selected ratecontrol mode is not supported by the QSV runtime. Choose a different mode.' hevc_qsv new defect normal
#6478 Intel QSV: H.264 level is ignored intel, qsv, level, h264_qsv, h.264 new defect normal
#6996 attempting to use QSV on supported Intel system with NVidia primary GPU on Windows 10 causes crash qsv crash new defect normal
#7006 Intel QSV: "QSV requires a fixed frame pool size" message is given qsv new defect normal
#7330 ffmpeg 4.0 fails to transcoding one 4k clip qsv new defect normal
#4659 Support the MFX Dispatcher from Intel Media SDK qsv new enhancement wish
#6870 Add regular P frames to hevc_qsv encoding option qsv new enhancement wish
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