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#7579 ID3 metadata not written in WAV new enhancement wish avformat
#7587 Writing timecode track even with -dn specified new defect important undetermined
#7595 Cannot use rendezvous mode in SRT protocol new defect normal undetermined
#7599 Add monochrome/gray pixel format to libaom-av1 new enhancement wish avcodec
#7604 G.729B decoder not available. reopened defect normal undetermined
#7612 Crash of FFMPEG webp decoder open defect important avcodec
#7614 flac to mp3 conversion with -af volume=replaygain=[track|album] doesn't remove replaygain side data new defect normal undetermined
#7615 Support converting *TO* AAX (Audible's proprietary format) reopened enhancement wish avformat
#7620 avformat/tee: tee muxer with fifo incorrectly parse bsfs options new defect normal avformat
#7621 Add .avif support (AV1 Image File Format new enhancement wish avformat
#7623 Wrong interpretation of (m)jpeg aspect ratio reopened defect normal avcodec
#7637 movenc.c does not properly handle subtitle durations (including pauses) exceeding INT_MAX - 1 microseconds new defect normal avformat
#7639 Unable to do 'rtsp stream' when 'rtsp_flags listen' new defect normal undetermined
#7641 MOV demuxer hogs lots of memory for encrypted files new defect normal avformat
#7643 qsv decoding fails on Windows new defect normal undetermined
#7646 Loading Remote ffmpeg FMP4 HLS Streams Return Faulty Codec with Missing Pixel Format new defect normal undetermined
#7647 Cannot Copy TrueHD/Atmos Audio new defect normal avformat
#7651 Corrupted start of mp4 file after "-ss 0 -to XXX -c copy" open defect important undetermined
#7653 After upgrading libfdk-aac to 2.0.0, encoding fails new defect normal avcodec
#7654 hevc_amf does not honor -level option new defect minor avcodec
#7656 recording of .mpd list failed after 10 second recording new defect minor avformat
#7665 DJGPP: alignment silently reduced to 16 bytes with questionable reason new defect important avutil
#7669 avformat/mov.c : constant increase of memory usage when demuxing live fmp4 new defect normal avformat
#7671 Filters, add the RGB version of “chromahold” new enhancement wish avfilter
#7672 “cover_rect” filter, add the RGB support to the cover image new enhancement wish avfilter
#7673 Fails to play long (30+ hours) hls playlist new defect normal avformat
#7684 ffmpeg -ss: issue with one flac uncompressed open defect important avformat
#7686 Wrong decision of pixel format in filtergraph new defect normal avfilter
#7687 h264_omx can stall due to not handling fragmented frames correctly new defect normal avcodec
#7689 instance depth difference between external librtmp and builtin librtmp new defect normal avformat
#7690 FFmpeg QSV decode + VPP performance is just a fraction of what one gets with VA-API and MediaSDK new defect normal undetermined
#7691 GPU side format conversions working with MediaSDK and old i965 driver, fail with new iHD driver new defect normal undetermined
#7695 ffmpeg is ignoring -headers option new defect normal undetermined
#7706 20-30% perf drop in FFmpeg (H264) transcode performance with VAAPI open defect important avcodec
#7708 avcodec_receive_frame - get number of bytes consumed new enhancement wish avcodec
#7710 pkt_size on UDP output not fixed lenght new defect normal avformat
#7712 Check for multiple -filter options broken open defect normal ffmpeg
#7717 -disposition is broken for mka containers new defect normal ffmpeg
#7722 [FFmpeg-vaapi][mpeg2 decode] failed setup for format vaapi_vld: hwaccel initialisation returned error new defect normal undetermined
#7723 [FFmpeg-vaapi][vp8 decode] Failed to end picture decode issue: 23 (internal decoding error) new defect normal undetermined
#7724 [FFmpeg-vaapi] HEVC 4K/FHD to AVC 4K/FHD transcoding failed new defect normal undetermined
#7730 spdif: Allow muxing Pure Lossless DTS-HD new enhancement wish avformat
#7731 spdifenc: Too large TrueHD frame open enhancement wish avformat
#7732 parallel minimalistic build fails new defect normal build system
#7741 when use ndk bulid the 4.1 code occur error new defect minor avformat
#7745 RIST - Reliable Internet Stream Transport Protocol new enhancement wish avformat
#7746 nvenc HEVC -b_ref_mode produces invalid pts/dts new defect normal ffmpeg
#7749 removes silence but unwanted speed up or pitch up the output.wav new defect normal ffmpeg
#7752 Rotation metadata is not honored by crop filter in ffplay new defect normal ffplay
#7755 Fail if an output-only option is used as an input option open defect minor ffmpeg
#7756 add mastering display color volume and content light level information to hevc_metadata bitstream filter new enhancement wish avcodec
#7762 extracting subtitle stream fails new defect important avformat
#7764 Support for HW accelerated 10-bit -> 8-bit conversion support new enhancement wish undetermined
#7770 File playback will stop reopened defect normal avformat
#7774 ProRes Scanned Alpha omitting last run of a slice if it's length 0 new defect normal avcodec
#7777 cropdetect values cut too much new enhancement wish avfilter
#7779 mcdeint slow mode SIGFPE new defect important avfilter
#7781 Mangled character encoding in stderr on Windows new defect normal undetermined
#7784 ffmpeg/lavf changes the case of metadata keys new defect minor undetermined
#7787 Examples don't flush the decoder causing missing frames new defect normal documentation
#7791 Unprefixed defines new defect normal avutil
#7796 Android x86: "error: inline assembly requires more registers than available" when running make new defect normal build system
#7797 AVC->MPEG-2 transcoding with VA-API 2-3x slower than with QSV new defect normal undetermined
#7799 hevc_mp4toannexb filter inserts extradata wrong position new defect normal avcodec
#7800 ffmpeg fails to get the duration of some webm files new defect normal avformat
#7801 facebook https connection fails using ffmpeg with gnu-tls new defect normal avformat
#7803 Request: Parse some missing metadata for WAV file new enhancement normal avformat
#7804 ffmpeg exit code incorrect new defect normal undetermined
#7806 Input seeking seems result in incorrect duration of output file when seeking value is small with -codec copy new defect normal ffmpeg
#7807 use h264_redundant_pps error new defect normal avcodec
#7808 overlay_qsv fails to create qsvvpp new defect normal undetermined
#7815 Unable to seek after reaching end of RTSP Stream new defect normal undetermined
#7820 AV1 Encode fails to seek and encodes corrupted frames new defect normal avcodec
#7828 gapless playback (probably) doesn't work with AAC new defect normal undetermined
#7829 Wrong average framerate for H.264 in mxf new defect minor undetermined
#7830 Allocation size of input surface for qsv not takes into account alignment required by qsv new defect normal avutil
#7832 Compact items on man page new enhancement minor documentation
#7833 ffmpeg cant decode video file. new defect important avformat
#7835 crashes using crop with zscale new defect important undetermined
#7838 suggest a list_inputs option for the decklink demuxer new enhancement wish avdevice
#7839 QVBR breaks mpeg2_qsv new defect important avcodec
#7846 AAC -f lavfi or -filter_complex aevalsrc exceed the specified time new defect normal undetermined
#7851 two User-Agent headers appear in the result reopened defect normal undetermined
#7852 Cannot set User-Agent reopened defect normal undetermined
#7855 Last subtitle in MP4 is displayed forever reopened defect normal avformat
#7858 Incorrect function used in the avio_reading.c example new defect minor avformat
#7859 Wrong ARMovie audio codec detection new defect normal avformat
#98 Channel reordering in pcm files open defect minor undetermined
#430 Support for GMP4 variant of MPEG-4 ASP open enhancement wish avcodec
#615 ALSA buffer xrun open defect normal undetermined
#661 Support image range for iff open enhancement wish undetermined
#785 "HEADER ERROR" flooding with RM material open defect minor avcodec
#845 Artefacts with Indeo 4 reopened defect normal avcodec
#933 A/V desync when transcoding A/V files with timestamps non starting from 0 with -copyts reopened defect normal ffmpeg
#1081 Cinelerra HV60 open enhancement wish avcodec
#1170 asf sub index seeking open enhancement wish avformat
#1178 tiff enc: visible green dots with odd width and -pix_fmt yuv410p reopened defect normal avcodec
#1248 shorten: add duration info open enhancement wish avformat
#1286 qt tiff pal8 enc: wrong colors in qt open defect minor undetermined
#1304 rawvideo 8bpp: incorrect output with -vcodec copy reopened defect normal avformat
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