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#6149 VP6 corruption flv regression open defect important
#6977 Flash video stream not detected flv regression open defect important
#1731 libavformat muxers destroy initial timestamp offsets muxer timestamp flv avi new defect normal
#2085 h264 remuxed from flv to mov fails on Android (duplicated SPS) h264 flv mov open defect normal
#2283 Slow counter / incorrect duration for aac-in-flv videolan flv aac new defect normal
#2750 video buffer problem after cut video flv open defect normal
#2907 RTMPE Support rtmp, rtmpe, flv new defect normal
#3175 audio (aac) silently on streamcopy from mpegts to flv aac flv open defect normal
#3520 Remuxing from flv to swf breaks framerate flv swf new defect normal
#4398 FLV Sample muxing to mpegts and output file with no Video h264 flv mpegts open defect normal
#4912 While decoding an flv video av_codec_decode_video2 fails to decode the 2nd frame at first but succeeds after seeking. flv new defect normal
#5065 A/V desync for possibly broken flv input flv aac h264 new defect normal
#5604 read rtmp stream occur Packet mismatch rtmp flv new defect normal
#5663 cannot transcode flv (cannot find video stream) flv open defect minor
#2933 flv captions flv sub new enhancement wish
#3551 Wrong duration shown for some FLV files flv h264 duration open enhancement wish
#3581 HEVC video in FLV doesn't work flv hevc open enhancement wish
#3720 Support decoding of Xunlei XV file flv open enhancement wish
#4093 Support ign files created with lavf flv reopened enhancement wish
#6538 Add support for OnTextData packets on flv flv open enhancement wish
#7322 metadata,ID3,ontextdata,wowza,mp4 data get lost mov flv metadata open enhancement wish
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