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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Priority
#4895 Pause/Resume encoding on I/O Error new enhancement wish
#4902 No moving of the moov atom when fragmenting new defect normal
#4905 Splitting a flac file using -ss and -t creates chunks with wrong duration flac open defect normal
#4907 Support decoding animated WebP images webp open enhancement wish
#4908 Memory leak in ff_img_read_header() with custom io leak new defect normal
#4912 While decoding an flv video av_codec_decode_video2 fails to decode the 2nd frame at first but succeeds after seeking. flv new defect normal
#4916 AAC decoder generates noise if compiled on OSX 10.10.3 aac osx nasm reopened defect minor
#4929 RTSP protocol not sending TEARDOWN packet rtsp new defect normal
#4934 nut container can't hold qtrle nut open enhancement wish
#4937 memory leak in muxing.c leak new defect normal
#4944 -r output option misguiding documentation fps open defect minor
#4947 libx264/265 encoder "parameter unknown" is a warning rather than an error libx264 libx265 open enhancement wish
#4948 ffmpeg overlay not stitching videos in order of pts overlay new defect normal
#4951 Different frame rate using ts and mov containers h264 mov mpegts reopened defect normal
#4954 joint stereo indicator missing from mp3 headers mp3 new defect normal
#4955 Converting H.264 Video in MPEG-TS container doubles tbc h264 mpegts new defect normal
#4973 Changing video bit depth resets drawtext timecode new defect normal
#4974 Cannot download HLS streams (.m3u8 files) with "-codec copy" in latest versions new defect normal
#4976 BK2 format support bk2 open enhancement wish
#4984 ffmpeg amerge and amix filter delay when working with RTSP RTSP new defect normal
#4988 Dequeued v4l2 buffer contains corrupted data (0 bytes). v4l2 new defect normal
#4992 fragmented ismv to mp4 muxing produces unreadable file new defect normal
#4993 Buffer queue overflow, dropping. when ovelaying new defect normal
#4995 Error when inserting sidx atoms mov new defect normal
#4996 QuickView Pro not respecting section 4 of the GNU LGPL new license violation normal
#4998 SanDisk Clip Sport/Jam is buggy, support generating "simpler" mp4 files that can be played by it. aac mov regression new enhancement normal
#5000 Skipping frames for GoPro videos recorder with Ambarella h264 regression reopened defect important
#5005 monitor index alias for gdigrab input specification as handy alternative in multimonitors environments gdigrab new enhancement wish
#5010 Capitalization not preserved in map_metadata new defect normal
#5011 ffmpeg native RTMP protocol implementation fails to parse app and playpath from some Wowza URIs rtmp librtmp new defect normal
#5012 Jpeg2000 streaming over RTP j2k rtp open enhancement wish
#5018 incorrect PTS/DTS on first frame of RTSP stream rtsp h264 new defect normal
#5023 Can no longer read mjpeg from Mobotix camera mjpeg mpjpeg regression reopened defect important
#5027 avcodec_free_context frees extradata new defect normal
#5033 Incorrect duration when converting WAV/MP3 files to AAC with -shortest aac, shortest open defect normal
#5046 rtsp stream cannot be read rtsp h264 open defect normal
#5053 Cannot select sample rate for the link between filters audio format new defect normal
#5058 the concat filter does not respect the audio delay of the second segment open defect normal
#5067 crash on Mapping Multicast TV Stream to HLS with "Exactly one WebVTT stream is needed" as message webvtt hls crash SIGSEGV regression open defect important
#5075 Duration of M4A file is wrong? new defect normal
#5078 FFMPEG "loop=0" value results in warnings and extremely long runtime new defect normal
#5079 rtmp stream ping recursion, timeout not work, interrupt_callback not working rtmp new defect normal
#5080 Excessive HTTP GETs reading MP4 from web server http mov open enhancement wish
#5081 A wish for ffmpeg to be able to reference input properties new enhancement wish
#5083 Conversion from yuv410p to rgb24 looks wrong open defect normal
#5086 Option 'analyzeduration' not respected when using concat demuxer concat new defect normal
#5088 copying mpegts file fails for h264 video mpegts h264 open defect normal
#5090 fragmented mp4 have bad dts on video track mov regression open defect important
#5091 Icecast SSL support (icecast:// is http-only) new defect normal
#5092 Field order wrong for DV HD dvvideo open defect normal
#5093 Accurate seek not possible with MPEG program stream and transport sream seek open defect normal
#5097 XDCAM HD422 mxf new defect normal
#5105 MPEG-4 asp corrupted after bitstream error asp open defect normal
#5107 av_interleave_write_frame() unknow error and crash ffmpeg execution. It seems there is 2 minutes timeout. new defect normal
#5112 Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream 1 new defect minor
#5124 Vobsub subtitles not burning with a certain file dvdsub new defect normal
#5132 signed integer overflow in avformat_find_stream_info() ubsan codecpar new defect normal
#5134 signed integer overflow in weight_h264_pixels4_9_c() h264 ubsan new defect normal
#5143 subtitle seek and end time doesn't handle subtitles active at boundaries new defect normal
#5144 Wrong video length after conversion regression new defect normal
#5166 Add Bitstream Filter to drop frames from image-based video streams with -codec copy new enhancement wish
#5170 Input option -r has no effect with -vcodec copy fps open enhancement wish
#5184 Incorrect pts at start of avi file avi dts open defect normal
#5191 no constant frame rate with MP4 to TS conversion new defect normal
#5192 Unplayable mpeg ts after converting mp3 to mp4 with image and then converting mp4 to mpeg ts new defect normal
#5197 Issues receving rtp_mpegts sources rtp new defect normal
#5203 The createdate exif tag gets wiped affter running ffmpeg on a mp4 file mov creation_time new defect normal
#5212 Can't seek while using -re and -ss at the same time open defect normal
#5213 Change Flags for MPEG files without reencode mpeg2video aspect open enhancement wish
#5223 avcodec_find_best_pix_fmt_of_list depends on the order? new defect normal
#5224 Excessive memory use in H.264 decoder with threading enabled h264 open defect normal
#5227 H265 nvenc HLS stream nvenc bounty new defect normal
#5231 Crashes in ff_deblock_v_luma_8_sse2 h264 crash SIGSEGV reopened defect important
#5236 concat demuxer isn't working concat new defect normal
#5239 support options for MPEGTS muxer when using RTP_MPEGTS rtp_mpegts new enhancement normal
#5243 MPEG1 decoding error mpeg2video open defect normal
#5245 Video on SDI output of DeckLink freezes new defect normal
#5254 In vidstabdetect filter the shakiness and the stepsize options do not work libvidstab new defect normal
#5260 Issue while Playing Media File with RTSP Url using FFPLAY dts new defect normal
#5265 SmartCutter violates FFmpeg license new license violation normal
#5266 Incorrect sdp file format and rtp timestamps when sending multicast streams rtp new defect normal
#5272 videotoolbox fails to initialize for mpeg2, mpeg4 codec videotoolbox regression open defect important
#5278 Osprey Ceylon violates the GPL and use nonfree new license violation normal
#5279 ffmpeg cannot link with --enable-libmfx and --toolchain=msvc qsv new defect normal
#5281 FFmpeg doesn't care about existing output file win open defect important
#5285 Missing subtitle format. ISMT mov sub new enhancement wish
#5286 ffmpeg -hwaccel vdpau limited to h264 level 4.1 since avconv_vdpau: use the hwcontext API to simplify code vdpau regression new defect important
#5288 FFmpeg -progress url Isn't working new defect normal
#5291 Wrong parsing when start time > end time in subtitles (.ass) ass regression open defect important
#5295 Unusual bug when file name starts with leading %20 hls reopened defect normal
#5308 dvbsubtitles always uses page_id of 1 dvbsub mpegts open defect normal
#5309 Seek doesn't work in some .mp4 files h264 mov seek new defect normal
#5310 mpegts demuxer ignores the amount of samples it should drop from the last Opus frame opus mpegts new defect normal
#5328 dvbsubtitles re encoding dvbsub new defect normal
#5336 FFmpeg fails to stream copy Autodesk Animator video flic pal8 new defect normal
#5338 Implement -h, -h long, -h full in ffplay to match ffmpeg cli help open enhancement wish
#5356 Segmentation fault crash new defect important
#5361 support for the options of decoding quality of videotoolbox videotoolbox osx open enhancement wish
#5362 SMPTE 292M EIA-608 and EIA-708 Closed Captioning mxf cc new enhancement wish
#5366 Support for Audio Filtering of Core Audio of OSX audiotoolbox osx open enhancement wish
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