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#5822 filter "scale_npp" fails to select correct algorithm (Nvidia CUDA/NPP scaler) npp new defect normal
#2856 nuv vp3: seek only to keyframes nsv vp3 open defect normal
#4934 nut container can't hold qtrle nut open enhancement wish
#7060 nut needs definitions for P016 rawvideo nut new defect important
#7562 using -hwaccel nvdec produces 'No decoder surfaces left' with interlaced input and 3 or more b-frames nvdec regression new defect normal
#6475 NVENC: -coder 0 parameter produces no error, but does not disable CABAC nvenc reopened defect normal
#6628 Random access indicator bit nvenc new defect normal
#6633 NVENC produces interlaced content that plays incorrectly in Windows Media Player and is read as 59.94fps in MediaInfo nvenc new defect normal
#7080 ffmpeg issue with NVENC and keyframes when encoding interlaced video nvenc new defect normal
#7300 h264_nvenc / weighted_pred not working with B Frame parameter nvenc new defect normal
#7302 h264_nvenc / b_ref_mode middle with refs parameter is not working nvenc new defect normal
#7303 h264_nvenc / b_ref_mode middle creates invalid video due to Invalid DTS. nvenc new defect normal
#7561 nvenc option -b_ref_mode middle outputs excessive log information about timestamps nvenc new defect normal
#7746 nvenc HEVC -b_ref_mode produces invalid pts/dts nvenc new defect normal
#5227 H265 nvenc HLS stream nvenc bounty new defect normal
#6956 Filter Issue, Impossible to Convert (nvenc) nvenc filter new defect normal
#5818 encoing to interlaced with nvenc nvenc, bounty new enhancement wish
#6476 NVENC: "InitializeEncoder failed" error occurs when level 5.2 is specified nvenc, h264, level, 5.2 new defect normal
#3391 Gaps in input timestamps cause invalid Ogg Opus output ogg open defect normal
#4448 Properly support cover art in ogg ogg open enhancement wish
#2507 Unknown packet pts values in mpeg4-ogg sample ogg asp videolan open defect normal
#3039 Support kate subtitles in ogg ogg sub new defect normal
#868 chained ogg video streams not supported with threads >1 ogg theora open enhancement wish
#3825 Wrong PTS in Ogg Vorbis file ogg vorbis new defect normal
#6367 ogg vorbis decode results in too many sample frames ogg vorbis open defect normal
#3756 Fails to identify video track in Ogg file ogg vp8 open enhancement wish
#6430 Ogg audio file not detected ogg wav open enhancement wish
#6080 Invalid negative granulepos on Ogg Theora packets reported as wildly large DTS ogg,theora new defect normal
#6272 FFMPEG .oma to .mp3 “Unsupported codec 5!” with a big file oma open enhancement wish
#5798 Allow h264 profile selection in ffmpeg when using omx omx new enhancement wish
#5468 on2avc (0x0501): improve decoding of stereo modes on2avc open defect normal
#6077 openCL cannot be run simultaneously with h264_qsv ? openCL, qsv new defect normal
#314 OpenAL device does not work on OS X openal osx open enhancement wish
#7190 feature request: program_opencl new parameter 'plane' opencl new enhancement wish
#5979 Fix for OpenCl & OpenGL on OSX opencl,opengl,osx new defect normal
#7059 Compile error in ffmpeg git master with opencv 3.4.1 opencv new enhancement wish
#4641 Error decoding SILK frame opus open defect normal
#4692 opus + webm - inconsistent meta? opus new defect normal
#5828 Duration mismatch on opus to pcm conversion opus open defect minor
#5310 mpegts demuxer ignores the amount of samples it should drop from the last Opus frame opus mpegts new defect normal
#7011 Decoding of chained opus streams isn't properly supported opus ogg new defect normal
#5337 support for other codecs in videotoolbox encoding osx open kernrj enhancement wish
#5470 Syphon as video device for AV Foundation osx new enhancement wish
#5530 compile error with --enable-opengl on osx osx new defect normal
#3570 AVFoundation indev cannot enabled when configure ffmpeg compile in Mac OS Marverick osx avfoundation open enhancement wish
#4803 ffmpeg overlay a gif to video using parameter of enable ,will display the gif picture before enable time. overlay new defect normal
#4948 ffmpeg overlay not stitching videos in order of pts overlay new defect normal
#5945 Lavfi & filter_complex ignore fps filter overlay open defect minor
#6837 overlay fails on pix_fmt change without an error message overlay open defect normal
#7101 Overlay wrongly enabled before specified time overlay new defect normal
#1618 Padding to odd/uneven size fails pad open defect normal
#1304 rawvideo 8bpp: incorrect output with -vcodec copy pal8 reopened defect normal
#4444 Transparency gets lost when scaling pal8 pal8 alpha new defect normal
#7613 Change in bayer dithering output in paletteuse paletteuse regression open defect important
#5804 pan audio filter parser fails to correctly parse LFE2 channel identifier pan open defect normal
#5923 add support for Kodak PhotoCD image format pcd open enhancement wish
#1325 pick suitable pcm encoder for wav container pcm_s24le pcm_dvd open enhancement wish
#5459 Subtitle encoding failed pgssub new enhancement wish
#6757 Copying pgs sub stream(s) results in non incrementing dts error pgssub new defect normal
#2622 Subtitle (hdmv pgs) remux fails pgssub mpegts open defect normal
#5474 pgssub with backward moving timestamps pgssub regression new defect important
#2516 pgssub produce warnings and are blinking pgssub regression videolan new defect normal
#2559 Bad pixel format negociation with scale and gray pixfmt open defect normal
#3585 Many decoding errors for pmp input pmp h264 regression new defect minor
#1857 PNG iTXt textual information chunk png open enhancement wish
#3805 Transparent png pixels should show the background colour png reopened enhancement wish
#6286 apng doesn't play correct png new defect normal
#6381 Re-encoding png image fails png new defect normal
#7124 Unexpected results from YUV-RGB color space conversion optimization on POWER8/LE ppc altivec reopened defect normal
#7861 altivec compilation broken on specific setups starting with gcc 8.3 ppc altivec new defect normal
#5860 "PES packet size mismatch", "Could not find codec parameters for stream 0" for TS stream that mplayer can play probe regression open defect important
#6615 ffplay prompeg playback prompeg new enhancement wish
#7863 prompeg FEC problem prompeg new defect normal
#6025 prores encoder does not write interlacement data in the stream prores new defect normal
#7267 Interlaced ProRes output has chroma assigned to wrong fields prores new defect normal
#7774 ProRes Scanned Alpha omitting last run of a slice if it's length 0 prores new defect normal
#4374 Add support for ZIP archive file format protocol protocol, zip, image2 open mastered enhancement wish
#2119 Support for Playstation 2 Audio file format psf2 reopened enhancement wish
#2375 FFprobe outputs nonsense DTS/PTS for streams with reordered frames pts dts mpeg2video reopened defect normal
#5900 alsa/pulse grab cuts last 2 seconds of audio pulseaudio new defect normal
#6098 qcelp: "IFQ: Badly received packets in frame." qclp new defect normal
#4142 Fourth Generation Vocoder qcp new enhancement wish
#6172 qdrw: support 1bpp qdraw open enhancement wish
#6198 qdrw: files fails to decode qdraw open enhancement wish
#2662 Support for Kuaibo's qmv format qmv open enhancement wish
#4659 Support the MFX Dispatcher from Intel Media SDK qsv new enhancement wish
#5279 ffmpeg cannot link with --enable-libmfx and --toolchain=msvc qsv new defect normal
#5433 Last frames are dropped while decoding with qsv decoder qsv new defect normal
#6347 [h264_qsv @ 0x22fc7a0] Warning in encoder initialization: partial acceleration (4) qsv new defect normal
#7405 [ffmpeg-qsv][vc1_decode]vc1 decode drop frames on iHD driver. qsv new defect normal
#7407 [ffmpeg-qsv]mjpeg_decode] Unknown decoder 'mjpeg_qsv' qsv new enhancement wish
#7421 [ffmpeg-qsv][avc encode] option bufferPeriodSEI is not support qsv new enhancement wish
#7422 [ffmpeg-qsv][avc encode] option disableVUI is not support qsv new enhancement wish
#7423 [ffmpeg-qsv][avc encode] option "fieldoutput" is not support qsv new enhancement wish
#7424 [ffmpeg-qsv][avc encode] option "fixedframerate" is not support qsv new enhancement wish
#7425 [ffmpeg-qsv][avc encode] option "gpu_copy" is not support qsv new enhancement wish
#7429 [ffmpeg-qsv][avc encode] option "'refpicmarkrep" is not support qsv new enhancement wish
#7432 [ffmpeg-qsv][avc encode] option "vuinalhrdparam" is not support qsv new enhancement wish
#7511 FFmpeg Windows version with QSV hwaccel fails over TERMINAL qsv new enhancement wish
#7643 qsv decoding fails on Windows qsv new defect normal
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