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#5663 cannot transcode flv (cannot find video stream) flv open defect minor
#5731 Wranings about truncating oversized PPS when decoding files from Sony camera FS7 h264 open defect minor
#5732 Display corruption on very high-bitrate H.264 files h264 open defect minor
#5791 -itsoffset shifts using a different value on some subtitles new defect minor
#5794 PAFF sample shows wrong estimated fps h264 mov new defect minor
#5803 ffprobe reports wrong DAR vp8 reopened defect minor
#5828 Duration mismatch on opus to pcm conversion opus open defect minor
#5838 avcodec_open2 doesn't open raw video codec unles parameters in context are set reopened enhancement minor
#5849 Add full support for H264 in libavcodec (Encoding & Decoding) new enhancement minor
#5851 Option to remove tags from Closed Captions cc open defect minor
#5917 applehttp vs hls in documentation new defect minor
#5929 Warnings shown for likely invalid real-life H.264 stream h264 new defect minor
#5933 Some unused output options do not trigger a warning open defect minor
#5945 Lavfi & filter_complex ignore fps filter overlay open defect minor
#5983 drawtext limitation in number of opened font files drawtext new defect minor
#6019 video_delay is larger in decoder than demuxer avi new defect minor
#6028 Wrong duration & other artifacts in captured mpeg stream mpegts duration open defect minor
#6033 unsharp filter documentetion additional description. unsharp new enhancement minor
#6050 Support utf16 in qt metadata mov videolan new defect minor
#6082 dv muxer accepts all framerates dvvideo new defect minor
#6108 ffmpeg will not warn when putting random unsupported codecs in mpegts mpegts open defect minor
#6152 Many warnings shown when decoding some latm samples aac new defect minor
#6328 UBSan: value is outside the range of representable values of type 'long' ubsan open defect minor
#6386 Timebase is written as frame duration for mkv if framerate is unkown webm mkv new defect minor
#6414 Possible unintended/inconsistant access to "pkt->dts" new defect minor
#6423 reconnecting to http URL should use original URL and not the redirect URL http new defect minor
#6515 "Non-monotonous DTS in output stream" message while converting ASF(VC-1/WMAv2) to MPEGTS (MPEG2) Non-monotonous DTS, multiple tracks convertion new task minor
#6614 Set timecode to "now" timecode, bounty new enhancement minor
#6683 Transport library initialization error in libfdk_aac when using aac_eld profile libfdk-aac open defect minor
#6685 Indirect function call with the wrong number of arguments in cmdutils.c new defect minor
#6693 MXF (AVC-I or DNXH) file created by ffmpeg could not be recognized by Davinci Resolve 14 mxf new defect minor
#6694 can we have gamma-correct image-resizing gamma new defect minor
#6704 No duration for G.729 samples g729 duration new defect minor
#6872 HTML generation differences (@subheading missing, formatting) in local build compared to official build texi doc new defect minor
#6890 Misleading log message for -b:a option new defect minor
#6928 Output log messaging is impractical, either nothing, or spammed messages log new defect minor
#7001 Misleading error message if the filtergraph cannot be allocated (because a filter is missing) reopened defect minor
#7004 Documentation: please clarify jpeg2000 encoding quality range j2k open defect minor
#7116 Unecessary warning? ffmetadata new defect minor
#7153 ffprobe show_entries packet omits "," output csv csv new defect minor
#7218 cur_dts invalid when generating ts file output with streamid 0:0x11 mpegts new defect minor
#7238 coded_picture_number and display_picture_number = 0 for all frames hevc reopened defect minor
#7240 Preserve Vorbis Comment vendor string when copying streams new enhancement minor
#7249 Overread VUI errors for AVID file h264 new defect minor
#7309 FFmpeg failing to detect mp2 audio with stream identifier "AC-3" mpegts regression open defect minor
#7394 Small memory leak if slice threading initialization fails leak new defect minor
#7396 libavcodec: uses dynamic libx264 by default libx264 reopened defect minor
#7403 HLS Master Playlist fails being generated correctly hls reopened defect minor
#7464 Videotollbox hardware acceleration method double displayed on macOS hwaccels videotollbox macOS new enhancement minor
#7514 Cuvid decoders getting enabled for 'disable-decoders' config option cuvid new defect minor
#7520 ffmpeg -vstats_file content description open Gyan enhancement minor
#7548 target path not taken into account new defect minor
#7654 hevc_amf does not honor -level option amf new defect minor
#7656 recording of .mpd list failed after 10 second recording dash mov new defect minor
#7738 Add explanation for '+' and '-' at option -flags, -movflags etc. open Gyan defect minor
#7741 when use ndk bulid the 4.1 code occur error udp android regression new defect minor
#7755 Fail if an output-only option is used as an input option open defect minor
#7793 Be sure file names appear in messages on terminal new enhancement minor
#7829 Wrong average framerate for H.264 in mxf mxf h264 regression fps new defect minor
#7832 Compact items on man page new enhancement minor
#7858 Incorrect function used in the avio_reading.c example AVIOContext, avio_context_free, buffer new defect minor
#232 amrnb dec: dtx mode not implemented. amr amrnb open enhancement wish
#296 support seeking by decoding from the begin msvideo1 seek open enhancement wish
#314 OpenAL device does not work on OS X openal osx open enhancement wish
#357 Trying to transcode a vbk file to wav VBK open michael enhancement wish
#368 enable interface selection for udp multicast on ipv6 udp new enhancement wish
#430 Support for GMP4 variant of MPEG-4 ASP gmp4 asp open enhancement wish
#638 add support for tiled TIFF tif open enhancement wish
#643 VAAPI dynamic loading VAAPI open enhancement wish
#661 Support image range for iff iff open enhancement wish
#709 Dolby pro logic IIx and IIz downmixing reopened enhancement wish
#712 m2v: wrong duration mpeg2video m2v open enhancement wish
#716 Shoutcast 2 metadata http shoutcast open enhancement wish
#747 Enable AMV encoding for audio adpcm_ima_amv open enhancement wish
#798 LEAD codecs not supported LEAD LCW2 open enhancement wish
#868 chained ogg video streams not supported with threads >1 ogg theora open enhancement wish
#914 tiff: support "old style LZW" tif open enhancement wish
#929 AAC decoder does not respect request_channels AAC open enhancement wish
#959 Media 100 codec support. dtPA dtnt dtmt open enhancement wish
#980 Feature request : Optimising (MPEG) video streams open enhancement wish
#998 Must convert mms://... streams to mmsh://... for FFmpeg to work mms open enhancement wish
#1009 XvBA - AMD Hardware acceleration xvba open enhancement wish
#1018 ffmpeg cannot decode quicktime with combined gif and blur streams blur open enhancement wish
#1022 Muxing more than two streams in rm real open michael enhancement wish
#1043 add support for Predefined SLConfigDescriptor mpegts open enhancement wish
#1047 add cdxl encoder and muxer cdxl open enhancement wish
#1048 add IFF ILBM encoder and muxer iff open enhancement wish
#1060 Suppport csf file format csf png open enhancement wish
#1081 Cinelerra HV60 asp hv60 open enhancement wish
#1158 support iXML riff chunk metadata iXML riff open enhancement wish
#1170 asf sub index seeking asf seek open enhancement wish
#1199 Playlist support open enhancement wish
#1248 shorten: add duration info shorten open enhancement wish
#1258 Codec support request : MPEG Multichannel Audio mp2 open enhancement wish
#1305 Embedded ASS subtitle support ass open enhancement wish
#1308 Decoding SAFA / Philips .ZVR files zvr open enhancement wish
#1325 pick suitable pcm encoder for wav container pcm_s24le pcm_dvd open enhancement wish
#1370 dvvideo enc: incorrect output with 1440x1080 dvvideo open enhancement wish
#1407 aac: 960/120 MDCT window is not implemented aac new enhancement wish
#1430 More efficient deshake filter deshake open flexman enhancement wish
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