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#6177 request: use the default bit rate values of afconvert when using audiotoolbox encoding new enhancement wish avcodec
#6190 Support Netscape HTTP Cookie files new enhancement wish avformat
#6198 qdrw: files fails to decode open enhancement wish avcodec
#6201 alimiter: support for compensating for attack-time-delay & side-chain version new enhancement wish avfilter
#6213 support for autodetecting the best program in hls new enhancement wish avformat
#6257 ffmpeg mapping audio/video streams separately by language new enhancement normal ffmpeg
#6262 tfs file - dvr 6000 series new enhancement wish avformat
#6269 WMV3 plus WMAv2 inside MOV fail open enhancement wish avformat
#6271 Treat HDV private streams as subtitles and convert to .srt new enhancement wish undetermined
#6272 FFMPEG .oma to .mp3 “Unsupported codec 5!” with a big file open enhancement wish avformat
#6279 can't request rgb24 (uvc over dshow, unknown compression type) new enhancement wish avdevice
#6299 Add option for filler / nal-hrd cbr to h264_vaapi encoder similar to the libx264 encoder new enhancement wish avcodec
#6329 asf file fails to play new enhancement wish avformat
#6337 Cannot build dll without version suffix on Windows. new enhancement wish build system
#6348 SRT - Secure Reliable Transport Protocol new enhancement wish avformat
#6358 ffmpeg requires constant output dimensions open enhancement wish ffmpeg
#6407 Add Android encoders support to MediaCodec implementation new enhancement wish avcodec
#6408 Support Cisco Mediasense mov files with two h.264 streams reopened enhancement wish avformat
#6419 MPEG-4 SLS audio codec not supported open enhancement wish avcodec
#6430 Ogg audio file not detected open enhancement wish avformat
#6435 don't give file exists error if the output is dev/null is specified as output file. new enhancement wish ffmpeg
#6468 ffmpeg doesn't maintain chapters when concatenating two MP4 files using the concat demuxer open enhancement wish avformat
#6495 Add low latency mode in nvcuvid/nvdecode new enhancement important avcodec
#6508 FFmpeg fails to detect embedded artwork in ALAC new enhancement wish avformat
#6521 HEIF support open mateo enhancement wish avformat
#6522 Hardcoded publish type of rtmp publishing new enhancement normal avformat
#6532 Autodetect cover art codec in mp3 open enhancement wish avformat
#6538 Add support for OnTextData packets on flv open enhancement wish avformat
#6568 Add support for DTS matrixed channel decoding open enhancement wish avcodec
#6575 Bitrate Atom MP4 enhancement reopened enhancement wish avformat
#6585 Transcode audio to ADPCM for XAudio new enhancement wish avcodec
#6615 ffplay prompeg playback new enhancement wish avformat
#6617 ffprobe feature request: add RFC 6381 string to stream metadata new enhancement wish ffprobe
#6636 Support H264/5 Streams with v4l2 outdev open enhancement wish avdevice
#6637 No debug info available when decoding HEVC open enhancement wish avcodec
#6639 video4linux2 (v4l2) add option to set bitrate for compressed video new enhancement wish avdevice
#6651 cut file without specifying codecs new enhancement wish ffmpeg
#6690 Raw Electronic Arts ADPCM support (.XA) open enhancement wish avformat
#6735 Vidstabtransform separate x,y axis maxshift value new enhancement wish avfilter
#6765 Support Canon CRAW new enhancement wish avcodec
#6800 Keep MOV tags in "meta" atom during transcode new enhancement wish avformat
#6803 Dynamic range compression for DTS decoder new enhancement wish avcodec
#6835 DVBSUB -> DVDSUB "blurring" new enhancement normal avcodec
#6843 PGS subtitle encoder new enhancement wish avcodec
#6845 -map 0:m:language:eng? new enhancement normal undetermined
#6853 Videotoolbox with multiple devices new enhancement wish avdevice
#6860 hvc1 instead of hev1 in FourCC new enhancement wish avformat
#6901 AAC cbr encoding new enhancement wish avcodec
#6929 Incorrect spacing in the realtime progress indicators in shell new enhancement wish ffmpeg
#6945 ffmpeg fails at jpeg EXIF orientation (test included) reopened enhancement wish avcodec
#6951 sendcmd does not work with drawbox new enhancement wish avfilter
#6978 Encode FLAC with seek points open enhancement wish avformat
#6985 Add support for FLIF animations and pictures open enhancement wish avcodec
#6995 Support USM format new enhancement wish avformat
#6998 [Feature Request] add IYU2 and Y410 to DShow/FFMPEG new enhancement wish avdevice
#7017 Automatic reservation for index space for matroska new enhancement wish avformat
#7033 dialnorm is unchanged with AC3 copy new enhancement wish avcodec
#7053 bitpacked codec too limited new enhancement wish avformat
#7059 Compile error in ffmpeg git master with opencv 3.4.1 new enhancement wish avfilter
#7061 Loudness histogram - like "showwavespic"-filter? new enhancement wish avfilter
#7077 Request for hqdn3d filter new enhancement wish avfilter
#7110 Recognize HEVC fourCC input open enhancement wish avformat
#7112 FFmpeg should support hwaccel to handle device lost issue new enhancement wish avcodec
#7127 FFmpeg does not display multi language chapter titles open enhancement wish avformat
#7140 minterpolate filter does not work on huge video files new enhancement wish avfilter
#7141 support repeat boolean in FFREPORT global var new enhancement normal undetermined
#7158 Send "Accept-Encoding: gzip" on .m3u8 HTTP requests new enhancement wish avformat
#7172 vc1 luma and chroma scaling is not supported new enhancement wish avcodec
#7185 Preserve codec delay/initial padding and trailing padding during muxing new enhancement wish avformat
#7190 feature request: program_opencl new parameter 'plane' new enhancement wish avfilter
#7191 Allow to set number of cpu cores for --enable-lto new enhancement wish build system
#7231 Cineform sample format 2 new enhancement wish avcodec
#7279 Support AAC celp new enhancement wish avcodec
#7280 dnxhdenc.c forces DNxHR HQX to 10-bit, but it should allow 12-bit new enhancement wish avcodec
#7285 Audiotoolbox: Support decoding HE-AAC new enhancement normal avcodec
#7286 Audiotoolbox: Support decoding Opus and FLAC new enhancement wish avcodec
#7292 Implement Feature: Stretch Subtitles Timing by Factor new enhancement wish avfilter
#7317 showinfo filter add metadata mode new enhancement wish avfilter
#7322 metadata,ID3,ontextdata,wowza,mp4 data get lost open enhancement wish avformat
#7337 FFmpeg not recognizing WebVTT subtitle stream from HLS playlist new enhancement wish avformat
#7339 HLS-Retry mechanism for HTTP-Upload segments new enhancement normal avformat
#7355 No MJPEG input with MMAL decoder new enhancement normal avcodec
#7362 Newline in subtitles: sub.ass - CRLF and - LF new enhancement wish avcodec
#7364 16-bit pixel formats support in vf_waveform filter new enhancement wish avfilter
#7368 showspectrumpic set background color? new enhancement wish avfilter
#7409 Does LAV support UTF16 tags when streaming SHOUTcast? new enhancement wish avformat
#7437 clap atom values ignored by ffmpeg new enhancement wish avformat
#7445 Jpeg2000 parser new enhancement wish avcodec
#7462 Select best cover art if multiple embedded new enhancement normal avformat
#7464 Videotollbox hardware acceleration method double displayed on macOS new enhancement minor undetermined
#7503 Support Dash Encrypted new enhancement normal avformat
#7507 hwupload: missing device platform new enhancement normal avfilter
#7511 FFmpeg Windows version with QSV hwaccel fails over TERMINAL new enhancement wish avcodec
#7520 ffmpeg -vstats_file content description open Gyan enhancement minor documentation
#7524 missing PCR timestamps in secondary streams with the MPEGTS muxer new enhancement normal avformat
#7541 dlopen() vdpau new enhancement wish avutil
#7560 Avid uncompressed 1:1 10bit only 8bit are read new enhancement wish avcodec
#7579 ID3 metadata not written in WAV new enhancement wish avformat
#7599 Add monochrome/gray pixel format to libaom-av1 new enhancement wish avcodec
#7615 Support converting *TO* AAX (Audible's proprietary format) reopened enhancement wish avformat
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