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#7564 hwdownload fails when size changes hwdownload new defect normal
#7507 hwupload: missing device platform hwupload, hwaccel new enhancement normal
#5425 improve iac decoder iac open defect normal
#6339 Win32 build is failed when using ICL icl regression new defect important
#3125 \\ 'separator' in id3tag causes unwanted truncation of ffprobe output id3 ogg reopened defect normal
#3073 Allow idet to identify telecined content idet pullup open enhancement wish
#5966 ffmpeg/ffplay specify (H)DV camera's using iec61883 -dvguid option broken or wrong syntax? iec61883 new defect normal
#661 Support image range for iff iff open enhancement wish
#1048 add IFF ILBM encoder and muxer iff open enhancement wish
#5567 IFF ILBM: support multipalette images (PCHG) iff open defect normal
#5632 add support for IFF YAFA iff open enhancement wish
#5650 IFF ANIM: support decoding of interlaced Scala's anims iff open enhancement wish
#6175 IFF Anims starting with audio don't show video iff anim open defect normal
#2956 Support ifv cctv files ifv h264 new enhancement wish
#1452 image2 to support %t image2 reopened enhancement wish
#6113 Seek to 0 jpeg image input file image causes eof of the input stream image2 seek mjpeg regression open defect important
#819 ffmpeg fails to read an image if the image filename contains an accent (win32) image2 win32 open defect normal
#6581 ffmpeg refuses to process Indeo3 resolutions not a multiple of 4. indeo3 regression open defect important
#845 Artefacts with Indeo 4 indeo4 reopened defect normal
#6478 Intel QSV: H.264 level is ignored intel, qsv, level, h264_qsv, h.264 new defect normal
#6953 http(s) hls - the interrupt callback is not copied from parent avctx interrupt new defect important
#6529 interrupt_callback not working interrupt callback new defect normal
#6324 Cannot compile ffmpeg 3.3 and latest master for arm64 for iOS ios reopened defect normal
#1349 itsoffset doesn't work for second input file (audio) itsoffset reopened defect normal
#4601 jpeg2000: Support for image offsets is not implemented j2k new enhancement wish
#4610 Unsupported jpeg 2000 marker 0xFF61 j2k new enhancement wish
#4653 jpeg2000: -M 1 mode is not lossless (compared to openjpeg) j2k open defect minor
#4669 jpeg2000: fix decoding of precints 2 j2k open defect normal
#4679 jpeg2000: "Block length 74 or lengthinc 256 is too large" j2k open defect normal
#4681 Reference sample p0_03.j2k (ROI) shows artefacts j2k new defect normal
#4827 Many warnings shown when decoding j2k j2k new defect minor
#5919 jpeg2000: wrong pixel format selected for "digital cinema" file j2k new defect normal
#7004 Documentation: please clarify jpeg2000 encoding quality range j2k open defect minor
#5 jp2k muxed into mov by FFmpeg can't be played by QuickTime j2k mov roundup open defect normal
#5360 Errors shown when correctly decoding jpeg2000 frames j2k regression new defect minor
#5012 Jpeg2000 streaming over RTP j2k rtp open enhancement wish
#7445 Jpeg2000 parser j2k videolan new enhancement wish
#6656 jack output support jack new enhancement wish
#2779 jpegls: support YCbCr 2:1:1 color transform jpegls open enhancement wish
#3479 jpegls: support sample interleaved images jpegls open defect wish
#4394 jls: support lossy pal1-7 jpegls open defect normal
#4684 jls: fix decoding of 12bpp "maximum allowed error: 255" jpegls open defect normal
#3527 jpegls: support cmyk jpegls cmyk open enhancement wish
#6282 Wrong bitrate information on produced .mp3 when using default options lame mp3 regression open defect important
#1357 Memleak when avformat_open_input used together with avio_context leak new defect normal
#2716 Memory leak at avformat_new_stream leak reopened defect minor
#3194 valgrind leak on example package (leaking global lock manager mutex at exit) leak open defect minor
#4908 Memory leak in ff_img_read_header() with custom io leak new defect normal
#4937 memory leak in muxing.c leak new defect normal
#5690 Codec hevc_nvenc (GPU M4000) + HLS memory leak leak new defect normal
#5714 Memory leak using AVStream leak new defect important
#6212 Memory leak on Ubuntu 16.04 leak new defect normal
#6225 FFMPEG leaks memory in iOS devices leak new defect normal
#7084 Memory leak in libavfilter/graphparser.c leak new defect normal
#7385 Memory leak using decode vp8 leak new defect normal
#7394 Small memory leak if slice threading initialization fails leak new defect minor
#7265 The v4l2m2m decoder leaks memory: avpkt in v4l2_receive_frame is never freed leak v4l2m2m new defect normal
#7358 Unable to use Lensfun lensfun new defect important
#7189 AV1 missing bitrate control libaom new defect normal
#7456 aomdec decodes video faster than libaom-av1 decoder in ffmpeg libaom new defect normal
#7599 Add monochrome/gray pixel format to libaom-av1 libaom new enhancement wish
#3310 Missing Font cache messages when using libass? libass new defect normal
#6562 FFmpeg's ass filter draw wrong shapes libass new defect normal
#3815 libcdio only works with -ss 00 libcdio regression open defect important
#6683 Transport library initialization error in libfdk_aac when using aac_eld profile libfdk-aac open defect minor
#7653 After upgrading libfdk-aac to 2.0.0, encoding fails libfdk-aac new defect normal
#2653 DCP-compatible output with libopenjpeg encoder libopenjpeg j2k xyz reopened enhancement wish
#7916 Incorrect seeking for module formats libopenmpt, seeking new defect normal
#6801 libavformat/tls_openssl.c: implicit declaration of function 'BIO_meth_*' libopenssl reopened defect normal
#5759 libopusenc: make surround masking and LFE optimizations default, optional and independent of mapping family libopus new enhancement normal
#7028 Improper rounding of output sample rate when using libopus libopus new defect normal
#5718 ffmpeg not remapping channels for libopus automatically libopus regression open defect important
#4197 libspeex detection is broken on systems without pkg-config libspeex regression new defect important
#7595 Cannot use rendezvous mode in SRT protocol libsrt new defect normal
#7648 rw_timeout not working with libsrt libsrt timeout new defect normal
#7512 FFMPEG/FFPLAY LIBSRT Caller does not reconnect on sender reset libsrt, reconnect new defect normal
#5254 In vidstabdetect filter the shakiness and the stepsize options do not work libvidstab new defect normal
#6734 vidstabtransform bicubic interpolation issue libvidstab new defect normal
#6735 Vidstabtransform separate x,y axis maxshift value libvidstab new enhancement wish
#6816 Combine "vidstabdetect" or "vidstabtransform" with scene detection libvidstab new enhancement wish
#6275 mov to libvorbis conversion fails libvorbis regression open defect important
#3307 -level AVoption does not set refs with libx264 libx264 reopened defect normal
#3947 Inconsistent and confusing setting of refs with libx264 libx264 open defect minor
#4865 Using .mp4-files/libh264 with API Examples libx264 new defect normal
#7396 libavcodec: uses dynamic libx264 by default libx264 reopened defect minor
#7500 memory leak libx264 new defect normal
#7556 -pass 1 option change the x264 profile to 'main' libx264 new defect normal
#7177 crash when using scale with dst_format on 10 bit HEVC source file libx264 crash assert reopened defect important
#4947 libx264/265 encoder "parameter unknown" is a warning rather than an error libx264 libx265 open enhancement wish
#3719 Single frame cannot be encoded with -vcodec hevc libx265 new defect normal
#4284 FFmpeg doesn't pass -x265-params to the x265 encoder correctly. libx265 open defect normal
#4285 The "frame type" and the "q" are not being set in the -vstats_file when doing x265 encoding. libx265 new defect normal
#5959 aspect ratio change not working with libx265 (works with libx264) libx265 open enhancement wish
#5536 Segmentation fault (core dumped) on large file libx265 crash reopened defect normal
#7881 HEVC encoder crashes including OS on high performance environment libx265 crash new defect normal
#7037 ffmpeg destroys HDR information when encoding libx265 hdr open cehoyos defect normal
#4762 Temporal Layering in HEVC Encoding libx265 nvenc new enhancement wish
#6270 libxvid duplicates 2 pass log file (and ignores both?) libxvid 2pass log new defect normal
#6986 Zimg equivalent of swscale's param0/1 libzimg open defect wish
#5913 teletext / zvbi -> dvbsub libzvbi dvbsub new enhancement wish
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