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#2716 Memory leak at avformat_new_stream reopened defect minor git-master
#4374 Add support for ZIP archive file format protocol open mastered enhancement wish unspecified
#1102 mxf separate fields in interlaced j2k open mateo defect normal git-master
#6521 HEIF support open mateo enhancement wish git-master
#1022 Muxing more than two streams in rm open michael enhancement wish git-master
#3971 SSA in avi not detected open ubitux enhancement wish git-master
#4178 Opus audio in MKV container open vigneshvg defect important git-master
#110 MP4 Muxer gives incorrect frame duration with AAC reopened defect normal git-master
#244 rm muxer fails with frames larger than 64k byte open defect normal git-master
#368 enable interface selection for udp multicast new enhancement wish 0.7.1
#479 AVStream.start_time incorrect by 2 frames for Sony XDCAM-EX files reopened defect normal unspecified
#712 m2v: wrong duration open enhancement wish git-master
#716 Shoutcast 2 metadata open enhancement wish git-master
#766 Extend ffmpeg's timecode extraction open enhancement normal git-master
#819 ffmpeg fails to read an image if the image filename contains an accent (win32) open defect normal git-master
#912 mpegts muxer does not follow TS buffering requirements specified in iso13818-1 section open defect normal git-master
#948 No audio in output when the audio starts late in VOB file open defect normal git-master
#1043 add support for Predefined SLConfigDescriptor open enhancement wish git-master
#1158 support iXML riff chunk open enhancement wish git-master
#1185 broken playback of rtsp streams - under windows at least new defect normal git-master
#1199 Playlist support open enhancement wish git-master
#1438 Seeking in vob file with timestamp discontinuities fails open defect normal git-master
#1452 image2 to support %t reopened enhancement wish git-master
#1482 Support eia_608 in wtv open enhancement wish git-master
#1485 Support for Quicktime CLEF/TAPT atoms open enhancement normal git-master
#1487 ffmpeg's mpeg mux bug(s) never fixed... new defect normal git-master
#1600 remux of xdcam mxf to mov is unplayable in Final Cut Pro reopened defect normal git-master
#1625 avformat_find_stream_info waits for non-existing video track in mms stream open defect normal git-master
#1706 (win64) avformat/FFMPEG crashed after connection loss to stream server new defect normal unspecified
#1719 MPEG-TS demuxer : don't parse a PAT (and clear programs) if its version number is the same as the previous one open defect normal git-master
#1748 Rtsp stream can connect but cannot fetch any data with tcp.But vlc player can play this rtsp. open enhancement wish git-master
#1759 Bad video DTS value new defect normal git-master
#1762 mp4 file with 2 'mp4a' boxes in a 'stsd' box new enhancement wish unspecified
#1774 rtpproto: allow "?reuse" option in URI new enhancement normal git-master
#1793 Widevine support open enhancement wish git-master
#1798 Real-world transport stream with incorrect PMT plays fine with WMP open defect normal git-master
#1806 Audio/video stream order reversed in remuxed VOB files open defect normal git-master
#1810 ffprobe: some .m4a files' metatags are not read by ffprobe open defect normal git-master
#1891 Problem transcoding realmedia file open defect normal git-master
#1964 Request support for decoding / demuxing Adobe HDS dynamic http streaming open enhancement wish git-master
#1993 Badly interleaved partial AVI file causes audio/video desync open defect normal git-master
#2001 ffmpeg can't handle mms streaming using http:// prefix open enhancement wish git-master
#2002 mms streaming always requests all streams reopened defect normal git-master
#2031 ffmpeg fails to access certain http URLs reopened enhancement wish git-master
#2055 wtvenc: support subtitle muxing open enhancement wish git-master
#2078 FFMPEG created WTV files cannot be fast forwarded or fast rewound in Windows Media Center open defect normal unspecified
#2105 Can't receive rtsp interleaved from encoder new defect normal 1.0.1
#2119 Support for Playstation 2 Audio file format reopened enhancement wish unspecified
#2162 ffmpeg does not create PS3 compatible m2ts files open defect normal git-master
#2181 AVIO should provide a way to reconnect broken network streams new enhancement normal git-master
#2252 WTV files created by ffmpeg do not playback on XBox 360 extender reopened defect normal git-master
#2259 http_proxy doesn't work new defect normal unspecified
#2270 ffmpeg transcodes cover art to a video stream with a single frame open defect normal git-master
#2282 Failed seeks lead to undefined behavior open defect normal git-master
#2294 timeout option does not work for rtsp streaming reopened defect normal git-master
#2306 Vividas Demuxer for IPLEX open enhancement wish unspecified
#2319 Using concat demuxer with truncated mp4 (mpeg2video,pcm_s16be) leads to infinite loop new defect normal git-master
#2338 avformat_seek_file seeking to wrong frame for AVCHD sample new defect normal unspecified
#2343 Stream is blocked by 20 seconds or more when reading an mjpeg stream at low resolutions new enhancement wish git-master
#2352 LXF VBI data support open enhancement wish git-master
#2384 ffmpeg detects avi/divx with xsub as broken open defect minor git-master
#2415 RTSP (and SDP) client timeout is hard-coded to 10 seconds open enhancement wish git-master
#2423 creating PS3 compatible VOB/MP4 files with DTS sound open enhancement wish git-master
#2474 MKV transcoded to MKV with copied attachments is unplayable if output is stdout open defect normal git-master
#2481 libavformat doesn't update file duration when file size changes during playback new enhancement normal unspecified
#2547 -muxrate option doesn't work with stream_segment mpegts output open defect normal git-master
#2564 Tiled swf lossless frames are not decoded open enhancement wish git-master
#2573 Remuxed XDCAM mov does not play correctly in Quicktime player reopened enhancement wish git-master
#2600 print EXT-X-STREAM-INF and BANDWIDTH in output M3U8 open enhancement wish git-master
#2602 Implement a soft-telecine filter open enhancement wish git-master
#2617 Playback of HLS fails when one of the variant streams are down open defect normal git-master
#2619 Unable to play HLS urls from new enhancement normal git-master
#2622 Subtitle (hdmv pgs) remux fails open defect normal git-master
#2646 FFMPEG HTTP protocol not generation authorization line open defect normal git-master
#2658 Written mp4 with h264/AAC doesnt use fps as video timebase (discrepancy with libav) new defect normal 1.2.1
#2662 Support for Kuaibo's qmv format open enhancement wish git-master
#2691 ffmpeg detects 0 channels in audio streams (audio streams are detected after the main loop in find_stream_info) open defect normal git-master
#2702 Faulty handling of file: protocol on Windows new defect normal unspecified
#2703 when encountering a ENOSPC as a HLS streamer ffmpeg hangs without exiting new defect normal git-master
#2758 DVD-A LPCM in vob cannot be decoded open defect normal git-master
#2776 MXF DV from AAF (Avid) not demuxable open defect important git-master
#2801 Concat protocol with too many files new defect normal git-master
#2809 AAC output does not play on Nintendo devices new defect normal git-master
#2833 can't parse HLS subtitles and alternate audio new enhancement wish git-master
#2865 Front Center, Downmix Left, and Downmix Right unlabelled in QTPlayer new enhancement wish git-master
#2874 Export image2 file name as frame metadata open enhancement wish git-master
#2879 Non-Existing PPS when converting AVI to MPG new defect normal git-master
#2886 HLS source with multiple variants is not optimally handled new enhancement wish git-master
#2900 remux of interlaced MPEG2-PS to AVI doubles frame rate. new defect normal git-master
#2907 RTMPE Support new defect normal git-master
#2915 mpeg2 vdpau hardware decoding does sometimes not work with libavformat mpeg2 demuxer, but always works with mplayer mpegps demuxer new defect normal git-master
#3023 Information lost when remuxing DTS from MKV to MP4 new defect normal git-master
#3040 ICY metadata not handled when using HTTP chunked transfer new defect normal unspecified
#3118 SAMI: multiple languages not detected open enhancement normal git-master
#3123 Request: Support MKV files with ordered chapters new enhancement wish git-master
#3125 \\ 'separator' in id3tag causes unwanted truncation of ffprobe output reopened defect normal git-master
#3127 Video stream publishing via RTMPT new defect normal git-master
#3149 Matroska muxer does not generate cues for audio files new defect normal 2.1
#3167 Creating/Remuxing AVI files results in unplayable AVI for hardware player Philips DVP640 new defect normal git-master
#3175 audio (aac) silently on streamcopy from mpegts to flv open defect normal git-master
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