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#7372 [regression][eac3] Unable to parse channels information while compiling with ac3 decoder disabled. eac3 regression new defect important
#3661 Blu-Ray stream changes audio from ac-3 to dts mpegts ac3 open defect normal
#6207 Wrong mkv codec ID for ac3 with bitstream_id > 8 mkv ac3 new defect normal
#667 Error when decoding TrueHD 1.0 track that also contains AC-3 thd ac3 open defect minor
#3160 ac3 silently chooses 5.1(side) channel layout ac3 new defect minor
#3233 PSP PMF audio mpegps pmf atrac3 atrac3p videolan new enhancement wish
#3595 Support >6 channels in E-AC-3 audio encoder eac3 open enhancement wish
#5334 support atrac lossless atrac3 open enhancement wish
#7033 dialnorm is unchanged with AC3 copy ac3 new enhancement wish
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