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#6882 HEVC decoding regression with SAODBLK conformance samples hevc regression new defect important
#6885 Some media files don't work on FFmpeg as HTTP stream-in (worked with much older FFmpeg version) http mov regression open defect important
#6886 No maximum bitrate shown mpeg2video codecpar regression new defect important
#6887 segfault copying MPEGTS to MPEG with subtitles mpegps mpegts crash SIGSEGV regression open defect important
#6895 mp3 file play fail mp3 probe regression open defect important
#6907 hevc decoding regression hevc regression open defect important
#6927 FFMPEG version 3.4 gives wrong timestamps unless running with -advanced_editlist 0 new defect important
#6937 When converting from APE program eats up 4 bytes. APE seek regression new defect important
#6939 make install clean regression regression new defect important
#6941 AVI audio: sample size NEQ block align avi regression open defect important
#6953 http(s) hls - the interrupt callback is not copied from parent avctx interrupt new defect important
#6962 ffplay: command line -stats not independent of -log_level logging regression open defect important
#6964 Segmentation fault in Windows bash when using HTTP inputs crash new defect important
#6970 can't detect video stream, too many packets buffered for output audio stream mov edts regression new defect important
#6974 Improve handling of AAC PCE audio channels with segmented MPEG-TS mpegts aac regression open defect important
#6977 Flash video stream not detected flv regression open defect important
#6991 incorrect frame readout after seek h264 regression open defect important
#6997 Last image of the sequence is not shown in the generated video in case it is monochrome and goes after colored image concat fps regression open defect important
#7030 qsv in ffmpeg qsv regression open defect important
#7034 HLS does not demux entire clip if start_time > 0 hls new defect important
#7039 too many packets buffered for output audio stream m3u8 crash new defect important
#7049 HLS streaming crashes, when "http_persistent" option enabled crash hls http new defect important
#7054 stream_loop "Seek to start failed" with H.264 rawvideo file new defect important
#7058 loud aac encoder artefact aac regression open defect important
#7060 nut needs definitions for P016 rawvideo nut new defect important
#7121 Changing framerate of an MJPEG stream with piping drops malformed images mjpeg regression open defect important
#7123 GPAC file doesn't play with edit list parsing mov edts regression new defect important
#7138 Generating encrypted HLS segments with the fmp4 format results in a segfault hls new defect important
#7174 H.264 decoding turns blocky, "Out of range weight"+"decode_slice_header error"+more h264 regression open defect important
#7177 crash when using scale with dst_format on 10 bit HEVC source file libx264 crash assert reopened defect important
#7236 HLS stream input hangs hls mov regression new defect important
#7271 Converting aac fails aac regression open defect important
#7273 Exported AAC does not work properly aac regression new defect important
#7277 Unexpected mov aspect because of movie display matrix mov aspect regression open defect important
#7311 mp4 regression when remuxing ac-3 mov regression reopened defect important
#7358 Unable to use Lensfun lensfun new defect important
#7361 fps filter can drop only frame fps regression new defect important
#7365 H.264 decoding regression skipping first NAL h264 regression new defect important
#7372 [regression][eac3] Unable to parse channels information while compiling with ac3 decoder disabled. eac3 regression new defect important
#7377 Jumping mp4 playback mov regression new defect important
#7384 FFmpeg 4.0 does not set 5.1 surround sound into audio stream when converting mkv video with 5.1 surround sound aac regression reopened defect important
#7468 AVC muxing issue in a MOV container mov regression open defect important
#7482 ffmpeg.c's discontinuity handling breaks when one of the A/V streams creeps dts regression new defect important
#7528 Slice threading for geq causes visual artifacts geq regression new defect important
#7547 When relaying RTMP streams ffmpeg quits with av_interleaved_write_frame message regression librtmp new defect important
#7570 fate-h264-conformance-frext-hpcafl_bcrm_c failes with THREADS=3 h264 regression new defect important
#7587 Writing timecode track even with -dn specified regression new defect important
#7589 NewTek distributing non-free FFmpeg build NewTek new license violation important
#7612 Crash of FFMPEG webp decoder webp crash abort regression open defect important
#7613 Change in bayer dithering output in paletteuse paletteuse regression open defect important
#7651 Corrupted start of mp4 file after "-ss 0 -to XXX -c copy" mov open defect important
#7665 DJGPP: alignment silently reduced to 16 bytes with questionable reason djgpp regression new defect important
#7666 Signed integer overflow when converting to ya16 ubsan new defect important
#7684 ffmpeg -ss: issue with one flac uncompressed flac seek regression open defect important
#7706 20-30% perf drop in FFmpeg (H264) transcode performance with VAAPI vaapi regression open defect important
#7762 extracting subtitle stream fails mov mov_text regression new defect important
#7779 mcdeint slow mode SIGFPE mcdeint snow crash FPE new defect important
#7833 ffmpeg cant decode video file. mov edts regression new defect important
#7835 crashes using crop with zscale zscale crash new defect important
#7839 QVBR breaks mpeg2_qsv qsv regression new defect important
#5 jp2k muxed into mov by FFmpeg can't be played by QuickTime j2k mov roundup open defect normal
#110 MP4 Muxer gives incorrect frame duration with AAC aac mov reopened defect normal
#128 svq1 decoder is somehow buggy svq1 reopened defect normal
#244 rm muxer fails with frames larger than 64k byte real open defect normal
#259 framerate detection does not work properly. (mkv with default duration != actual average duration) vc1 pulldown mkv fps open defect normal
#355 and Artur Majtczak violate the GPL roundup open license violation normal
#405 Rhozet Carbon Coder violates LGPL rhozet carbon coder new license violation normal
#443 -color_range AVOption appears to do nothing h264 open defect normal
#479 AVStream.start_time incorrect by 2 frames for Sony XDCAM-EX files reopened defect normal
#502 Jumping frames (wrong presentation order) in QT for avi(h264)->mp4 streamcopy (missing h264 pts interpolation code) h264 mov reopened defect normal
#504 Fixing av_seek_frame new defect normal
#604 Multithreaded ffmpeg decode with DXVA2 hangs new defect normal
#615 ALSA buffer xrun open defect normal
#628 frame duplication doesnt work with raw h264 input (missing timestamp generation code) h264 new michael defect normal
#655 mms stream shows artefacts on codec change mms asf vc1 reopened defect normal
#691 Errors while decoding wmav2 stream wmav2 open defect normal
#730 Encoded video plays too fast for network input open defect normal
#742 zygo video codec decodes with visible graphic corruption ZyGo qdm2 h263 open defect normal
#766 Extend ffmpeg's timecode extraction open enhancement normal
#819 ffmpeg fails to read an image if the image filename contains an accent (win32) image2 win32 open defect normal
#845 Artefacts with Indeo 4 indeo4 reopened defect normal
#912 mpegts muxer does not follow TS buffering requirements specified in iso13818-1 section mpegts open defect normal
#933 A/V desync when transcoding A/V files with timestamps non starting from 0 with -copyts timestamp desync reopened defect normal
#946 ffplay: almost unreadable dvd subtitles due to wrong colors dvdsub open defect normal
#948 No audio in output when the audio starts late in VOB file mpegps open defect normal
#978 wrong container fps when muxing raw Xvid to avi m4v avi fps new defect normal
#979 Unexpected Color Conversion (bgr->yuv vs rgb->yuv) open defect normal
#982 Android app "Video Converted Android Beta" is published with nonfree codecs new license violation normal
#1007 PMW-EX3 camera raw videos (mpeg2video/pcm_s16be/MP4): A/V out of sync in quicktime after transcoding to h264 with ffmpeg new defect normal
#1031 yuv420p to rgb24 wrong pixels at end of rows yuv2rgb reopened michael defect normal
#1039 ORF-TVthek: Video on demand new license violation normal
#1102 mxf separate fields in interlaced j2k mxf j2k open mateo defect normal
#1150 H264 Main remuxing to TS fails (missing timestamps) av_interleaved_write_frame h264 mpegts open defect normal
#1157 Circular buffer overrun with 4+ ffmpeg instances. new defect normal
#1177 movie source: seek_point does not allow for accurate seeking (keyframe only) new defect normal
#1178 tiff enc: visible green dots with odd width and -pix_fmt yuv410p tif reopened defect normal
#1185 broken playback of rtsp streams - under windows at least rtsp udp new defect normal
#1281 RTMP Streamig to is not working new defect normal
#1304 rawvideo 8bpp: incorrect output with -vcodec copy pal8 reopened defect normal
#1309 Android(NDK) cannot compile thumb mode arm new defect normal
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