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#2600 print EXT-X-STREAM-INF and BANDWIDTH in output M3U8 hls segment m3u8 open enhancement wish
#2737 There are discontinuous phenomenon in playing HLS stream when changing another bitrate stream HLS open stevenliu enhancement wish
#2833 can't parse HLS subtitles and alternate audio hls new enhancement wish
#2886 HLS source with multiple variants is not optimally handled HLS new enhancement wish
#3101 Support mp3 in m3u videolan hls mp3 new enhancement wish
#3356 feature request: Segment HLS streams on SCTE 35 markers hls bounty open enhancement wish
#3493 ffmpeg unable to download when using AES-128 with https protocol hls new enhancement wish
#4244 Add BitRate Calculation under HLS Muxer hls new enhancement wish
#5375 Can't download a m3u playlist stream that uses AES encryption hls open enhancement wish
#5391 Allow option to use webproxy hls new enhancement wish
#5949 aviocat does not work for hls streams hls new enhancement wish
#6213 support for autodetecting the best program in hls hls new enhancement wish
#7337 FFmpeg not recognizing WebVTT subtitle stream from HLS playlist hls webvtt new enhancement wish
#7403 HLS Master Playlist fails being generated correctly hls reopened defect minor
#2576 Downloading HLS streams from fails after random time. hls new defect normal
#2617 Playback of HLS fails when one of the variant streams are down hls open defect normal
#2619 Unable to play HLS urls from hls new enhancement normal
#2703 when encountering a ENOSPC as a HLS streamer ffmpeg hangs without exiting hls new defect normal
#3268 CRLF problem with custom headers when playing hls streams on windows hls win new defect normal
#3483 live stream with a gopro (hero 3) hls new defect normal
#4048 segment: Handle WebVTT as per HLS spec hls webvtt new enhancement normal
#4668 Subtle HLS segmenting playback glitch hls new defect normal
#4733 HLS segmenting generates different EXT-X-TARGETDURATION values for different resolutions/framerates HLS TARGETDURATION new defect normal
#5295 Unusual bug when file name starts with leading %20 hls reopened defect normal
#5419 HLS EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY tag is not supported hls open defect normal
#5525 hls_ts_options not applied to all ts packets hls ts options new defect normal
#5692 problem with ":" sign in HLS / tee output hls tee new defect normal
#5845 HLS does not honour HTTP multiple_requests option HLS new defect normal
#5858 HLS single file playback broken when encryption enabled hls new defect normal
#5881 Allow writing subtitle only hls streams hls webvtt open enhancement normal
#5932 HLS decoding - buffering/skipping when for example #EXTINF:0.76, hls mpegts new defect normal
#5987 ffmpeg freezes while converting live stream to hls hls h264 new defect normal
#6215 Fairplay Encryption for HLS m3u8 feeds not supported HLS new task normal
#6295 Opening a hls source can time out becuase every item of the playlist is read hls new defect normal
#6338 http cookies not set when using proxy http, hls, proxy new defect normal
#6369 Memory leak on HLS segmenting without transcoding hls leak new defect normal
#6457 Encrypted HLS - wrong ranges in .m3u8 file HLS new defect normal
#6624 HLS-TVstream stoped after few minutes(every time after clip changing) hls reopened defect normal
#6673 fmp4/hls not working with remote paths fmp4 hls reopened defect normal
#6724 FFmpeg freezes while downloading an HLS stream hls deadlock new defect normal
#6850 Seeking to beginning of HLS stream fails hls dts seek new defect normal
#7021 ffmpeg with -hls_flags single_file return incorrect byterange in playlist hls new defect normal
#7023 mediastreamvalidator failed with "Error injecting segment data" hls new defect normal
#7085 MP4 HLS produce wrong m3u8 with the _init in the first segment with wrong duration hls new defect normal
#7159 recursive create segment folder with HLS muxer hls new task normal
#7235 Problem encoding a HLS source that uses fMP4 segment that uses systemtime timestamps hls new defect normal
#7281 fMP4 Single File Generation is excruciatingly slow hls new defect normal
#7313 hls_fmp4_init_filename not properly formated hls new defect normal
#7339 HLS-Retry mechanism for HTTP-Upload segments hls new enhancement normal
#7359 Seeking in an M3u8 fragmented MP4 playlist causes no frames to be sent to output hls seek open defect normal
#7400 cannot download m3u8 with parameters reconnect hls new defect normal
#7438 Transcoding multiple HLS outputs causes corruption in m3u8 index filename hls new defect normal
#7480 HEVC codec info string hls new defect normal
#7646 Loading Remote ffmpeg FMP4 HLS Streams Return Faulty Codec with Missing Pixel Format hls new defect normal
#7673 Fails to play long (30+ hours) hls playlist hls new defect normal
#7711 Segmenting with libopus produces incorrect segment durations in output playlist hls opus segment new defect normal
#7898 cannot download with reconnect parameters hls http new defect normal
#5067 crash on Mapping Multicast TV Stream to HLS with "Exactly one WebVTT stream is needed" as message webvtt hls crash SIGSEGV regression open defect important
#5914 FFmpeg not able to read a specific HLS stream hls mpegts regression open defect important
#6287 HLS: error with no sync m3u8 playlist file and chunks hls regression new defect important
#7034 HLS does not demux entire clip if start_time > 0 hls new defect important
#7049 HLS streaming crashes, when "http_persistent" option enabled crash hls http new defect important
#7138 Generating encrypted HLS segments with the fmp4 format results in a segfault hls new defect important
#7236 HLS stream input hangs hls mov regression new defect important
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