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#929 AAC decoder does not respect request_channels open enhancement wish avcodec
#914 tiff: support "old style LZW" open enhancement wish avcodec
#912 mpegts muxer does not follow TS buffering requirements specified in iso13818-1 section open defect normal avformat
#868 chained ogg video streams not supported with threads >1 open enhancement wish undetermined
#845 Artefacts with Indeo 4 reopened defect normal avcodec
#819 ffmpeg fails to read an image if the image filename contains an accent (win32) open defect normal avformat
#798 LEAD codecs not supported open enhancement wish avcodec
#785 "HEADER ERROR" flooding with RM material open defect minor avcodec
#766 Extend ffmpeg's timecode extraction open enhancement normal avformat
#747 Enable AMV encoding for audio open enhancement wish avcodec
#742 zygo video codec decodes with visible graphic corruption open defect normal avcodec
#730 Encoded video plays too fast for network input open defect normal undetermined
#716 Shoutcast 2 metadata open enhancement wish avformat
#712 m2v: wrong duration open enhancement wish avformat
#709 Dolby pro logic IIx and IIz downmixing reopened enhancement wish swresample
#691 Errors while decoding wmav2 stream open defect normal avcodec
#667 Error when decoding TrueHD 1.0 track that also contains AC-3 open defect minor undetermined
#661 Support image range for iff open enhancement wish undetermined
#655 mms stream shows artefacts on codec change reopened defect normal undetermined
#638 add support for tiled TIFF open enhancement wish avcodec
#628 frame duplication doesnt work with raw h264 input (missing timestamp generation code) new michael defect normal undetermined
#615 ALSA buffer xrun open defect normal undetermined
#604 Multithreaded ffmpeg decode with DXVA2 hangs new defect normal avcodec
#502 Jumping frames (wrong presentation order) in QT for avi(h264)->mp4 streamcopy (missing h264 pts interpolation code) reopened defect normal avcodec
#443 -color_range AVOption appears to do nothing open defect normal documentation
#430 Support for GMP4 variant of MPEG-4 ASP open enhancement wish avcodec
#368 enable interface selection for udp multicast on ipv6 new enhancement wish avformat
#357 Trying to transcode a vbk file to wav open michael enhancement wish undetermined
#314 OpenAL device does not work on OS X open enhancement wish avdevice
#296 support seeking by decoding from the begin open enhancement wish undetermined
#244 rm muxer fails with frames larger than 64k byte open defect normal avformat
#232 amrnb dec: dtx mode not implemented. open enhancement wish avcodec
#128 svq1 decoder is somehow buggy reopened defect normal avcodec
#110 MP4 Muxer gives incorrect frame duration with AAC reopened defect normal avformat
#98 Channel reordering in pcm files open defect minor undetermined
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