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#5023 Can no longer read mjpeg from Mobotix camera mjpeg mpjpeg regression reopened defect important
#6113 Seek to 0 jpeg image input file image causes eof of the input stream image2 seek mjpeg regression open defect important
#2966 ljpeg: support 36bpp rgb ljpeg mjpeg open defect normal
#3535 Too Short RTP/JPEG packet. rtsp rtp mjpeg new defect normal
#5523 mjpeg: fix decoding of lead jpeg lossless mjpeg open defect normal
#5637 Wrong polarity for mjpeg in avi mjpeg new defect normal
#7121 Changing framerate of an MJPEG stream with piping drops malformed images mjpeg regression new defect normal
#7623 Wrong interpretation of (m)jpeg aspect ratio mjpeg aspect reopened defect normal
#2004 jpeg: support some more pix fmts mjpeg open enhancement wish
#2222 Support KLFS files mjpeg klfs new enhancement wish
#4116 Support gray mjpeg encoding mjpeg open enhancement wish
#4149 Support mjpeg rotation mjpeg exif open enhancement wish
#4686 mjpeg: support 2:1:1 YCbCrK mjpeg open enhancement wish
#4709 Support mjpeg 4:2:2 encoding in rows of one block instead of two blocks mjpeg rtp new enhancement wish
#6945 ffmpeg fails at jpeg EXIF orientation (test included) mjpeg rotate reopened enhancement wish
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