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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Priority
#7240 Preserve Vorbis Comment vendor string when copying streams new enhancement minor
#7244 Error occurred during aac playback in the Chrome browser new defect normal
#7246 Seeking backwards breaks encrypted dash files mov seek new defect normal
#7249 Overread VUI errors for AVID file h264 new defect minor
#7251 Memory/Resource Leak in avcodec_open2() on failure mpeg2video leak new defect normal
#7257 concatenating MP4 files reads all of them twice concat mov new defect normal
#7258 Video codec "uncompressed r210 and v210" in Quicktime container produces too dark images dnxhd new defect normal
#7260 Fail to get image dimension when RTSP falling back from UDP to TCP rtsp new defect normal
#7265 The v4l2m2m decoder leaks memory: avpkt in v4l2_receive_frame is never freed leak v4l2m2m new defect normal
#7267 Interlaced ProRes output has chroma assigned to wrong fields prores new defect normal
#7273 Exported AAC does not work properly aac regression new defect important
#7274 ffmpeg ignores padding when decoding DTS-HD MA stream in DTSHD container dca new defect normal
#7279 Support AAC celp aac new enhancement wish
#7280 dnxhdenc.c forces DNxHR HQX to 10-bit, but it should allow 12-bit dnxhd new enhancement wish
#7281 fMP4 Single File Generation is excruciatingly slow hls new defect normal
#7282 ffmpeg generates improper HE-AACv2 fMP4 files new defect normal
#7285 Audiotoolbox: Support decoding HE-AAC Audiotoolbox new enhancement normal
#7286 Audiotoolbox: Support decoding Opus and FLAC Audiotoolbox new enhancement wish
#7287 Audiotoolbox decodes 24-bit ALAC as 16-bit Audiotoolbox new defect normal
#7292 Implement Feature: Stretch Subtitles Timing by Factor sub new enhancement wish
#7293 rtp_mpegts muxer: metadata is dropped mpegts, rtp_mpegts new defect normal
#7296 "frame size not set" muxing AAC alone to mpegts mpegts codecpar regression new defect normal
#7298 Interlaced h264 with separate fields broken on FireTV Stick mediacodec new defect normal
#7300 h264_nvenc / weighted_pred not working with B Frame parameter nvenc new defect normal
#7302 h264_nvenc / b_ref_mode middle with refs parameter is not working nvenc new defect normal
#7303 h264_nvenc / b_ref_mode middle creates invalid video due to Invalid DTS. nvenc new defect normal
#7304 Quicktime Player cannot trim H265 movie new defect normal
#7306 Seeking problem: -ss as output parameter at a key frame of a mp4 and -c copy result in droping of video frames new defect normal
#7308 Recording of dvb_teletext does not stop until subtitles are available new defect normal
#7312 crash while encoding from x11grab when source goes away new defect normal
#7313 hls_fmp4_init_filename not properly formated hls new defect normal
#7316 Windows named pipe output prompts to overwrite win32 new defect normal
#7317 showinfo filter add metadata mode metadata new enhancement wish
#7318 Freezing glitch win32 new defect normal
#7319 Result of muxing some video files to ts or mts shows wrong duration in Windows 7 explorer mpegts new defect normal
#7337 FFmpeg not recognizing WebVTT subtitle stream from HLS playlist hls webvtt new enhancement wish
#7339 HLS-Retry mechanism for HTTP-Upload segments hls new enhancement normal
#7340 Damaged h.264 input breaks the decoder h264 new defect normal
#7341 hls mpegts segmentation is not consistent all the way through for audio only MP4s new defect normal
#7342 Wrong colours when decoding dnxhd dnxhd new defect normal
#7344 Support invks in resampling filter new enhancement wish
#7349 ffprobe misses "title" tags on audio streams in mp4 new defect normal
#7352 After extraction video AVC/H264 stream from DASH mp4-segment SEI messages are put prior SPS/PPSges h264,dash new defect normal
#7353 Option -ss on output with -c copy uses dts instead of pts dts, pts new defect normal
#7354 when use rkmpp error :Impossible to convert between the formats supported by the filter 'Parsed_null_0' and the filter 'auto_scaler_0' new defect normal
#7355 No MJPEG input with MMAL decoder new enhancement normal
#7356 -map 0:s:m:language:eng - ERORR it does not extract eng sub. It always extract first sub Stream map new enhancement wish
#7358 Unable to use Lensfun lensfun new defect important
#7361 fps filter can drop only frame fps regression new defect important
#7362 Newline in subtitles: sub.ass - CRLF and - LF ass srt new enhancement wish
#7364 16-bit pixel formats support in vf_waveform filter waveform new enhancement wish
#7365 H.264 decoding regression skipping first NAL h264 regression new defect important
#7367 Magic Lantern Video (MLV) looks green mlv new defect normal
#7368 showspectrumpic set background color? showspectrumpic new enhancement wish
#7369 dash livestream cannot be read without -re dash new defect normal
#7371 Videotoolbox Decoding Error videotoolbox new defect normal
#7372 [regression][eac3] Unable to parse channels information while compiling with ac3 decoder disabled. eac3 regression new defect important
#7374 H.264 decoder is left in broken state after a glitch and switch in input h264 new defect normal
#7377 Jumping mp4 playback mov regression new defect important
#7385 Memory leak using decode vp8 leak new defect normal
#7392 Filter "sharpen" on Vaapi encoding vaapi, sharpen new task normal
#7394 Small memory leak if slice threading initialization fails leak new defect minor
#7395 DASH demuxing error "unterminated entity reference" due to ampersand in URL dash regression new defect normal
#7400 cannot download m3u8 with parameters reconnect hls new defect normal
#7404 [ffmpeg-qsv][vc1_decode]some frames error in dump file on iHD driver. qsv vc1 new defect normal
#7405 [ffmpeg-qsv][vc1_decode]vc1 decode drop frames on iHD driver. qsv new defect normal
#7407 [ffmpeg-qsv]mjpeg_decode] Unknown decoder 'mjpeg_qsv' qsv new enhancement wish
#7409 Does LAV support UTF16 tags when streaming SHOUTcast? utf16 new enhancement wish
#7412 [ffmpeg-qsv][hevc] some cases decode failed on iHD driver. qsv hevc new defect normal
#7421 [ffmpeg-qsv][avc encode] option bufferPeriodSEI is not support qsv new enhancement wish
#7422 [ffmpeg-qsv][avc encode] option disableVUI is not support qsv new enhancement wish
#7423 [ffmpeg-qsv][avc encode] option "fieldoutput" is not support qsv new enhancement wish
#7424 [ffmpeg-qsv][avc encode] option "fixedframerate" is not support qsv new enhancement wish
#7425 [ffmpeg-qsv][avc encode] option "gpu_copy" is not support qsv new enhancement wish
#7429 [ffmpeg-qsv][avc encode] option "'refpicmarkrep" is not support qsv new enhancement wish
#7432 [ffmpeg-qsv][avc encode] option "vuinalhrdparam" is not support qsv new enhancement wish
#7437 clap atom values ignored by ffmpeg mov cropping new enhancement wish
#7438 Transcoding multiple HLS outputs causes corruption in m3u8 index filename hls new defect normal
#7440 Black flickering x11grab new defect normal
#7445 Jpeg2000 parser j2k videolan new enhancement wish
#7449 copyts fails if PCR near rollover copyts dts new defect normal
#7450 Audio not working when recording FLV on OSX new defect normal
#7456 aomdec decodes video faster than libaom-av1 decoder in ffmpeg libaom new defect normal
#7458 Can't concatenate the single list fragment of videos concat new defect normal
#7460 ffmpeg output filename new enhancement wish
#7461 Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer new defect normal
#7462 Select best cover art if multiple embedded new enhancement normal
#7464 Videotollbox hardware acceleration method double displayed on macOS hwaccels videotollbox macOS new enhancement minor
#7466 scaled mjpeg movies from ProRes have lifted black new defect normal
#7469 "-hwaccel auto" fail in some case hwaccel auto new defect normal
#7470 ffprobe: Program info output for a selected program new defect normal
#7473 WMA decoder: gapless playback new defect normal
#7474 WMA v2 decoder: incorrect 8/11/16khz output new defect normal
#7476 Invalid pts and duration generated for mp4 when converting from webm new defect normal
#7480 HEVC codec info string hls new defect normal
#7482 ffmpeg.c's discontinuity handling breaks when one of the A/V streams creeps dts regression new defect important
#7484 av_packet_ref(): Allocates array on zero src size new defect normal
#7485 HLS not accurately seeking new defect normal
#7487 -out_channel_layout and -ac don't work in AutioToolBox encoder audiotoolbox new defect normal
#7496 Access to the reference track (dolby vision) of a stream new defect normal
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