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#1670 -filter_complex doesn't handle well finite video + infinite audio new defect normal ffmpeg
#1799 movie: loop option doesn't seem to work open defect normal avfilter
#2559 Bad pixel format negociation with scale and gray open defect normal avfilter
#2851 support odd mpeg4 in avi open enhancement normal avcodec
#3156 Laggy a/v sync catch up after seeking with ffplay new defect normal ffplay
#3413 invalid read in swscale when converting from rgb24 to yuv420p open defect normal undetermined
#3954 Remuxing vorbis into AVI leads to very large files new defect normal undetermined
#6516 tsan symbols are broken with NASM new defect normal build system
#785 "HEADER ERROR" flooding with RM material open defect minor avcodec
#2007 buffer underflow flood while remuxing mpeg stream open defect minor avformat
#1430 More efficient deshake filter open flexman enhancement wish avfilter
#2391 VobSub muxer open enhancement wish avformat
#2563 selection and x11grab new enhancement wish avdevice
#3921 Faster RDFT new enhancement wish avcodec
#4364 Support for DNG (RAW) open enhancement wish avcodec
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