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#1965 mmf: support correctly formats ma-3/5/7 adpcm smaf open defect normal
#5829 ADPCM SWF wave decode error, but directly decode *.flv right ADPCM SWF new defect normal
#7109 Means to specify the adpcm blocksize adpcm new enhancement normal
#747 Enable AMV encoding for audio adpcm_ima_amv open enhancement wish
#1325 pick suitable pcm encoder for wav container pcm_s24le pcm_dvd open enhancement wish
#1864 support 0x350 TwoCC (Micronas speech ADPCM codec) adpcm open enhancement wish
#4478 PlayStation 2 movie files not supported (.pss) mpegps adpcm new enhancement wish
#5842 "unsupported" mtaf file adpcm open enhancement wish
#6585 Transcode audio to ADPCM for XAudio ADPCM new enhancement wish
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