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#5188 Damaged dvvideo makes overlay not stop on eof new defect important git-master
#5326 amix returns oom although memory is still available new defect important git-master
#5411 Trim filter doesn't work with time specified as HH:MM:SS open defect important git-master
#5493 incomplete x264 MB tree with framerate filter open defect important git-master
#1177 movie source: seek_point does not allow for accurate seeking (keyframe only) new defect normal git-master
#1618 Padding to odd/uneven size fails open defect normal git-master
#1799 movie: loop option doesn't seem to work open defect normal git-master
#2061 ffmpeg -vf drawtext not support ft_load_flags=vertical_layout open defect normal git-master
#2067 Support subtitles in libavfilter so seek is honored for subtitles filters (like hardsubbing) open enhancement normal unspecified
#2483 Cropping video with height=1 fails new defect normal git-master
#2559 Bad pixel format negociation with scale and gray open defect normal git-master
#2595 Last frame of partly deintelacted video stream, not deinterlaced open defect normal git-master
#2674 fps filter changes video length new defect normal git-master
#2693 -async chokes on damaged audio input stream new defect normal git-master
#3044 pts resets when input parameters changes new defect normal git-master
#3071 Encoding of files from FMS emits many errors and never ends new defect normal git-master
#3302 Cannot draw opaque text on transparent frame open defect normal git-master
#3317 Drawtext+Alphamerge results in incorrect alpha value open defect normal git-master
#3571 Drawtext fontcolor alpha not working with border (border and glyph would need to be combined before drawing them) open defect normal git-master
#3740 drawtext drops backslashes new defect normal git-master
#4057 Interlacement information is not passed from the lavfi demuxer to the rawvideo decoder open defect normal git-master
#4064 aresample=async=1000 gets stuck with damaged and non-monotonic input and -copyts new defect normal unspecified
#4131 aresample=async=1000:first_pts=0 produced out-of-sync audio with Non-monotonous DTS in output stream warnings new defect normal git-master
#4260 hqdn3d usage in segment input creation creates invalid last segment new defect normal git-master
#4298 zoompan filter creates shaky image open defect normal git-master
#4311 dropped frames when using compand with overlay new defect normal git-master
#4399 Fontconfig 2.11.91 breaks proper font selection in ffmpeg new defect normal git-master
#4465 video filter ass does not load embedded font files new defect normal git-master
#4590 concat filter does not work to loop audio open defect normal git-master
#4798 WMA lossless audio not merged with video open defect normal git-master
#4870 framerate filter duplicates last frame when converting 25 to 24 fps new defect normal git-master
#4948 ffmpeg overlay not stitching videos in order of pts new defect normal git-master
#4950 overlay and trim together produces Buffer queue overflow new defect normal unspecified
#4990 fieldmatch+decimate duplicate frames with yuv open defect normal git-master
#5058 the concat filter does not respect the audio delay of the second segment open defect normal unspecified
#5254 In vidstabdetect filter the shakiness and the stepsize options do not work new defect normal git-master
#5257 Buffer queue overflow, dropping. new defect normal unspecified
#5354 Concat filter breaks alpha overlay new defect normal git-master
#5374 Infinite loop in paletteuse on pix_fmt change open defect normal git-master
#5397 Incorrect curves filter work new defect normal git-master
#5555 avfilter_graph_parse_ptr fails on windows when using full path names new defect normal git-master
#5589 Unsharp broken with high matrix size. new defect normal
#1717 Concat filter can not join individual images open defect minor git-master
#602 feature request: movie sink for ffplay open enhancement wish unspecified
#1305 Embedded ASS subtitle support open enhancement wish git-master
#1339 Auto insert fps filter as adapter for overlay filter inputs with different framerates new enhancement wish git-master
#1430 More efficient deshake filter open flexman enhancement wish unspecified
#1753 Delay output for X seconds open enhancement wish git-master
#2097 Let Gradfun output an undithered image of higher bit depth. open enhancement wish git-master
#2104 anti-epilepsy bright flash remover video filter open enhancement wish git-master
#2112 support for NL Filter open enhancement wish git-master
#2178 audio denoise filter new enhancement wish git-master
#2279 Frame number editing support new enhancement wish git-master
#2351 Make the unsharp filter Adaptive open enhancement wish git-master
#2443 Support rx values for deshake that are not multiples of 16 open enhancement wish git-master
#2631 fade filter offset from the end of stream open enhancement wish git-master
#2641 Support trailing ; in filter_complex expression open enhancement wish 1.2.1
#2959 filter line using only one core (need frame multithreading) new enhancement wish git-master
#3073 Allow idet to identify telecined content open enhancement wish git-master
#3173 afade-fadeout on pipe:0 stream open enhancement wish git-master
#3834 Support Attachment streams in libavfilter new enhancement wish git-master
#3910 uspp filter using a lot memory new enhancement wish git-master
#4079 Support yuyv422 and uyvy422 as input formats for the crop filter open enhancement wish git-master
#4190 offer internal font for drawtext open enhancement wish git-master
#4304 Add Spatial Information (SI) / Temporal Informatilon (SI) filter according to ITU-T P.910 new enhancement wish unspecified
#4719 ffmpeg feature request: new cropdetect based on motionlessness new enhancement wish git-master
#4858 Support GIMP curves preset files in curves filter new enhancement wish git-master
#4910 support for nl-means denoise filter open ubitux enhancement wish git-master
#5074 support perceptual hashing open enhancement wish unspecified
#5366 Support for Audio Filtering of Core Audio of OSX open enhancement wish git-master
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