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#1291 The custom user-agent option is ignored after the initial connection when using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) hls reopened defect normal
#2576 Downloading HLS streams from fails after random time. hls new defect normal
#2617 Playback of HLS fails when one of the variant streams are down hls open defect normal
#2703 when encountering a ENOSPC as a HLS streamer ffmpeg hangs without exiting hls new defect normal
#2828 HLS segment MPEGTS continuity counter is being incorrectly set to 0 on each segment hls mpegts new defect normal
#3268 CRLF problem with custom headers when playing hls streams on windows hls win new defect normal
#3483 live stream with a gopro (hero 3) hls new defect normal
#3848 Unable to set language codes when encoding to HLS metadata hls new defect normal
#4733 HLS segmenting generates different EXT-X-TARGETDURATION values for different resolutions/framerates HLS TARGETDURATION new defect normal
#4930 FFmpeg fails to detect video stream on Encrypted HLS hls open defect normal
#5009 HLS Segmenter: Declared EXTINF duration of the last segment in the m3u8 is incorrect HLS Segment Duration new defect normal
#5067 crash on Mapping Multicast TV Stream to HLS with "Exactly one WebVTT stream is needed" as message webvtt hls crash SIGSEGV regression open defect important
#5295 Unusual bug when file name starts with leading %20 hls reopened defect normal
#5315 hlsenc ignores http method AVOption on index files hlsenc http new defect normal
#5348 hls url stopt after after a few seconds hls regression new defect important
#5525 hls_ts_options not applied to all ts packets hls ts options new defect normal
#2600 print EXT-X-STREAM-INF and BANDWIDTH in output M3U8 hls segment m3u8 open enhancement wish
#2619 Unable to play HLS urls from hls new enhancement normal
#2737 There are discontinuous phenomenon in playing HLS stream when changing another bitrate stream HLS new enhancement wish
#2833 can't parse HLS subtitles and alternate audio hls new enhancement wish
#2886 HLS source with multiple variants is not optimally handled HLS new enhancement wish
#3101 Support mp3 in m3u videolan hls mp3 new enhancement wish
#3356 feature request: Segment HLS streams on SCTE 35 markers hls bounty open enhancement wish
#3493 ffmpeg unable to download when using AES-128 with https protocol hls new enhancement wish
#4048 segment: Handle WebVTT as per HLS spec hls webvtt new enhancement normal
#4571 HLS VOD m3u8 manifest support hls m3u8 new enhancement wish
#5375 Can't download a m3u playlist stream that uses AES encryption hls open enhancement wish
#5391 Allow option to use webproxy hls new enhancement wish
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