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#5188 Damaged dvvideo makes overlay not stop on eof Cigaes, michael new defect important
#3954 Remuxing vorbis into AVI leads to very large files, michael new defect normal
#5067 crash on Mapping Multicast TV Stream to HLS with "Exactly one WebVTT stream is needed" as message, michael open defect important
#4831 Can't initialize h264_qsv encoder post Aug 29 2015 - Ivy Bridge CPU, michael reopened IvUs defect important
#110 MP4 Muxer gives incorrect frame duration with AAC michael reopened defect normal
#368 enable interface selection for udp multicast michael new enhancement wish
#430 Support for GMP4 variant of MPEG-4 ASP michael open enhancement wish
#437 ffplay seems to "darken" certain inputs (ex: bgr24) michael reopened enhancement wish
#443 -color_range AVOption appears to do nothing michael open defect normal
#912 mpegts muxer does not follow TS buffering requirements specified in iso13818-1 section michael open defect normal
#1323 avid dv codec (dv50 mode) decodes with visible artefacts michael open defect normal
#1446 Output via rtsp results in logs not displaying frame size nor bitrate michael new defect normal
#1485 Support for Quicktime CLEF/TAPT atoms michael open enhancement normal
#1486 stalls / pauses in video every 30 seconds. michael new defect normal
#1487 ffmpeg's mpeg mux bug(s) never fixed... michael new defect normal
#4469 DVB subtitles with multiple languages michael new enhancement wish
#4474 Some inline asm code does not compile on Haiku 32-bit with GCC 4 michael open defect normal
#4586 ffmpeg cannot re-stream yuvj420 h264 format video from ip camera michael new defect normal
#4684 jls: fix decoding of 12bpp "maximum allowed error: 255" michael open defect normal
#4852 Metadata stream of MPEG-2 file not being written out correctly. michael new defect normal
#4998 SanDisk Clip Sport/Jam is buggy, support generating "simpler" mp4 files that can be played by it. michael new enhancement normal
#5000 Skipping frames for GoPro videos recorder with Ambarella michael reopened defect important
#5090 fragmented mp4 have bad dts on video track michael open defect important
#5092 Field order wrong for DV HD michael new defect normal
#5124 Vobsub subtitles not burning with a certain file michael new defect normal
#5209 cfhd: crash with fuzzed file 2 michael reopened defect important
#5243 MPEG1 decoding error michael open defect normal
#5304 mpegts broken when using copy michael new defect important
#5348 hls url stopt after after a few seconds michael new defect important
#5507 ffplay crashes when decoding h265 over rtsp michael new defect important
#5525 hls_ts_options not applied to all ts packets michael new defect normal
#5526 Wrong Framerate detection when input DirectShow Filter michael new defect important
#5583 support for openmp of soxr michael new defect normal
#4861 E-AC3 audio glitch : exponent out-of-range michael,, open defect normal
#5579 Random green block artifacts when decoding H264 streams, reopened defect normal
#4178 Opus audio in MKV container, michael open vigneshvg defect important
#4252 demux vob unuseable video, michael new defect normal
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