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#1721 ffplay doesn't correctly play files with audio timestamps not starting from 0 ffplay audio new defect normal
#2915 mpeg2 vdpau hardware decoding does sometimes not work with libavformat mpeg2 demuxer, but always works with mplayer mpegps demuxer vdpau new defect normal
#3138 VDPAU: MPEG-4 Video Corruption/Garbling with Radeon hardware decoding vdpau asp new defect normal
#3565 ffmpeg with hwaccel vdpau decode created washed out highlight h.264 video h264 vdpau new defect normal
#3726 mpeg4 vdpau decoding failed vdpau regression reopened defect important
#4334 Second audio track marked as default after copy mp4 default audio track new defect normal
#5286 ffmpeg -hwaccel vdpau limited to h264 level 4.1 since avconv_vdpau: use the hwcontext API to simplify code vdpau regression new defect important
#5366 Support for Audio Filtering of Core Audio of OSX audiotoolbox osx open enhancement wish
#5900 alsa/pulse grab cuts last 2 seconds of audio pulseaudio new defect normal
#6177 request: use the default bit rate values of afconvert when using audiotoolbox encoding audiotoolbox new enhancement wish
#6364 ffmpeg is triggering an assertion and the assertion is causing a malloc corruption vdpau crash regression open defect important
#6368 audio_preload broken audio_preload new defect normal
#6547 FFmpeg auth fail with long rtsp urls rtsp auth ffmpeg new defect normal
#7210 avcodec decoder error: existing hardware acceleration cannot be reused vdpau new defect normal
#7285 Audiotoolbox: Support decoding HE-AAC Audiotoolbox new enhancement normal
#7286 Audiotoolbox: Support decoding Opus and FLAC Audiotoolbox new enhancement wish
#7287 Audiotoolbox decodes 24-bit ALAC as 16-bit Audiotoolbox new defect normal
#7469 "-hwaccel auto" fail in some case hwaccel auto new defect normal
#7487 -out_channel_layout and -ac don't work in AutioToolBox encoder audiotoolbox new defect normal
#7541 dlopen() vdpau vdpau new enhancement wish
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