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#6709 "Non-monotonous DTS in output stream" every 13 hours 14 minutes dts new defect normal
#6515 "Non-monotonous DTS in output stream" message while converting ASF(VC-1/WMAv2) to MPEGTS (MPEG2) Non-monotonous DTS, multiple tracks convertion new task minor
#2398 Bad timestamps when remuxing h264 wtv to ts wtv h264 dts open defect normal
#1759 Bad video DTS value DTS new defect normal
#7709 Data Codec DTS stripped from MPEG2-TS DTS, mpegts new defect normal
#4768 FFmpeg preserving CFR during TS to MP4 conversion dts new enhancement wish
#7207 FFmpeg segmented output does not work mpegts h264 dts new defect normal
#2375 FFprobe outputs nonsense DTS/PTS for streams with reordered frames pts dts mpeg2video reopened defect normal
#6483 Failing to Multiplex Data Stream on MPEGTS file mpegts, dts, klv new defect normal
#7770 File playback will stop mov edts regression reopened defect normal
#7123 GPAC file doesn't play with edit list parsing mov edts regression new defect important
#5184 Incorrect pts at start of avi file avi dts open defect normal
#5260 Issue while Playing Media File with RTSP Url using FFPLAY dts new defect normal
#6584 MP4 with edit list and multiple stsds not decoding correctly mov h264 edts new defect normal
#4685 Misleading warning shown for mov file with multiple edit list entries mov mp3 edts new defect minor
#6903 Muxing TS into MKV container mpegts h264 dts new defect normal
#7353 Option -ss on output with -c copy uses dts instead of pts dts, pts new defect normal
#5784 Regression: mkv encoder DTS discontinuity dts mkv edts mov regression new defect normal
#6850 Seeking to beginning of HLS stream fails hls dts seek new defect normal
#2348 Slowmotion when reencoding mpeg stream dts mpeg2video mpegps new defect normal
#6686 Transcoding dvb recording fails h264 dts regression new defect important
#6810 Wrong DTS guess when PTS is reordered for the input without DTS (wrong 'Non-monotonous DTS' fixup) h264 dts new defect normal
#6306 Wrong first frame using new decode API h264 dts new defect normal
#6970 can't detect video stream, too many packets buffered for output audio stream mov edts regression new defect important
#6251 copyts fails badly for negative start time mpegts dts new defect normal
#7449 copyts fails if PCR near rollover copyts dts new defect normal
#7833 ffmpeg cant decode video file. mov edts regression new defect important
#6703 ffmpeg rounds duration_ts and duration mov edts duration regression new defect normal
#7482 ffmpeg.c's discontinuity handling breaks when one of the A/V streams creeps dts regression new defect important
#7757 mpegtsenc: invalid computed DTS values (HEVC) hevc dts mpegts new defect normal
#2815 rtmp stream plays badly rtmp h264 dts new defect normal
#6832 wrong duration when convert mp4 mov edts duration regression open defect important
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