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#726 support for copying SMPTE 436M caption tracks cc mxf open enhancement wish
#2817 Unimplemented mxf OP1a feature mxf new enhancement wish
#2929 No duration estimation for dvvideo in mxf mxf dvvideo new enhancement wish
#3350 Support XAVC in mxf mxf new enhancement wish
#5146 mxf mpeg2video: black bar at the top of the video mxf cropping open enhancement wish
#5362 SMPTE 292M EIA-608 and EIA-708 Closed Captioning mxf cc new enhancement wish
#5863 MXF file containing pcm from Ikegami gfpack mxf new enhancement wish
#3624 H264 decoding error messages from a possibly valid mxf file h264 mxf new defect minor
#6693 MXF (AVC-I or DNXH) file created by ffmpeg could not be recognized by Davinci Resolve 14 mxf new defect minor
#1102 mxf separate fields in interlaced j2k mxf j2k open mateo defect normal
#4350 Concatenating split files of a Ikegami GFPack camera mxf new defect normal
#4592 Sony mxf file fails to decode mxf h264 new defect normal
#4913 MXF output has some too short audio streams when transcoding from mp2 mxf new defect normal
#5155 mxf muxer ignores -aspect mxf aspect open defect normal
#5317 Avid MXF audio issues - "OPAtom misinterpreted as OP1a" mxf open defect normal
#5320 mxf: unable to seek in the file with ffplay (demuxer's errors) mxf seek open defect normal
#6428 MXF codec error: Invalid pixel format mxf new defect normal
#6781 MXF Format errors MXF reopened defect normal
#2776 MXF DV from AAF (Avid) not demuxable mxf dvvideo regression open defect important
#4820 Converting a H264 MXF to a H264 MOV with "-vcodec copy" results in mov unreadable by QuickTime mxf h264 regression open defect important
#5671 FFmpeg unable to decode PCM in MXF mxf regression open defect important
#5866 mxf regression with xiph sample file mxf regression new defect important
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