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#5291 Wrong parsing when start time > end time in subtitles (.ass) ass regression open defect important
#7177 crash when using scale with dst_format on 10 bit HEVC source file libx264 crash assert reopened defect important
#3310 Missing Font cache messages when using libass? libass new defect normal
#4465 video filter ass does not load embedded font files ass new defect normal
#5756 Robustness issue with nul character in ASS subtitle streams ass mkv open defect normal
#6217 Ffmpeg ignores bitrate parameter when encoding with libxvid at 2nd pass ffmpeg libxvid dual pass new defect normal
#6270 libxvid duplicates 2 pass log file (and ignores both?) libxvid 2pass log new defect normal
#6562 FFmpeg's ass filter draw wrong shapes libass new defect normal
#1305 Embedded ASS subtitle support ass open enhancement wish
#3971 SSA in avi not detected avi ass sub open ubitux enhancement wish
#7362 Newline in subtitles: sub.ass - CRLF and - LF ass srt new enhancement wish
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