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#7828 gapless playback (probably) doesn't work with AAC new defect normal git-master
#7846 AAC -f lavfi or -filter_complex aevalsrc exceed the specified time new defect normal git-master
#7848 ffmpeg -devices doesn't show gdigrab as a device new defect normal 4.1
#7854 Http header name order matters? new defect normal 4.1
#98 Channel reordering in pcm files open defect minor git-master
#667 Error when decoding TrueHD 1.0 track that also contains AC-3 open defect minor git-master
#974 genpts not enabled automatically when remuxing from VOB to MOV reopened enhancement minor git-master
#1069 Canon Powershot playback / conversion open defect minor git-master
#1182 [ac3] frame sync error open defect minor git-master
#1286 qt tiff pal8 enc: wrong colors in qt open defect minor git-master
#2131 ffprobe failes to extract video bitrate for webm file new enhancement minor git-master
#2132 ffprobe failes to extract video bitrate for some avi files new enhancement minor git-master
#2233 H264 remuxing generated excessive warning messages open defect minor git-master
#2416 ffprobe wrongly reports "Operation not permitted" new defect minor git-master
#2459 mpc8: wrong duration open defect minor git-master
#2640 When dropping most frames, conversion from yuvj420p to gbrp becomes faster if explicitly asking rgb24 intermediate new defect minor unspecified
#3506 console log debug output clobbers progress output new defect minor git-master
#3552 Initial warnings shown when playing aac new defect minor git-master
#3579 Uses pthread_cond_init() are unchecked new defect minor git-master
#3624 H264 decoding error messages from a possibly valid mxf file new defect minor git-master
#3649 Solaris Intel static libraries required AMD 3D NOW even though the CPU doesn't support new defect minor git-master
#3662 Corrupt media file causes ffmpeg to output confusing error messages about "options" new defect minor unspecified
#4685 Misleading warning shown for mov file with multiple edit list entries new defect minor git-master
#4791 ffplay does not exit for -f v4l2 -t 1 -autoexit new defect minor git-master
#4923 Error messages shown when decoding Samsung sec cctv files that may contain audio new defect minor git-master
#5034 Non-monotonous DTS for aac input new defect minor git-master
#5112 Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream 1 new defect minor git-master
#5420 start time changes with codecpar new defect minor unspecified
#5573 Incorrect duration when decoding raw G.729 new defect minor git-master
#5794 PAFF sample shows wrong estimated fps new defect minor git-master
#5828 Duration mismatch on opus to pcm conversion open defect minor git-master
#5933 Some unused output options do not trigger a warning open defect minor git-master
#6019 video_delay is larger in decoder than demuxer new defect minor git-master
#6423 reconnecting to http URL should use original URL and not the redirect URL new defect minor git-master
#6515 "Non-monotonous DTS in output stream" message while converting ASF(VC-1/WMAv2) to MPEGTS (MPEG2) new task minor git-master
#6685 Indirect function call with the wrong number of arguments in cmdutils.c new defect minor git-master
#6704 No duration for G.729 samples new defect minor git-master
#7001 Misleading error message if the filtergraph cannot be allocated (because a filter is missing) reopened defect minor git-master
#7116 Unecessary warning? new defect minor git-master
#7240 Preserve Vorbis Comment vendor string when copying streams new enhancement minor unspecified
#7464 Videotollbox hardware acceleration method double displayed on macOS new enhancement minor git-master
#7784 ffmpeg/lavf changes the case of metadata keys new defect minor git-master
#7793 Be sure file names appear in messages on terminal new enhancement minor 4.1
#7829 Wrong average framerate for H.264 in mxf new defect minor git-master
#296 support seeking by decoding from the begin open enhancement wish git-master
#357 Trying to transcode a vbk file to wav open michael enhancement wish git-master
#661 Support image range for iff open enhancement wish git-master
#868 chained ogg video streams not supported with threads >1 open enhancement wish git-master
#959 Media 100 codec support. open enhancement wish git-master
#998 Must convert mms://... streams to mmsh://... for FFmpeg to work open enhancement wish git-master
#1018 ffmpeg cannot decode quicktime with combined gif and blur streams open enhancement wish git-master
#1047 add cdxl encoder and muxer open enhancement wish git-master
#1048 add IFF ILBM encoder and muxer open enhancement wish unspecified
#1060 Suppport csf file format open enhancement wish git-master
#1484 Width and Height wrong on mov file open enhancement wish git-master
#1497 Support for EDL cutting while encoding videos open enhancement wish git-master
#1778 EIA-608 / EIA-708 Closed Captions disappear when transcoding/reencoding reopened enhancement wish git-master
#1800 support iTunes drm encrypted files reopened enhancement wish git-master
#1956 support for shapes and sprites in swf open enhancement wish git-master
#2209 provide way to list supported codecs in container open enhancement wish git-master
#2327 accept "chapters" as segment_times open enhancement wish git-master
#2331 Possibility to automatically cut input by audio format change new enhancement wish git-master
#2387 Support DVD sub rasterization reopened enhancement wish git-master
#2463 ffspeak new enhancement wish unspecified
#2522 Give ffmpeg (better) mp4 chapter editing support open enhancement wish git-master
#2623 Automated crash report reopened enhancement wish unspecified
#2653 DCP-compatible output with libopenjpeg encoder reopened enhancement wish git-master
#2699 automate lossless normalisation open enhancement wish git-master
#2705 Support scrambled / customised mpeg program streams from Karaoke hardware new enhancement wish git-master
#2737 There are discontinuous phenomenon in playing HLS stream when changing another bitrate stream open stevenliu enhancement wish git-master
#2789 2-pass processing of inputs, generating statistics new enhancement wish unspecified
#2845 Introduce mechanism to extract image/video metadata without actually decoding frame data new enhancement wish unspecified
#3172 Closed captions in mov_text in f4v new enhancement wish git-master
#3233 PSP PMF audio new enhancement wish git-master
#3280 Add dvdnav support open enhancement wish git-master
#3289 support L264 without "Lead Extension" open enhancement wish git-master
#3340 A feature like "sout-keep" in VLC new enhancement wish unspecified
#3356 feature request: Segment HLS streams on SCTE 35 markers open enhancement wish git-master
#3389 Feature Request - Isolate and normalize video content new enhancement wish unspecified
#3635 Have machines for fate and developers with particular instruction sets new sponsoring request wish unspecified
#3796 ffmpeg should automatically determine subtitle text encoding new enhancement wish 2.3
#3827 Provide an option to quickly seek by a number of frames new enhancement wish git-master
#4059 conversion only done properly when specifying the wrong subtitle encoding open enhancement wish git-master
#4149 Support mjpeg rotation open enhancement wish git-master
#4165 Improve page selection for dvb teletext reopened enhancement wish git-master
#4182 Unknown 16kb/s audio in Hikvision MPEG-PS recording new enhancement wish git-master
#4286 Still image should be muxed as picture attachment new defect wish
#4345 Can't convert text subs to XSUB new enhancement wish git-master
#4439 Support SCTE-27 / Digicipher II (DCII) subtitles new enhancement wish git-master
#4469 DVB subtitles with multiple languages new enhancement wish git-master
#4481 Bluray text subtitles new enhancement wish git-master
#4489 mkv cropping new enhancement wish git-master
#4622 Add ReplayGain feature new enhancement wish unspecified
#4768 FFmpeg preserving CFR during TS to MP4 conversion new enhancement wish unspecified
#4859 TTML subtitles new enhancement wish git-master
#4895 Pause/Resume encoding on I/O Error new enhancement wish git-master
#5146 mxf mpeg2video: black bar at the top of the video open enhancement wish git-master
#5285 Missing subtitle format. ISMT new enhancement wish git-master
#5407 WavPack correction file (hybrid mode) open enhancement wish git-master
#5658 Support Screenflow SCC screen recordings new enhancement wish git-master
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