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#5093 Accurate seek not possible with MPEG program stream and transport sream seek open defect normal
#5097 XDCAM HD422 mxf new defect normal
#5105 MPEG-4 asp corrupted after bitstream error asp open defect normal
#5107 av_interleave_write_frame() unknow error and crash ffmpeg execution. It seems there is 2 minutes timeout. new defect normal
#5124 Vobsub subtitles not burning with a certain file dvdsub new defect normal
#5132 signed integer overflow in avformat_find_stream_info() ubsan codecpar new defect normal
#5134 signed integer overflow in weight_h264_pixels4_9_c() h264 ubsan new defect normal
#5141 Eltima violates GPL reopened license violation normal
#5143 subtitle seek and end time doesn't handle subtitles active at boundaries new defect normal
#5144 Wrong video length after conversion regression new defect normal
#5147 mov: wrong output after remuxing avid open defect normal
#5159 Fix YUV2 in AVI (wrong colors) new defect normal
#5164 clang fails fft compilation for android-arm android osx arm new defect normal
#5165 broken output with odd-sized rawvideo 32bpp (mov) mov open defect normal
#5184 Incorrect pts at start of avi file avi dts open defect normal
#5191 no constant frame rate with MP4 to TS conversion new defect normal
#5192 Unplayable mpeg ts after converting mp3 to mp4 with image and then converting mp4 to mpeg ts new defect normal
#5195 v210 with odd size v210 open defect normal
#5197 Issues receving rtp_mpegts sources rtp new defect normal
#5203 The createdate exif tag gets wiped affter running ffmpeg on a mp4 file mov creation_time new defect normal
#5206 native aac encoder strange artifacts aac new defect normal
#5207 Non-mjpeg file with fourcc MSC2 avi new defect normal
#5212 Can't seek while using -re and -ss at the same time open defect normal
#5223 avcodec_find_best_pix_fmt_of_list depends on the order? new defect normal
#5224 Excessive memory use in H.264 decoder with threading enabled h264 open defect normal
#5227 H265 nvenc HLS stream nvenc bounty new defect normal
#5236 concat demuxer isn't working concat new defect normal
#5239 support options for MPEGTS muxer when using RTP_MPEGTS rtp_mpegts new enhancement normal
#5243 MPEG1 decoding error mpeg2video open defect normal
#5245 Video on SDI output of DeckLink freezes new defect normal
#5254 In vidstabdetect filter the shakiness and the stepsize options do not work libvidstab new defect normal
#5260 Issue while Playing Media File with RTSP Url using FFPLAY dts new defect normal
#5265 SmartCutter violates FFmpeg license new license violation normal
#5266 Incorrect sdp file format and rtp timestamps when sending multicast streams rtp new defect normal
#5270 avid jpeg2000: 1980x1080 decodes as 1980x540 mov j2k open defect normal
#5273 adpcm_swf: 11khz mode decodes as 5khz new defect normal
#5278 Osprey Ceylon violates the GPL and use nonfree new license violation normal
#5279 ffmpeg cannot link with --enable-libmfx and --toolchain=msvc qsv new defect normal
#5288 FFmpeg -progress url Isn't working new defect normal
#5295 Unusual bug when file name starts with leading %20 hls reopened defect normal
#5308 dvbsubtitles always uses page_id of 1 dvbsub mpegts open defect normal
#5309 Seek doesn't work in some .mp4 files h264 mov seek new defect normal
#5310 mpegts demuxer ignores the amount of samples it should drop from the last Opus frame opus mpegts new defect normal
#5327 TellyVisuals violates the GPL new license violation normal
#5328 dvbsubtitles re encoding dvbsub new defect normal
#5336 FFmpeg fails to stream copy Autodesk Animator video flic pal8 new defect normal
#5379 -ss option does not work for stream selection new defect normal
#5387 Artefacts decoding svq3 svq3 new defect normal
#5393 Option to select the Intel Quick Sync GPU device adapter for encoding qsv gpu device id new enhancement normal
#5396 ffmpeg don`t close program if -t or -to used with -map 0 open defect normal
#5398 non-Latin characters in Windows console new defect normal
#5399 Dealing with duplicated multicast RTP packets duplicate RTP new enhancement normal
#5405 ffv1 in 2 pass mode creates corrupted files when bit depth > 8 ffv1 open defect normal
#5406 adpcm_vima: problem with stereo files smush open defect normal
#5413 Image size, pixel format cannot be detected ( 0x0,-1 ) for short h264 video mpegts h264 open defect normal
#5415 Incorrect timestamps when using seek OR segment muxer for mp4 new defect normal
#5416 A/V desync with FFplay desync videolan new defect normal
#5419 HLS EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY tag is not supported hls open defect normal
#5423 Wrong duration_ts from mpeg-ts file by avformat_find_stream_info() mpegts h264 new defect normal
#5425 improve iac decoder iac open defect normal
#5431 ffmpeg's native WebP muxer always sets ALPHA_FLAG to be true in VP8X chunk webp new defect normal
#5433 Last frames are dropped while decoding with qsv decoder qsv new defect normal
#5450 MPEG2 -ss X with -frames:v 1 result in duplicate images new defect normal
#5452 ssegment muxer reset continuity counters on each segment regardless of reset_timestamps option value segment, ssegment new defect normal
#5453 Broken h264 sample permanently damages decoder output h264 regression new defect normal
#5456 Videos produced with -shortest are longer than the audio new defect normal
#5457 mp3 delay issue mp3 avi new defect normal
#5468 on2avc (0x0501): improve decoding of stereo modes on2avc open defect normal
#5475 Srt decoder does not handle improperly nested tags new defect normal
#5479 h264 re-encoding to flv rtmp protocol "Invalid data found when processing input" "PES packet size mismatch" new defect normal
#5481 g723 in au: fix decoding new defect normal
#5482 g721 (g726): fix audiable artefacts g726 open defect normal
#5502 wmv3 video track produced by GoToMeeting is transcoded to 1000 FPS h264 asf mov new defect normal
#5503 AV_DISPOSITION_FORCED not set for mov_text mov mov_text new defect normal
#5504 Interlaced xdcam mov tags are not used mov new defect normal
#5512 Audio Out of Sync after transcode new defect normal
#5514 Interlaced HEVC Steam not Decoded Properly hevc open defect normal
#5523 mjpeg: fix decoding of lead jpeg lossless mjpeg open defect normal
#5525 hls_ts_options not applied to all ts packets hls ts options new defect normal
#5530 compile error with --enable-opengl on osx osx new defect normal
#5533 Unable to decode some H.264 stream on seeking H264 seek open defect normal
#5536 Segmentation fault (core dumped) on large file libx265 crash reopened defect normal
#5539 Another srt subtitle parsing failure new defect normal
#5548 FFV1 encoder creates invalid stream with -level 3 if width or height is between 1 and 3 FFV1 open defect normal
#5551 av_bsf_send_packet can't take ownership on not reference-counted packets new defect normal
#5555 avfilter_graph_parse_ptr fails on windows when using full path names new defect normal
#5559 IFF ANIM: fix decoding artefacts (ANIM-J) new defect normal
#5567 IFF ILBM: support multipalette images (PCHG) iff open defect normal
#5572 Rewrapping NTSC MOV to AVI, results in 60000/1001 fps fps avi mov new defect normal
#5578 Disabling Icy-Metadata header not working http new defect normal
#5581 vp6: support decoding of interlaced video vp6 open defect normal
#5594 Incorrect documentation for: av_find_best_pix_fmt_of_2() new defect normal
#5604 read rtmp stream occur Packet mismatch rtmp flv new defect normal
#5616 ffmpeg fails to parse valid PMT with SCTE 0xC0 extensions mpegts new defect normal
#5617 Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer (TS) mpegts dvbsub av_interleaved_write_frame open defect normal
#5635 a12v: support alpha a12v open defect normal
#5637 Wrong polarity for mjpeg in avi mjpeg new defect normal
#5641 Support WebVTT according to MKV specs webvtt mkv open defect normal
#5642 Qmin Qmax with MPEG2 Encoding new defect normal
#5662 Enhancement request for the detelecine filter detelecine open defect normal
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