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#5796 ffmpeg recognises but does not process subtitle stream new defect normal git-master
#5795 decoding with some pbm files new defect normal git-master
#5794 PAFF sample shows wrong estimated fps new defect minor git-master
#5772 The ffplay.exe appears video mosaic and part of the audio loss problems when receiving some TS stream new defect normal git-master
#5764 ffmpeg deadlock with first pass x264 encode with >=slower and bitrate set reopened defect important git-master
#5761 GOP inconsistencies when transcoding H.264 to MPEG2 MXF new defect normal 3.0.2
#5760 Error while generating VOD webm DASH manifest new defect normal unspecified
#5758 [Subtitle Problem] ffmpeg can't load the subtitle file that isn't located in the same directory with ffmpeg.exe new defect normal git-master
#5756 Robustness issue with nul character in ASS subtitle streams new enhancement normal git-master
#5750 ffmpeg generates rarerly PCR for mpegts with multiple video streams copy and muxrate specified. new defect normal unspecified
#5749 File produced ffmpeg by stream copy reports audio (AAC) for the stream that should be video (MPEG2) open defect normal git-master
#5748 M3U8 playback broken after seek in Safari OSX/iOS new defect important unspecified
#5744 Error when converting mov to mp4 "ratecontrol_init: can't open stats file" , "Error while opening encoder for output stream #0:0 - maybe incorrect parameters such as bit_rate, rate, width or height" new defect normal unspecified
#5740 Memory leak on Windows, when unloading FFmpeg dlls reopened defect normal unspecified
#5737 ffmpeg unable to handle input frames of different sizes when setting input frame rate new defect normal unspecified
#5735 CPU usage increases over time (possibly caused by loudnorm) new defect normal unspecified
#5731 Wranings about truncating oversized PPS when decoding files from Sony camera FS7 new defect normal unspecified
#5721 bug in AviSynth reader new defect normal unspecified
#5717 The udp timeout parameter is not work! (on windows) new defect important git-master
#5713 The timestamp still remaining the same within MKV when all the bytes filled with zeros are removed new defect normal git-master
#5709 Failed to find codec in Stream #0:1 new defect normal unspecified
#5705 m3u8 incorrect duration new defect normal unspecified
#5702 RTP: missed while "second pass: moving the moov atom to the beginning of the file" in segmenter new defect normal git-master
#5692 problem with ":" sign in HLS / tee output new defect normal unspecified
#5690 Codec hevc_nvenc (GPU M4000) + HLS memory leak new defect normal git-master
#5684 fps wrong with codecpar new defect important git-master
#5677 Videotoolbox encoder does not preserve A53_CC side data open kernrj defect normal git-master
#5661 ASF problem while seeking for generate thumbnail new defect normal git-master
#5658 Support Screenflow SCC screen recordings new enhancement wish git-master
#5642 Qmin Qmax with MPEG2 Encoding new defect normal unspecified
#5635 a12v: support alpha new defect normal unspecified
#5632 add support for IFF YAFA open enhancement wish git-master
#5622 Image overlay with straight alpha new defect normal unspecified
#5619 [nvenc_hevc @ 00000000032000a0] EncodePicture failed! new defect normal unspecified
#5617 Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer (TS) open defect normal git-master
#5604 read rtmp stream occur Packet mismatch new defect normal unspecified
#5603 wav: support decoding of "16.8 Floating Point (Legacy Audition Format)" new defect normal unspecified
#5602 wav: support decoding of "24.0 Floating Point (Legacy Audition Format)" new defect normal unspecified
#5583 support for openmp of soxr new defect normal unspecified
#5582 vp5: support decoding of interlaced video new defect normal unspecified
#5581 vp6: support decoding of interlaced video new defect normal unspecified
#5580 vp7: interlaced sample with "blit-pitch" feature new defect normal unspecified
#5573 Incorrect duration when decoding raw G.729 new defect minor git-master
#5572 Rewrapping NTSC MOV to AVI, results in 60000/1001 fps new defect normal git-master
#5559 IFF ANIM: fix decoding artefacts (ANIM-J) new defect normal unspecified
#5553 IFF ANIM: support anims with sound new defect normal unspecified
#5536 Segmentation fault (core dumped) on large file reopened defect normal git-master
#5530 compile error with --enable-opengl on osx new defect normal unspecified
#5512 Audio Out of Sync after transcode new defect normal git-master
#5510 Crash when reading a fine in Xine new defect normal unspecified
#5508 checkasm fails on ppc64be new defect normal git-master
#5502 wmv3 video track produced by GoToMeeting is transcoded to 1000 FPS h264 new defect normal git-master
#5499 paf: support 24bit new defect normal unspecified
#5490 Missing Musicbrainz Recording id in metadata list new defect normal unspecified
#5481 g723 in au: fix decoding new defect normal unspecified
#5479 h264 re-encoding to flv rtmp protocol "Invalid data found when processing input" "PES packet size mismatch" new defect normal git-master
#5472 ffmpeg: invalid dts - ffmpeg can not handle pgs subtitles reopened defect normal unspecified
#5463 random crashes when reading realtime updated metadata from text file new defect important git-master
#5457 mp3 delay issue new defect normal unspecified
#5456 Videos produced with -shortest are longer than the audio new defect normal unspecified
#5450 MPEG2 -ss X with -frames:v 1 result in duplicate images new defect normal unspecified
#5433 Last frames are dropped while decoding with qsv decoder new defect normal unspecified
#5420 start time changes with codecpar new defect minor unspecified
#5415 Incorrect timestamps when using seek OR segment muxer for mp4 new defect normal git-master
#5413 Image size, pixel format cannot be detected ( 0x0,-1 ) for short h264 video open defect normal git-master
#5407 WavPack correction file (hybrid mode) open enhancement wish git-master
#5406 adpcm_vima: problem with stereo files open defect normal git-master
#5401 ipmovie: problem with demuxer open defect normal git-master
#5400 rtsp url path arguments not accepted new defect normal unspecified
#5399 Dealing with duplicated multicast RTP packets new enhancement normal unspecified
#5396 ffmpeg don`t close program if -t or -to used with -map 0 open defect normal git-master
#5392 A bug in the scale2ref filter new defect normal unspecified
#5385 FFMPEg Streaming Error new defect normal unspecified
#5379 -ss option does not work for stream selection new defect normal unspecified
#5378 Remuxing interlaced file from camera Sony A7S results in broken video new defect normal git-master
#5376 ffmpeg divided one frame into two AVPackets when doing remux work, video muxed failed. new defect normal unspecified
#5369 new audiotoolbox encoder does not support AAC encoding with more than 2 channels open 11rcombs defect normal git-master
#5367 ffmpeg muxing error, no video packets muxed: cur_dts is invalid (this is harmless if it occurs once at the start per stream) reopened defect normal git-master
#5328 dvbsubtitles re encoding new defect normal git-master
#5327 TellyVisuals violates the GPL new license violation normal unspecified
#5322 HLS3 stream recording does not save last segment fully new defect normal unspecified
#5309 Seek doesn't work in some .mp4 files new defect normal git-master
#5299 oscillation new enhancement normal unspecified
#5291 Wrong parsing when start time > end time in subtitles (.ass) new defect normal unspecified
#5285 Missing subtitle format. ISMT new enhancement wish git-master
#5278 Osprey Ceylon violates the GPL and use nonfree new license violation normal unspecified
#5275 fix decoding of mpegable h264 sample reopened defect normal git-master
#5273 adpcm_swf: 11khz mode decodes as 5khz new defect normal unspecified
#5266 Incorrect sdp file format and rtp timestamps when sending multicast streams new defect normal git-master
#5265 SmartCutter violates FFmpeg license new license violation normal unspecified
#5260 Issue while Playing Media File with RTSP Url using FFPLAY new defect normal unspecified
#5245 Video on SDI output of DeckLink freezes new defect normal git-master
#5241 Usage of overlay filter with "dvb_subtitle" stream causes "Buffer queue overflow, dropping." message new defect normal git-master
#5238 gapless playback doesn't work (with at least Opus) reopened defect normal git-master
#5236 concat demuxer isn't working new defect normal git-master
#5227 H265 nvenc HLS stream new defect normal git-master
#5207 Non-mjpeg file with fourcc MSC2 new defect normal git-master
#5197 Issues receving rtp_mpegts sources new defect normal unspecified
#5193 No warning shown before duplicating a frame many thousand times new defect minor git-master
#5192 Unplayable mpeg ts after converting mp3 to mp4 with image and then converting mp4 to mpeg ts new defect normal unspecified
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