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#6970 can't detect video stream, too many packets buffered for output audio stream mov edts regression new defect important
#6971 ffmpeg drops frames after deinterlacing cuvid new defect normal
#6972 Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream....resulting in audio synch issues new defect normal
#6974 Improve handling of AAC PCE audio channels with segmented MPEG-TS mpegts aac regression open defect important
#6977 Flash video stream not detected flv regression open defect important
#6979 Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream 2: 23309 >= 23226 av_interleaved_write_frame(): Invalid argument mkv pgssub new defect normal
#6981 HTTPS redirect for Trac missing new defect normal
#6986 Zimg equivalent of swscale's param0/1 libzimg open defect wish
#6991 incorrect frame readout after seek h264 regression open defect important
#6993 librsvg-2.0 not found using pkg-config new defect normal
#6996 attempting to use QSV on supported Intel system with NVidia primary GPU on Windows 10 causes crash qsv crash new defect normal
#6997 Last image of the sequence is not shown in the generated video in case it is monochrome and goes after colored image concat fps regression open defect important
#7001 Misleading error message if the filtergraph cannot be allocated (because a filter is missing) reopened defect minor
#7002 reading wav file from a pipe does not obey the probesize setting wav new defect normal
#7004 Documentation: please clarify jpeg2000 encoding quality range j2k open defect minor
#7007 ffmpeg: cuvid - duplicate frames when EOS since version 3.4 cuvid regression new defect normal
#7009 RTMP handshake problem rtmp new defect normal
#7010 Error writing trailer of icecast://source:password@server broken pipe new defect normal
#7011 Decoding of chained opus streams isn't properly supported opus ogg new defect normal
#7012 H264_cuvid Decoding Causes NVRM XID 31 cuvid new defect normal
#7016 Timecode incorrect when transcoding 59.94 to 29.97 timecode new defect normal
#7021 ffmpeg with -hls_flags single_file return incorrect byterange in playlist hls new defect normal
#7023 mediastreamvalidator failed with "Error injecting segment data" hls new defect normal
#7024 HLS: I receive "Can't deal with multiple sample timings per sample buffer" from mediaStreamValidator new defect normal
#7028 Improper rounding of output sample rate when using libopus libopus new defect normal
#7030 qsv in ffmpeg qsv regression open defect important
#7034 HLS does not demux entire clip if start_time > 0 hls new defect important
#7037 ffmpeg destroys HDR information when encoding libx265 hdr open cehoyos defect normal
#7039 too many packets buffered for output audio stream m3u8 crash new defect important
#7042 Wrong subtitle cut using -ss input option subrip seek new defect normal
#7045 Should retain pixel density metadata from HiDPI/Retina screen recordings new defect normal
#7046 Cannot select channel layout when loudnorm filter is used new defect normal
#7047 Incorrect microphone options list dshow new defect normal
#7049 HLS streaming crashes, when "http_persistent" option enabled crash hls http new defect important
#7051 ffmpeg (libx264) skip frames rtsp new defect normal
#7054 stream_loop "Seek to start failed" with H.264 rawvideo file new defect important
#7055 Using decimate allows EIA-608 captions to pass through to MP4 files even when the -sn option is used decimate cc new defect normal
#7058 loud aac encoder artefact aac regression open defect important
#7060 nut needs definitions for P016 rawvideo nut new defect important
#7063 Encode with FFV1 using the 2-pass mode gives the same result as without the 2-pass mode ffv1 new defect normal
#7064 External subtitle files cause wrong interleaving mkv new defect normal
#7065 reconnect_delay not settable but might want to be reconnect new defect normal
#7067 ffmpeg -f segment fails after 30 minutes segment new defect normal
#7068 ffmpeg SDP file generation : incorrect header sdp new defect normal
#7069 H.264 decoder fails and not restores into correct decoding after error h264 open defect normal
#7071 ffmpeg crashes in video capture on windows 10 dshow new defect normal
#7080 ffmpeg issue with NVENC and keyframes when encoding interlaced video nvenc new defect normal
#7084 Memory leak in libavfilter/graphparser.c leak new defect normal
#7085 MP4 HLS produce wrong m3u8 with the _init in the first segment with wrong duration hls new defect normal
#7089 Unmapped lavfi outputs with unlabelled pads automatically included new defect normal
#7090 avfilter : color_range of frame incorrectly flagged as limited new defect normal
#7094 Assertion in AVIO fill_buffer avio, abort, crash new defect normal
#7095 New framesync API makes psnr generate wrong results framesync psnr open defect normal
#7101 Overlay wrongly enabled before specified time overlay new defect normal
#7102 Compilation for MIPS with -msoft-float against musl libc fails MIPS fenv.h new defect normal
#7107 ffmpeg fails silently and generates corrupt file if -ss is used on MP3 file with wrong length mp3 new defect normal
#7113 NO_DATA is discarded from the AMR stream amrwb reopened defect normal
#7116 Unecessary warning? ffmetadata new defect minor
#7117 DVB subtitles render incorrectly dvbsub open defect normal
#7121 Changing framerate of an MJPEG stream with piping drops malformed images mjpeg regression open defect important
#7123 GPAC file doesn't play with edit list parsing mov edts regression new defect important
#7124 Unexpected results from YUV-RGB color space conversion optimization on POWER8/LE ppc altivec reopened defect normal
#7138 Generating encrypted HLS segments with the fmp4 format results in a segfault hls new defect important
#7144 mpeg-dash - Application provided duration: -1056 / timestamp: 983056 is out of range for mov/mp4 format dash new defect normal
#7152 avformat_find_stream_info() doesn't work as expected new defect normal
#7153 ffprobe show_entries packet omits "," output csv csv new defect minor
#7154 Reddish colors when using uspp or owdenoise filters new defect normal
#7169 First chapter of MP4 is always at 0.0 mov new defect normal
#7174 H.264 decoding turns blocky, "Out of range weight"+"decode_slice_header error"+more h264 regression open defect important
#7176 Resolution-related artefacts with clearvideo clv new defect normal
#7177 crash when using scale with dst_format on 10 bit HEVC source file libx264 crash assert reopened defect important
#7178 RTSP framerate reported by camera is ignored new defect normal
#7182 Asynchronity when muxing Opus in Matroska mkv, opus new defect normal
#7189 AV1 missing bitrate control libaom new defect normal
#7198 reCaptcha v1 is down (EoL reopened defect normal
#7199 Broken P010 colorspace conversion new defect normal
#7207 FFmpeg segmented output does not work mpegts h264 dts new defect normal
#7210 avcodec decoder error: existing hardware acceleration cannot be reused vdpau videolan new defect normal
#7217 ffprobe produces wrong XML; "data_hash" attribute sometimes in text new defect normal
#7218 cur_dts invalid when generating ts file output with streamid 0:0x11 mpegts new defect minor
#7221 V4l2 fails when attempting a second capture v4l2 new defect normal
#7222 inaccurate -ss seek new defect normal
#7223 ffmpeg fails to get https over http proxy http new defect normal
#7230 gradfun errors gradfun open defect normal
#7235 Problem encoding a HLS source that uses fMP4 segment that uses systemtime timestamps hls new defect normal
#7236 HLS stream input hangs hls mov regression new defect important
#7237 Non-monotonous DTS in output stream new defect normal
#7238 coded_picture_number and display_picture_number = 0 for all frames hevc reopened defect minor
#7244 Error occurred during aac playback in the Chrome browser new defect normal
#7246 Seeking backwards breaks encrypted dash files mov seek new defect normal
#7249 Overread VUI errors for AVID file h264 new defect minor
#7251 Memory/Resource Leak in avcodec_open2() on failure mpeg2video leak new defect normal
#7255 Lost beginning left brackets in .lrc when convert to .srt lrc open defect normal
#7257 concatenating MP4 files reads all of them twice concat mov new defect normal
#7258 Video codec "uncompressed r210 and v210" in Quicktime container produces too dark images dnxhd new defect normal
#7260 Fail to get image dimension when RTSP falling back from UDP to TCP rtsp new defect normal
#7265 The v4l2m2m decoder leaks memory: avpkt in v4l2_receive_frame is never freed leak v4l2m2m new defect normal
#7267 Interlaced ProRes output has chroma assigned to wrong fields prores new defect normal
#7272 encoding with hevc_amf results in video where forwarting is a mess amf reopened defect normal
#7273 Exported AAC does not work properly aac regression new defect important
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