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#5784 Regression: mkv encoder DTS discontinuity dts mkv edts mov regression new defect normal
#6703 ffmpeg rounds duration_ts and duration mov edts duration regression new defect normal
#6087 When decoding mp4 file to pngs, the last 2 frames are missing mov edts regression new defect normal
#6138 MP4 video is not displayed mov edts regression open defect important
#6284 FFMPEG doesn't output video with MP4 file that has broken frames mov edts regression open defect important
#6714 MOV file with svq3 video fails to decode if edit list parsing is enabled mov edts regression open defect important
#6584 MP4 with edit list and multiple stsds not decoding correctly mov h264 edts new defect normal
#6699 MP4 with HEVC keyint=2 not decoded properly due to edit list (first frames are missing) mov hevc edts new defect normal
#4685 Misleading warning shown for mov file with multiple edit list entries mov mp3 edts new defect minor
#6139 stream_loop produces a "Error while filtering: Operation not permitted" stream_loop edts new defect normal
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