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#3921 Faster RDFT new enhancement wish git-master
#3955 native vorbis encoder produces noise open defect wish git-master
#4043 mss2: fix decoding of mss2 open defect normal git-master
#4116 Support gray mjpeg encoding open enhancement wish git-master
#4122 Artefacts for damaged h264 stream reopened defect normal git-master
#4127 h264 DXVA2 decoding regression on Intel GPUs new defect normal git-master
#4141 HEVC: 1920x1080i file decoded as 1920x540p open enhancement wish git-master
#4142 Fourth Generation Vocoder new enhancement wish git-master
#4169 Support BPG Image format open enhancement wish git-master
#4261 Systematic artefacts from 10bit Source new defect normal git-master
#4285 The "frame type" and the "q" are not being set in the -vstats_file when doing x265 encoding. new defect normal git-master
#4360 reencode mbs even at -mbd 0 when coeffs require cliping open enhancement wish git-master
#4364 Support for DNG (RAW) open enhancement wish git-master
#4371 ffmpeg vda hardware decoder not working new defect normal git-master
#4394 jls: support lossy pal1-7 open defect normal git-master
#4488 Export whether or not a TrueHD stream has an ATMOS substream new enhancement wish git-master
#4518 Bad pix_fmt decision if input is gray but only yuvj4xx is supported new defect minor git-master
#4534 Voxware metasound sounds broken new defect normal git-master
#4601 jpeg2000: Support for image offsets is not implemented new enhancement wish git-master
#4610 Unsupported jpeg 2000 marker 0xFF61 new enhancement wish git-master
#4616 Closed Captions: Data Ignored since exceeding screen width open defect normal git-master
#4638 Multithreaded FLAC encoding open enhancement wish git-master
#4641 Error decoding SILK frame open defect normal git-master
#4653 jpeg2000: -M 1 mode is not lossless (compared to openjpeg) open defect minor git-master
#4659 Support the MFX Dispatcher from Intel Media SDK new enhancement wish git-master
#4669 jpeg2000: fix decoding of precints 2 open defect normal git-master
#4679 jpeg2000: "Block length 74 or lengthinc 256 is too large" open defect normal git-master
#4681 Reference sample p0_03.j2k (ROI) shows artefacts new defect normal git-master
#4684 jls: fix decoding of 12bpp "maximum allowed error: 255" open defect normal git-master
#4686 mjpeg: support 2:1:1 YCbCrK open enhancement wish git-master
#4687 Support tif images with less than eight bits new enhancement wish git-master
#4698 Wrong channel layout for FLAC 3/1 channels on playback reopened defect minor git-master
#4709 Support mjpeg 4:2:2 encoding in rows of one block instead of two blocks new enhancement wish git-master
#4711 support decoding of lscr (png) reopened enhancement wish git-master
#4717 ffprobe fails to get Monkey's Audio sample size new enhancement wish git-master
#4727 Undefined behaviors in ffmpeg reopened defect normal git-master
#4757 pkt_size / size incorrect for first IDR frame new defect minor git-master
#4762 Temporal Layering in HEVC Encoding new enhancement wish git-master
#4773 Multidimensional Quantization needs aeons reopened enhancement wish git-master
#4799 audio codec conversion codec 0x0135 sipro lab kelvin open enhancement wish git-master
#4810 Support invalid format tags in subrip decoder new enhancement wish git-master
#4827 Many warnings shown when decoding j2k new defect minor git-master
#4831 Can't initialize h264_qsv encoder post Aug 29 2015 - Ivy Bridge CPU reopened IvUs defect important git-master
#4832 Freeze when scaling and encoding h264_qsv open IvUs defect important git-master
#4888 62bd8deef causes a regression in HEVC decoding / hevc needs support to skip initial corrupt frames open defect important git-master
#4894 Problem with -acodec copy and AAC VBR new defect minor git-master
#4907 Support decoding animated WebP images open enhancement wish git-master
#4916 AAC decoder generates noise if compiled on OSX 10.10.3 reopened defect minor git-master
#4947 libx264/265 encoder "parameter unknown" is a warning rather than an error open enhancement wish git-master
#4976 BK2 format support open enhancement wish git-master
#5039 Incorrect TrueHD decoding new defect normal git-master
#5092 Field order wrong for DV HD open defect normal git-master
#5105 MPEG-4 asp corrupted after bitstream error open defect normal git-master
#5134 signed integer overflow in weight_h264_pixels4_9_c() new defect normal git-master
#5159 Fix YUV2 in AVI (wrong colors) new defect normal git-master
#5164 clang fails fft compilation for android-arm new defect normal git-master
#5195 v210 with odd size open defect normal git-master
#5206 native aac encoder strange artifacts new defect normal git-master
#5213 Change Flags for MPEG files without reencode open enhancement wish git-master
#5231 Crashes in ff_deblock_v_luma_8_sse2 reopened defect important git-master
#5235 Affinity Video (ImJG) samples open enhancement wish git-master
#5243 MPEG1 decoding error open defect normal git-master
#5272 videotoolbox fails to initialize for mpeg2, mpeg4 codec open defect important git-master
#5274 vc1 with main profile fails to decode open enhancement wish git-master
#5279 ffmpeg cannot link with --enable-libmfx and --toolchain=msvc new defect normal git-master
#5283 Add bitstream filter to remove Closed Captions from h264 new enhancement wish git-master
#5302 Support float in dpx new enhancement wish git-master
#5303 Support float in tiff new enhancement wish git-master
#5310 mpegts demuxer ignores the amount of samples it should drop from the last Opus frame new defect normal git-master
#5313 mpeg-4 als: add support for adaptive RLS-LMS prediction open thilo.borgmann enhancement wish git-master
#5334 support atrac lossless open enhancement wish git-master
#5337 support for other codecs in videotoolbox encoding open kernrj enhancement wish git-master
#5360 Errors shown when correctly decoding jpeg2000 frames new defect minor git-master
#5361 support for the options of decoding quality of videotoolbox open enhancement wish git-master
#5387 Artefacts decoding svq3 new defect normal git-master
#5405 ffv1 in 2 pass mode creates corrupted files when bit depth > 8 open defect normal git-master
#5425 improve iac decoder open defect normal git-master
#5437 mpeg-4 als: support 32bit floating point open thilo.borgmann enhancement wish git-master
#5446 shorten: support alaw and mulaw new enhancement wish git-master
#5459 Subtitle encoding failed new enhancement wish git-master
#5468 on2avc (0x0501): improve decoding of stereo modes open defect normal git-master
#5475 Srt decoder does not handle improperly nested tags new defect normal git-master
#5482 g721 (g726): fix audiable artefacts open defect normal git-master
#5483 g721: support stereo modes open enhancement wish git-master
#5499 paf: support 24bit open enhancement wish git-master
#5514 Interlaced HEVC Steam not Decoded Properly open defect normal git-master
#5519 support matrox uncompressed alpha sd & hd (m103 & m104) open enhancement wish git-master
#5523 mjpeg: fix decoding of lead jpeg lossless open defect normal git-master
#5533 Unable to decode some H.264 stream on seeking open defect normal git-master
#5548 FFV1 encoder creates invalid stream with -level 3 if width or height is between 1 and 3 open defect normal git-master
#5551 av_bsf_send_packet can't take ownership on not reference-counted packets new defect normal git-master
#5559 IFF ANIM: fix decoding artefacts (ANIM-J) new defect normal git-master
#5561 Implement a tiff parser open enhancement wish git-master
#5567 IFF ILBM: support multipalette images (PCHG) open defect normal git-master
#5580 vp7: interlaced sample with "blit-pitch" feature open enhancement wish git-master
#5581 vp6: support decoding of interlaced video open defect normal git-master
#5582 vp5: support decoding of interlaced video open enhancement wish git-master
#5601 support VQC1 ViewQuest codec new enhancement wish git-master
#5632 add support for IFF YAFA open enhancement wish git-master
#5635 a12v: support alpha open defect normal git-master
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