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#2496 seek swf file failed open defect normal undetermined
#2564 Tiled swf lossless frames are not decoded open enhancement wish avformat
#3280 Add dvdnav support open enhancement wish undetermined
#3664 ffprobe can't read packet DTS/PTS (regression since removal of dts_sync_point code) open defect important undetermined
#3672 av_read_frame failed after av_seek_frame(0) called new defect normal undetermined
#3677 av_read_frame after av_seek_frame failed (.rm) new defect normal avformat
#3680 can't seek to a key frame new defect normal undetermined
#3752 can't seek to specified position in asf stream open defect normal avformat
#3955 native vorbis encoder produces noise open defect wish avcodec
#6286 apng doesn't play correct new defect normal avcodec
#6991 incorrect frame readout after seek open defect important avcodec
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