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#785 "HEADER ERROR" flooding with RM material open defect minor git-master
#5842 "unsupported" mtaf file open enhancement wish git-master
#3307 -level AVoption does not set refs with libx264 reopened defect normal git-master
#4888 62bd8deef causes a regression in HEVC decoding / hevc needs support to skip initial corrupt frames open defect important git-master
#1693 AAC Scalable Sample Rate (SSR) new defect normal git-master
#929 AAC decoder does not respect request_channels open enhancement wish git-master
#4916 AAC decoder generates noise if compiled on OSX 10.10.3 reopened defect minor git-master
#1614 AAC stream with SBR fails with "channel element 0.1 is not allocated" open defect normal git-master
#5710 AC3 frame sync error new defect normal git-master
#5829 ADPCM SWF wave decode error, but directly decode *.flv right new defect normal git-master
#1849 AMR NB NODATA header changes following data new defect normal unspecified
#1848 AMR-NB Q bit ignored new defect normal git-master
#1679 Ability to identify progressive segmented frame material in h.264 open enhancement wish git-master
#6002 Add 4444XQ profile to prores_ks encoder new enhancement wish git-master
#5166 Add Bitstream Filter to drop frames from image-based video streams with -codec copy new enhancement wish unspecified
#4490 Add a bitstream filter to strip the ATMOS substream from TrueHD new enhancement wish git-master
#5283 Add bitstream filter to remove Closed Captions from h264 new enhancement wish git-master
#6299 Add option for filler / nal-hrd cbr to h264_vaapi encoder similar to the libx264 encoder new enhancement wish git-master
#6140 Add support for AMR-WB+ codec new enhancement wish git-master
#3191 Add support for G722.1 new enhancement wish git-master
#5235 Affinity Video (ImJG) samples open enhancement wish git-master
#5798 Allow h264 profile selection in ffmpeg when using omx new enhancement wish git-master
#1309 Android(NDK) cannot compile thumb mode new defect normal git-master
#5387 Artefacts decoding svq3 new defect normal git-master
#4122 Artefacts for damaged h264 stream reopened defect normal git-master
#845 Artefacts with Indeo 4 reopened defect normal git-master
#3085 Audio in broken transport stream can be decoded with other software open enhancement wish git-master
#4518 Bad pix_fmt decision if input is gray but only yuvj4xx is supported new defect minor git-master
#5995 Blockiness and ringing in prores4444 encoded video with alpha open defect normal git-master
#2908 Blue Lucy Media Player violates GPL and has --enable-nonfree new license violation normal unspecified
#5453 Broken h264 sample permanently damages decoder output new defect normal 3.0.2
#3803 Calculate actual bitrate of first frame when reading cbr dts reopened enhancement wish git-master
#4831 Can't initialize h264_qsv encoder post Aug 29 2015 - Ivy Bridge CPU reopened IvUs defect important git-master
#5213 Change Flags for MPEG files without reencode open enhancement wish git-master
#1081 Cinelerra HV60 open enhancement wish git-master
#1258 Codec support request : MPEG Multichannel Audio open enhancement wish git-master
#5802 Conversion from JPEG-SOF3(lossless) fails open defect normal git-master
#3675 Crash while trying to feed to ffserver new defect important git-master
#1643 Custom lock manager will cause multiple thread encoding deadlock new defect normal unspecified
#4815 DNxHD help output looks broken / is useless wrt framerates reopened defect minor git-master
#2035 DVD subtitle from VOB does not contain CodecPrivate data open defect normal git-master
#1308 Decoding SAFA / Philips .ZVR files open enhancement wish git-master
#5732 Display corruption on very high-bitrate H.264 files open defect minor git-master
#3854 Does hevc support ARM (VFP and NEON) optimization? open enhancement wish git-master
#5733 Dolby-E decoding open enhancement wish git-master
#4861 E-AC3 audio glitch : exponent out-of-range open defect normal git-master
#747 Enable AMV encoding for audio open enhancement wish git-master
#4641 Error decoding SILK frame open defect normal git-master
#5360 Errors shown when correctly decoding jpeg2000 frames new defect minor git-master
#691 Errors while decoding wmav2 stream open defect normal git-master
#5224 Excessive memory use in H.264 decoder with threading enabled open defect normal unspecified
#4488 Export whether or not a TrueHD stream has an ATMOS substream new enhancement wish git-master
#3729 FFMPEG should show warnings when FLAC encoder produce non-subset stream new enhancement wish git-master
#5548 FFV1 encoder creates invalid stream with -level 3 if width or height is between 1 and 3 open defect normal git-master
#3392 FFmpeg does not show video bitrates for H.264 video open enhancement wish git-master
#3921 Faster RDFT new enhancement wish git-master
#5092 Field order wrong for DV HD open defect normal git-master
#3690 Field-encoded MPEG-2 samples allow to seek to a non-key frame / show artefacts new defect important git-master
#5159 Fix YUV2 in AVI (wrong colors) new defect normal git-master
#5937 Flac decoding - sample/frame number mismatch in adjacent frames open defect minor git-master
#4142 Fourth Generation Vocoder new enhancement wish git-master
#4832 Freeze when scaling and encoding h264_qsv open IvUs defect important git-master
#3406 H.264 threaded decode error new defect normal git-master
#1522 H264 Support SP frames exactly open enhancement normal git-master
#4141 HEVC: 1920x1080i file decoded as 1920x540p open enhancement wish git-master
#6268 Hang when processing corrupt .webm file with -threads > 1 open defect important git-master
#5559 IFF ANIM: fix decoding artefacts (ANIM-J) new defect normal git-master
#5650 IFF ANIM: support decoding of interlaced Scala's anims open enhancement wish git-master
#6175 IFF Anims starting with audio don't show video open defect normal git-master
#5567 IFF ILBM: support multipalette images (PCHG) open defect normal git-master
#5561 Implement a tiff parser open enhancement wish git-master
#4409 Implement decoding for 10bit Grayscale (Y only) pixelformat from DPX open enhancement wish git-master
#5039 Incorrect TrueHD decoding new defect normal git-master
#5514 Interlaced HEVC Steam not Decoded Properly open defect normal git-master
#3262 Interlaced VC-1 flat spots on static scenes. open defect normal git-master
#502 Jumping frames (wrong presentation order) in QT for avi(h264)->mp4 streamcopy (missing h264 pts interpolation code) reopened defect normal git-master
#798 LEAD codecs not supported open enhancement wish git-master
#5746 LucasArts SANM/SMUSH video fails to decode open defect normal git-master
#5105 MPEG-4 asp corrupted after bitstream error open defect normal git-master
#5243 MPEG1 decoding error open defect normal git-master
#6345 MPEG2 decode error open defect normal git-master
#2909 Make dvbsubs more compliant among stb's new enhancement normal 1.2.2
#3585 Many decoding errors for pmp input new defect minor git-master
#4827 Many warnings shown when decoding j2k new defect minor git-master
#6152 Many warnings shown when decoding some latm samples new defect minor git-master
#5799 Memory psudo-leak when FF_API_CODED_FRAME enabled new defect important git-master
#1882 Multi-threading wmv encoder open enhancement wish git-master
#4773 Multidimensional Quantization needs aeons reopened enhancement wish git-master
#4638 Multithreaded FLAC encoding open enhancement wish git-master
#1885 Multithreaded decoding for vc1 new enhancement wish git-master
#604 Multithreaded ffmpeg decode with DXVA2 hangs new defect normal git-master
#4365 Multithreaded slice decoding in HEVC producing incorrect output new defect important git-master
#1691 New SN40 samples fail to decode new defect normal git-master
#3965 Non-sense best effort timestamp new defect normal unspecified
#5851 Option to remove tags from Closed Captions open defect minor git-master
#1857 PNG iTXt textual information chunk open enhancement wish git-master
#5852 ProRes Color range tags not working new defect normal git-master
#4894 Problem with -acodec copy and AAC VBR new defect minor git-master
#6073 QSV (h264) encodes via CPU instead of GPU new defect important git-master
#4658 QSV Decoding + Video Post Processing (VPP) support new enhancement normal git-master
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