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#5995 Blockiness and ringing in prores4444 encoded video with alpha prores,alpha open defect normal
#3571 Drawtext fontcolor alpha not working with border (border and glyph would need to be combined before drawing them) drawtext alpha open defect normal
#5622 Image overlay with straight alpha alpha new defect normal
#3707 Support decoding transparency information in dnxhd streams dnxhd alpha new enhancement wish
#5302 Support float in dpx dpx alpha new enhancement wish
#3846 The output video show a wrong alpha ProRes, alpha new defect normal
#4444 Transparency gets lost when scaling pal8 pal8 alpha new defect normal
#4443 Transparency gets lost when using palettegen / paletteuse alpha new defect normal
#6265 cineform decoder output invalid alpha cfhd alpha new defect normal
#2616 support matrox mpeg-2 I-frame with alpha codec (m704 fourcc) matrox mpeg2video alpha open defect normal
#4814 swscale default alpha blending drops alpha swscale, alpha new enhancement normal
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