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#5680 ./configure uses `pr`, which isn't provided by busybox new defect normal
#5690 Codec hevc_nvenc (GPU M4000) + HLS memory leak leak new defect normal
#5692 problem with ":" sign in HLS / tee output hls tee new defect normal
#5696 ffmpeg broken for AES-encrypted HLS stream with Accept-Encoding header http open defect normal
#5697 h264_omx (_rpi): transcoding displayed on screen new defect normal
#5702 RTP: missed while "second pass: moving the moov atom to the beginning of the file" in segmenter new defect normal
#5709 Using lavc option sar breaks muxing aspect open defect normal
#5713 Can't Recalculate the Timestamp of Fragmentary Video Streams new defect normal
#5721 bug in AviSynth reader avisynth new defect normal
#5722 there's no sound when ffplaying a mp4 fragment file -- dash mov aac open defect normal
#5737 ffmpeg unable to handle input frames of different sizes when setting input frame rate reopened defect normal
#5746 LucasArts SANM/SMUSH video fails to decode sanm open defect normal
#5749 File produced ffmpeg by stream copy reports audio (AAC) for the stream that should be video (MPEG2) mpegps open defect normal
#5750 ffmpeg generates rarerly PCR for mpegts with multiple video streams copy and muxrate specified. mpegts new defect normal
#5753 sanm: implement codec 37 compression 1 sanm new defect normal
#5756 Robustness issue with nul character in ASS subtitle streams ass mkv open defect normal
#5759 libopusenc: make surround masking and LFE optimizations default, optional and independent of mapping family libopus new enhancement normal
#5760 Error while generating VOD webm DASH manifest new defect normal
#5761 GOP inconsistencies when transcoding H.264 to MPEG2 MXF new defect normal
#5763 copy via HTTP with no transcode very slow for MOV vs. MP4 mov new defect normal
#5772 The ffplay.exe appears video mosaic and part of the audio loss problems when receiving some TS stream udp new defect normal
#5777 No support for coloured emoji with drawtext filter open defect normal
#5784 Regression: mkv encoder DTS discontinuity dts mkv edts mov regression new defect normal
#5787 OS X: Not possible to use videotoolbox in ffplay videotoolbox new defect normal
#5796 ffmpeg recognises but does not process subtitle stream dvbsub mpegts new defect normal
#5802 Conversion from JPEG-SOF3(lossless) fails ljpeg open defect normal
#5804 pan audio filter parser fails to correctly parse LFE2 channel identifier pan open defect normal
#5820 WMA Lossless 24-bit Distortions via RTSP udp rtsp new defect normal
#5822 filter "scale_npp" fails to select correct algorithm (Nvidia CUDA/NPP scaler) npp new defect normal
#5827 Remuxing file from Sony PXW-X70 to mov causes file with playback errors in Quicktime, Final Cut and Premiere mov h264 new defect normal
#5829 ADPCM SWF wave decode error, but directly decode *.flv right ADPCM SWF new defect normal
#5831 HDR Metadata in Encoding metadata, hdr new enhancement normal
#5832 Monitor fate for new failures and warnings new task normal
#5845 HLS does not honour HTTP multiple_requests option HLS new defect normal
#5850 Using Hauppauge HD-PVR fails (streaming I/O) v4l2 open defect normal
#5858 HLS single file playback broken when encryption enabled hls new defect normal
#5879 Remove all metadata does not work with MKV files mkv regression new defect normal
#5881 Allow writing subtitle only hls streams hls webvtt open enhancement normal
#5885 32bit ppc fate client fateclient open task normal
#5889 FFmpeg doesn't record virtual screen via Jenkins gdigrab new defect normal
#5900 alsa/pulse grab cuts last 2 seconds of audio pulseaudio new defect normal
#5910 AAC to PCM conversion inserts extra silence in the beginning aac mov new defect normal
#5919 jpeg2000: wrong pixel format selected for "digital cinema" file j2k new defect normal
#5922 Can't access pin through DirectShow input dshow new defect normal
#5932 HLS decoding - buffering/skipping when for example #EXTINF:0.76, hls mpegts new defect normal
#5934 Bad timing when extracting Teletext Subtitles from concatenated files new defect normal
#5935 Duration glitch and seek offset problems with transcodes to h264/aac/mp4 duration h264 mov new defect normal
#5939 Bad timing with Teletext subtitles, when concatenating 2 DVB files new defect normal
#5943 mpeg-4 als: "Overread 8" with 8bit file als open defect normal
#5948 Encrypted HLS stream lead to broken files new defect normal
#5951 Problem with accurate seeking seeking new defect normal
#5952 range requests missing if-match header http new defect normal
#5954 Audio is not in sync with video, (In: rtmp audio + rtmp video, Out: rtmp mix) reopened defect normal
#5966 ffmpeg/ffplay specify (H)DV camera's using iec61883 -dvguid option broken or wrong syntax? iec61883 new defect normal
#5969 Closed Captions broken with h264_qsv encoder cc QSV new defect normal
#5978 FFprobe calculates timecode wrong with mp4 ntsc framerates timecode mov new defect normal
#5979 Fix for OpenCl & OpenGL on OSX opencl,opengl,osx new defect normal
#5987 ffmpeg freezes while converting live stream to hls hls h264 new defect normal
#5993 Not written DecoderSpecificInfo with aac_adtstoasc bsf and empty_moov flags new defect normal
#6006 FPS filter stutters when converting framerate fps reopened defect normal
#6008 Problem attaching a picture to an mp3 with id3v2 version 4 mp3 id3v2 new defect normal
#6011 Videotoolshed violates FFmpeg copyrights new license violation normal
#6013 XSUBs end time ignored when overlaying as Hard Subs new defect normal
#6025 prores encoder does not write interlacement data in the stream prores new defect normal
#6029 FATE style overflows and hides it new defect normal
#6035 wmavoice: files decodes incorrectly wmavoice open defect normal
#6036 sipr: improve decoding of 16khz 16kbps mode sipr open defect normal
#6039 FATE's HTML is too big when there are a lot of failures open defect normal
#6071 loudnorm filter always returns LRA of 0.0 LU with short files (less than ~3 seconds) loudnorm new defect normal
#6077 openCL cannot be run simultaneously with h264_qsv ? openCL, qsv new defect normal
#6080 Invalid negative granulepos on Ogg Theora packets reported as wildly large DTS ogg,theora new defect normal
#6086 ffmpeg-hi is violating the GPL new license violation normal
#6088 h264 decoder produces deprecated pixel format new defect normal
#6092 FFMpeg cannot deal the http streamed file http new defect normal
#6098 qcelp: "IFQ: Badly received packets in frame." qclp new defect normal
#6101 webvtt output has seconds as milliseconds webvtt new defect normal
#6103 When trying to set the audio track metadata language to 'und' (undefined) ffmpeg switches to 'eng' (English) metadata new defect normal
#6105 Closed captions not exported from mpeg2video cc new defect normal
#6114 Vsync behaviour when used along with -ss vsync new defect normal
#6118 ffmpeg fails with error "max delay reached. need to consume packet" h264 rtsp new defect normal
#6128 Using the concat demuxer with images and specified duration directives produces wrong duration new defect normal
#6131 Splitting and then merging h264 .MOV produces corrupted video new defect normal
#6142 concat with safe 0 don't work if another list is included new defect normal
#6143 isn't memory released when using core image filter of ffmpeg? new defect normal
#6156 Issue with FFMPEG ALSA CPU usage alsa reopened defect normal
#6165 FFMPEG UDP stream broken with DVB_SUBTITLE's mpegts dvbsub new defect normal
#6167 ffmpeg subtitles to overlay by language new enhancement normal
#6175 IFF Anims starting with audio don't show video iff anim open defect normal
#6192 bus error core dump in swscale optimizations on arm crash new defect normal
#6193 GPS coordinates getting lost after encoding new defect normal
#6197 qdrw: fix decoding of 4bpp (lead) new defect normal
#6207 Wrong mkv codec ID for ac3 with bitstream_id > 8 mkv ac3 new defect normal
#6212 Memory leak on Ubuntu 16.04 leak new defect normal
#6215 Fairplay Encryption for HLS m3u8 feeds not supported HLS new task normal
#6216 TrueHD encoder creates non bitexact files thd new defect normal
#6217 Ffmpeg ignores bitrate parameter when encoding with libxvid at 2nd pass ffmpeg libxvid dual pass new defect normal
#6219 When h264_omx used, cannot start streaming client after server new defect normal
#6224 signed integer overflow in decode_coeffs_b_generic() vp9 ubsan open defect normal
#6225 FFMPEG leaks memory in iOS devices leak new defect normal
#6229 rv30: decoding errors and artefacts rv30 open defect normal
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