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#6922 transcode with ffmpeg may eat up a lot of memory new defect normal unspecified
#6927 FFMPEG version 3.4 gives wrong timestamps unless running with -advanced_editlist 0 new defect important 3.4
#6937 When converting from APE program eats up 4 bytes. new defect important git-master
#6944 Decoding an aac sample fail with scalefactor error new defect normal unspecified
#6946 Start And End Time SS new defect normal git-master
#6947 Unwanted visual formatting added when embedding subtitles new defect normal unspecified
#6956 Filter Issue, Impossible to Convert (nvenc) new defect normal unspecified
#6964 Segmentation fault in Windows bash when using HTTP inputs new defect important unspecified
#6971 ffmpeg drops frames after deinterlacing new defect normal git-master
#6972 Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream....resulting in audio synch issues new defect normal unspecified
#6974 Improve handling of AAC PCE audio channels with segmented MPEG-TS new defect important git-master
#6979 Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream 2: 23309 >= 23226 av_interleaved_write_frame(): Invalid argument new defect normal git-master
#6982 Convert Subtitles or Respect PTS new defect normal git-master
#6984 RTSP protocol options are inconsistent with HTTP protocol options new defect normal unspecified
#6986 Zimg equivalent of swscale's param0/1 new defect normal unspecified
#6993 librsvg-2.0 not found using pkg-config new defect normal unspecified
#6996 attempting to use QSV on supported Intel system with NVidia primary GPU on Windows 10 causes crash new defect normal git-master
#7003 Latest daily builds cannot be quit when encoding new defect normal git-master
#7006 Intel QSV: "QSV requires a fixed frame pool size" message is given new defect normal unspecified
#7010 Error writing trailer of icecast://source:password@server broken pipe new defect normal git-master
#7012 H264_cuvid Decoding Causes NVRM XID 31 new defect normal unspecified
#7016 Timecode incorrect when transcoding 59.94 to 29.97 new defect normal git-master
#7021 ffmpeg with -hls_flags single_file return incorrect byterange in playlist new defect normal git-master
#7023 mediastreamvalidator failed with "Error injecting segment data" new defect normal git-master
#7024 HLS: I receive "Can't deal with multiple sample timings per sample buffer" from mediaStreamValidator new defect normal unspecified
#7025 Framerate changes when using prores and copy codec new defect normal
#7026 Last frame in ProRes video has incorrect duration new defect normal unspecified
#7039 too many packets buffered for output audio stream new defect important 3.4
#7041 Transcoding Lame encoded mp3 fails with "Missing Header" new defect normal git-master
#7045 Should retain pixel density metadata from HiDPI/Retina screen recordings new defect normal unspecified
#7046 Cannot select channel layout when loudnorm filter is used new defect normal git-master
#7047 Incorrect microphone options list new defect normal git-master
#7051 ffmpeg (libx264) skip frames new defect normal unspecified
#7055 Using decimate allows EIA-608 captions to pass through to MP4 files even when the -sn option is used new defect normal unspecified
#7056 Make ffmpeg to automatically convert audio sample format to floating point before apllying filters new enhancement normal git-master
#7062 FLAC to ACC unlike original new defect normal unspecified
#7063 Encode with FFV1 using the 2-pass mode gives the same result as without the 2-pass mode new defect normal unspecified
#7067 ffmpeg -f segment fails after 30 minutes new defect normal git-master
#7068 ffmpeg SDP file generation : incorrect header new defect normal unspecified
#7071 ffmpeg crashes in video capture on windows 10 new defect normal unspecified
#7076 Opus encoder hangs with some input files new defect important git-master
#7077 Request for hqhd3d filter new defect normal unspecified
#7080 ffmpeg issue with NVENC and keyframes when encoding interlaced video new defect normal unspecified
#7085 MP4 HLS produce wrong m3u8 with the _init in the first segment with wrong duration new defect normal git-master
#7092 h264 parser emits every other video packet without pts for mbaff/paff inputs new defect normal git-master
#7098 Segmentation fault: 11 with -hwaccel auto on macOS10.12.6 new defect normal unspecified
#7104 Can't set video stream handler_name on qtrle : compat broblem with broadcast hardware new defect normal unspecified
#7107 ffmpeg fails silently and generates corrupt file if -ss is used on MP3 file with wrong length new defect normal unspecified
#7110 Recognize HEVC fourCC input new enhancement normal unspecified
#7116 Unecessary warning? new enhancement minor git-master
#7126 DECKLINK: Video keep misbehaving new defect normal unspecified
#7144 mpeg-dash - Application provided duration: -1056 / timestamp: 983056 is out of range for mov/mp4 format new defect normal git-master
#7150 MXF: audio length mismatch new defect normal git-master
#7152 avformat_find_stream_info() doesn't work as expected new defect normal unspecified
#7155 Add option to stop writing at position relative to EOF reopened enhancement normal unspecified
#7156 vorbis Extradata corrupt new defect normal unspecified
#7157 Fieild Order isn't recognized new defect normal unspecified
#7159 recursive create segment folder with HLS muxer new task normal unspecified
#7162 rtsp socket timeout not working new defect important git-master
#7164 segfaults when muxing opus / vorbis into a dash stream new defect important git-master
#3776 Decoding bug when playing some MPEG-4 ALS streams open thilo.borgmann defect normal git-master
#6469 Device recording/playback ignoring framerate option open thilo.borgmann defect normal git-master
#2737 There are discontinuous phenomenon in playing HLS stream when changing another bitrate stream open stevenliu enhancement wish git-master
#357 Trying to transcode a vbk file to wav open michael enhancement wish git-master
#628 frame duplication doesnt work with raw h264 input (missing timestamp generation code) new michael defect normal git-master
#1778 EIA-608 / EIA-708 Closed Captions disappear when transcoding/reencoding reopened enhancement wish git-master
#6856 filename limited to 1024 open cus defect normal unspecified
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