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#2325 MP4 AAC Audio is delayed by 2ms when converted to PCM aac mov regression new defect important
#2400 A/V desync for separate video and aac in mp4 input files mov aac regression desync open defect important
#3361 aac_he mono not recogized (reported as stereo) aac regression new defect important
#6634 Regression when decoding aac aac regression open defect important
#6654 AAC-file stay on pause through LAVSplitterSource right after start. aac regression new defect important
#6974 Improve handling of AAC PCE audio channels with segmented MPEG-TS mpegts aac regression open defect important
#7058 loud aac encoder artefact aac regression open defect important
#7273 Exported AAC does not work properly aac regression new defect important
#7384 FFmpeg 4.0 does not set 5.1 surround sound into audio stream when converting mkv video with 5.1 surround sound aac regression reopened defect important
#110 MP4 Muxer gives incorrect frame duration with AAC aac mov reopened defect normal
#1614 AAC stream with SBR fails with "channel element 0.1 is not allocated" AAC SBR open defect normal
#1693 AAC Scalable Sample Rate (SSR) aac new defect normal
#1737 ffmpeg detect aac stereo as mono aac open defect normal
#1768 audio AAC fails at CCE aac open defect normal
#1841 raac: fail to seek real aac seek open defect normal
#2283 Slow counter / incorrect duration for aac-in-flv videolan flv aac new defect normal
#2458 raw aac fails with FFmpeg, works fine with faad aac videolan open defect normal
#2809 AAC output does not play on Nintendo devices aac mov new defect normal
#2883 avi+aac - AudioSpecificConfig missing aac new defect normal
#3003 aac in dvb: No audio videolan mpegts aac open defect normal
#3175 audio (aac) silently on streamcopy from mpegts to flv aac flv open defect normal
#3272 ffmpeg fails to recognize AAC in mpeg program stream container mpegps aac open defect normal
#3408 ffmpeg fails to decode aac in mpeg-ts aac open defect normal
#3982 FFMPEG Does Not Support the Audio in TS stream recorded by Marshall Electronics VS-7300 mpegts aac open defect normal
#4676 Concat of AAC + MP4 has gaps aac new defect normal
#4883 Audio with multiple sample rates causes pitch issues mov aac new defect normal
#4998 SanDisk Clip Sport/Jam is buggy, support generating "simpler" mp4 files that can be played by it. aac mov regression new enhancement normal
#5033 Incorrect duration when converting WAV/MP3 files to AAC with -shortest aac, shortest open defect normal
#5065 A/V desync for possibly broken flv input flv aac h264 new defect normal
#5206 native aac encoder strange artifacts aac new defect normal
#5722 there's no sound when ffplaying a mp4 fragment file -- dash mov aac open defect normal
#5910 AAC to PCM conversion inserts extra silence in the beginning aac mov new defect normal
#6330 Strange behavior with native FFmpeg AAC encoder, when converting audio to mono aac new defect normal
#7550 Audible artifacts when converting from WAV to AAC aac open defect normal
#7552 issues with high bitrate AAC in AVI aac AVI new defect normal
#7553 start_time / start_pts is wrong for AAC in MOV AAC new defect normal
#7653 After upgrading libfdk-aac to 2.0.0, encoding fails libfdk-aac new defect normal
#7846 AAC -f lavfi or -filter_complex aevalsrc exceed the specified time aac lavfi filter_complex new defect normal
#3552 Initial warnings shown when playing aac aac new defect minor
#4894 Problem with -acodec copy and AAC VBR AAC new defect minor
#4916 AAC decoder generates noise if compiled on OSX 10.10.3 aac osx nasm reopened defect minor
#5034 Non-monotonous DTS for aac input aac regression new defect minor
#5448 aac: wrong calculation of duration aac regression open defect minor
#6152 Many warnings shown when decoding some latm samples aac new defect minor
#6683 Transport library initialization error in libfdk_aac when using aac_eld profile libfdk-aac open defect minor
#929 AAC decoder does not respect request_channels AAC open enhancement wish
#1407 aac: 960/120 MDCT window is not implemented aac new enhancement wish
#2439 allow to copy latm aac to raw aac without reencoding audio aac latm new enhancement wish
#3085 Audio in broken transport stream can be decoded with other software mpegts aac open enhancement wish
#5119 Skip ID3 tag in aac file aac id3v2 new defect wish
#6419 MPEG-4 SLS audio codec not supported aac open enhancement wish
#6901 AAC cbr encoding aac new enhancement wish
#7279 Support AAC celp aac new enhancement wish
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