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#5437 mpeg-4 als: support 32bit floating point open thilo.borgmann enhancement wish git-master
#5445 shorten aiff fails to decode open enhancement wish git-master
#5446 shorten: support alaw and mulaw new enhancement wish git-master
#5459 Subtitle encoding failed new enhancement wish git-master
#5483 g721: support stereo modes open enhancement wish git-master
#5499 paf: support 24bit open enhancement wish git-master
#5519 support matrox uncompressed alpha sd & hd (m103 & m104) open enhancement wish git-master
#5561 Implement a tiff parser open enhancement wish git-master
#5580 vp7: interlaced sample with "blit-pitch" feature open enhancement wish git-master
#5582 vp5: support decoding of interlaced video open enhancement wish git-master
#5601 support VQC1 ViewQuest codec new enhancement wish git-master
#5650 IFF ANIM: support decoding of interlaced Scala's anims open enhancement wish git-master
#5688 Support hevc NAL units 62 and 63 new enhancement wish git-master
#5693 exr: support dwa decompression open enhancement wish git-master
#5733 Dolby-E decoding open enhancement wish git-master
#5798 Allow h264 profile selection in ffmpeg when using omx new enhancement wish git-master
#5818 encoing to interlaced with nvenc new enhancement wish git-master
#5840 6-channel atrac3 open enhancement wish git-master
#5842 "unsupported" mtaf file open enhancement wish git-master
#5870 exr: support subsampling open enhancement wish git-master
#5893 Support for ARIB subtitles new enhancement wish git-master
#5913 teletext / zvbi -> dvbsub new enhancement wish git-master
#5918 pct: improve qdraw support open enhancement wish git-master
#5923 add support for Kodak PhotoCD image format open enhancement wish git-master
#5959 aspect ratio change not working with libx265 (works with libx264) open enhancement wish git-master
#6002 Add 4444XQ profile to prores_ks encoder new enhancement wish git-master
#6052 iff: support IFF ACBM with byterun1 compression open enhancement wish git-master
#785 "HEADER ERROR" flooding with RM material open defect minor git-master
#1901 cavs artefacts in B frames open defect minor git-master
#2667 console spamming when decoding a h264 / mp4 stream reopened defect minor git-master
#3160 ac3 silently chooses 5.1(side) channel layout new defect minor git-master
#3194 valgrind leak on example package (leaking global lock manager mutex at exit) open defect minor git-master
#3585 Many decoding errors for pmp input new defect minor git-master
#4518 Bad pix_fmt decision if input is gray but only yuvj4xx is supported new defect minor git-master
#4653 jpeg2000: -M 1 mode is not lossless (compared to openjpeg) open defect minor git-master
#4698 Wrong channel layout for FLAC 3/1 channels on playback reopened defect minor git-master
#4757 pkt_size / size incorrect for first IDR frame new defect minor git-master
#4815 DNxHD help output looks broken / is useless wrt framerates reopened defect minor git-master
#4827 Many warnings shown when decoding j2k new defect minor git-master
#4894 Problem with -acodec copy and AAC VBR new defect minor git-master
#4916 AAC decoder generates noise if compiled on OSX 10.10.3 reopened defect minor git-master
#5095 Many warnings shown when decoding a 4k hevc sample new defect minor git-master
#5102 Variable used uninitialized in libavcodec/ffv1enc.c new defect minor git-master
#5163 [aac @ 0x1c11420] element type mismatch 1 != 0 open defect minor git-master
#5360 Errors shown when correctly decoding jpeg2000 frames new defect minor git-master
#5731 Wranings about truncating oversized PPS when decoding files from Sony camera FS7 open defect minor git-master
#5732 Display corruption on very high-bitrate H.264 files open defect minor git-master
#5795 decoding with some pbm files open defect minor git-master
#5803 ffprobe reports wrong DAR reopened defect minor git-master
#5851 Option to remove tags from Closed Captions open defect minor git-master
#5929 Warnings shown for likely invalid real-life H.264 stream new defect minor git-master
#5937 Flac decoding - sample/frame number mismatch in adjacent frames open defect minor git-master
#6081 kVTCompressionPropertyKey_H264EntropyMode not available on osx 10.8 new defect minor git-master
#128 svq1 decoder is somehow buggy reopened defect normal git-master
#502 Jumping frames (wrong presentation order) in QT for avi(h264)->mp4 streamcopy (missing h264 pts interpolation code) reopened defect normal git-master
#604 Multithreaded ffmpeg decode with DXVA2 hangs new defect normal git-master
#691 Errors while decoding wmav2 stream open defect normal git-master
#742 zygo video codec decodes with visible graphic corruption open defect normal git-master
#845 Artefacts with Indeo 4 reopened defect normal git-master
#946 ffplay: almost unreadable dvd subtitles due to wrong colors open defect normal git-master
#1178 tiff enc: visible green dots with odd width and -pix_fmt yuv410p reopened defect normal git-master
#1282 VP6F Libavcodec decoding bug (slowly accumulating artifacts) open defect normal git-master
#1309 Android(NDK) cannot compile thumb mode new defect normal git-master
#1323 avid dv codec (dv50 mode) decodes with visible artefacts open defect normal git-master
#1388 rv30 decoder does not completely support resolution changes open defect normal git-master
#1522 H264 Support SP frames exactly open enhancement normal git-master
#1528 drastic v210 - packet too small open defect normal git-master
#1536 u263: problem with b-frames open defect normal git-master
#1601 msmpeg4 reencode MB as intra or picture with higher quantizer if syntax limits are hit open enhancement normal git-master
#1614 AAC stream with SBR fails with "channel element 0.1 is not allocated" open defect normal git-master
#1643 Custom lock manager will cause multiple thread encoding deadlock new defect normal unspecified
#1691 New SN40 samples fail to decode new defect normal git-master
#1693 AAC Scalable Sample Rate (SSR) new defect normal git-master
#1737 ffmpeg detect aac stereo as mono open defect normal git-master
#1768 audio AAC fails at CCE open defect normal git-master
#1838 Some BOXX bxy2 samples (v210) cannot be decoded new defect normal git-master
#1848 AMR-NB Q bit ignored new defect normal git-master
#1849 AMR NB NODATA header changes following data new defect normal unspecified
#1939 zork pcm decoder is broken new defect normal git-master
#2035 DVD subtitle from VOB does not contain CodecPrivate data open defect normal git-master
#2240 xvid: visible artefects open defect normal git-master
#2557 vc1 visible decoding error open defect normal git-master
#2596 native dirac decoder is not bitexact new defect normal git-master
#2616 support matrox mpeg-2 I-frame with alpha codec (m704 fourcc) open defect normal git-master
#2701 mpeg2video 4:2:2: green artefacts at the bottom with lowres 3 open defect normal git-master
#2851 support odd mpeg4 in avi open enhancement normal git-master
#2908 Blue Lucy Media Player violates GPL and has --enable-nonfree new license violation normal unspecified
#2909 Make dvbsubs more compliant among stb's new enhancement normal 1.2.2
#2966 ljpeg: support 36bpp rgb open defect normal git-master
#2967 mjpeg enc: ljpeg output is incompatible with other programs new defect normal git-master
#3035 h264 decoder duplicates 8-th frame new defect normal unspecified
#3087 Suspicion that valid random access point is not marked as keyframe in AVCHD samples from Panasonic Lumix GH1 (1080i material) open defect normal git-master
#3255 mss2: decode errors open defect normal git-master
#3262 Interlaced VC-1 flat spots on static scenes. open defect normal git-master
#3307 -level AVoption does not set refs with libx264 reopened defect normal git-master
#3406 H.264 threaded decode error new defect normal git-master
#3408 ffmpeg fails to decode aac in mpeg-ts open defect normal git-master
#3442 h264 decoder decodes complete GOP wrong / skips one GOP if stream does not start with SPS/PPS open defect normal git-master
#3586 [discrepancy with libav] avcodec_encode_video2 merges packet side data with the packet body new defect normal 2.2.1
#3846 The output video show a wrong alpha new defect normal git-master
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