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#3369 Copying from MPEG TS to MKV fails with "Can't write packet with unknown timestamp" h264 mpegts av_interleaved_write_frame regression open defect important
#3621 "pts < dts" causing remuxing failure for h264 from mkv to mkv av_interleaved_write_frame mkv h264 regression open defect important
#6492 Intel QSV: "No device available for encoder" message is given qsv, quick sync, intel, h264_qsv new defect important
#6953 http(s) hls - the interrupt callback is not copied from parent avctx interrupt new defect important
#1150 H264 Main remuxing to TS fails (missing timestamps) av_interleaved_write_frame h264 mpegts open defect normal
#1598 Muxing raw h264 into mpegts (and mkv) fails. mpegts h264 av_interleaved_write_frame open defect normal
#3252 Using -ss before the input file causes WTV stream copy to error with PTS<DTS and av_interleaved_frame_write error wtv h264 av_interleaved_write_frame reopened defect normal
#3572 failure to remux h264 from mkv with pts < dts error mkv h264 av_interleaved_write_frame dts open defect normal
#4450 Copying subtitle streams aborts w/non monotonically increasing dts av_interleaved_write_frame mpegps dvdsub open defect normal
#4459 "av_interleaved_write_frame(): Broken pipe" when make mosaic stream from 2 other streams mosaic av_interleaved_write_frame new defect normal
#4813 Remuxing hevc fails hevc av_interleaved_write_frame open defect normal
#5617 Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer (TS) mpegts dvbsub av_interleaved_write_frame open defect normal
#6248 non monotonically increasing dts - skip badly broken subtitles dvbsub av_interleaved_write_frame new defect normal
#6478 Intel QSV: H.264 level is ignored intel, qsv, level, h264_qsv, h.264 new defect normal
#6529 interrupt_callback not working interrupt callback new defect normal
#1979 Automatically set -fflags +genpts av_interleaved_write_frame new enhancement wish
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