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#6488 Videotoolbox and VDA fail to initialize for H.264 new defect normal git-master
#6492 Intel QSV: "No device available for encoder" message is given new defect important unspecified
#6505 libxvid crash new defect normal unspecified
#6509 Remuxing m3u8 to mkv, Can't write packet with unknown timestamp new defect normal unspecified
#6510 mpeg2_cuvid with de-interlacing freezes after minutes new defect normal git-master
#6514 hwaccel auto don't select hwdecoding on macOS(Sierra) new defect normal unspecified
#6515 "Non-monotonous DTS in output stream" message while converting ASF(VC-1/WMAv2) to MPEGTS (MPEG2) new task minor git-master
#6517 defect: ffmpeg won't timeout on network problem, can't be interrupted to give a valid mp4 new defect normal unspecified
#6553 Memory leak when copyts option enabled on udp input new defect normal unspecified
#6556 concat demuxer - Alternate Group, Default tags change new defect normal git-master
#6557 -metadata artist="string", (and title=) are repeated in .WMA files new defect normal
#6559 5.1ch DTS Express is recognised as 2.0ch new defect normal git-master
#6572 AJA Helo Violates GPL new license violation normal unspecified
#6578 ARM NEON detection should use getauxval instead of parsing files in /proc new enhancement normal unspecified
#6580 ffmpeg doesn't compile with libressl new defect normal git-master
#6582 thread limit new defect normal git-master
#6588 Failure to decode some frames causing freeze new defect important git-master
#6597 ffmpeg quits after trying to get stream from 3 IP cameras one failing with CSeq expected 0 received new defect normal unspecified
#6602 Can't set or remove encoder metadata new defect normal unspecified
#6613 Stuck fixing non-monotonous DTS new defect normal unspecified
#6623 muxer memory leak or sound lagg or lost when one of sound or video track disapears from stream or one of them scrambling for time more then values of options dts_delta_threshold and max_interleave_delta new defect normal unspecified
#6624 HLS-TVstream stoped after few minutes(every time after clip changing) reopened defect normal unspecified
#6625 "Freezes" transcoding RTP g.711 stream to mp3 new defect normal unspecified
#6626 ff_vdpau_common_init writes past the end of av_alloc_vdpaucontext memory new defect normal unspecified
#6628 Random access indicator bit new defect normal git-master
#6630 Using stream segmenter produces .ts file with non-zero start time new defect normal unspecified
#6632 Two ffmpeg instances record with (and without) lags new defect normal unspecified
#6654 AAC-file stay on pause through LAVSplitterSource right after start. new defect important git-master
#6664 ffmpeg concat audio not in sync new defect normal unspecified
#6670 "LAVSplitterSource" shows empty "Chapters"(title) metadata tags for remote file. reopened defect normal unspecified
#6685 Indirect function call with the wrong number of arguments in cmdutils.c new defect minor git-master
#6686 Transcoding dvb recording fails new defect important git-master
#6687 WonderFox / videoconverterfactory license violation new license violation normal unspecified
#6688 easefab license violation new license violation normal unspecified
#6704 No duration for G.729 samples new defect minor git-master
#6709 "Non-monotonous DTS in output stream" every 13 hours 14 minutes new defect normal git-master
#6718 Option to remove label on alpha channel reopened enhancement wish unspecified
#6724 FFmpeg freezes while downloading an HLS stream new defect normal unspecified
#6730 Intel QSV segment problem new defect normal unspecified
#6737 ffmpeg can't interpret HLS #EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY tag. new defect normal git-master
#6756 comfortnoise decoder prints warnings and decodes forever even if given a time limit reopened defect normal git-master
#6757 Copying pgs sub stream(s) results in non incrementing dts error new defect normal unspecified
#6773 ffmpeg-10bit SIGSEGV crash after 'code 3074' new defect normal unspecified
#6781 MXF Format errors reopened defect normal unspecified
#6806 ffmpeg doesn't work when receiving 2 input rtp streams new defect normal unspecified
#6816 Combine "vidstabdetect" or "vidstabtransform" with scene detection new enhancement wish unspecified
#6818 FFmpeg fails to decode first frame in file due to multiple frames in a packet. open defect important git-master
#6827 Intel QSV: "Failed to create Direct3D device" on Core i7-7700K (Skylake) on Windows 10 reopened defect normal unspecified
#6845 -map 0:m:language:eng? new enhancement normal git-master
#6886 No maximum bitrate shown new defect important git-master
#6903 Muxing TS into MKV container new defect normal git-master
#6908 Concatenating mpegts files into stream longer than timestamp wrap can produce non-monotonic timestamps new defect normal git-master
#6914 Two Smoothstreaming Outputs new defect normal git-master
#6917 Seeking in AVI file with mp3 audio throws errors during decoding. new defect normal git-master
#6919 Mac MKV2MP4 violates the LGPL new license violation normal unspecified
#6922 transcode with ffmpeg may eat up a lot of memory new defect normal unspecified
#6927 FFMPEG version 3.4 gives wrong timestamps unless running with -advanced_editlist 0 new defect important 3.4
#6937 When converting from APE program eats up 4 bytes. new defect important git-master
#6946 Start And End Time SS new defect normal git-master
#6947 Unwanted visual formatting added when embedding subtitles new defect normal unspecified
#6956 Filter Issue, Impossible to Convert (nvenc) new defect normal unspecified
#6964 Segmentation fault in Windows bash when using HTTP inputs new defect important unspecified
#6971 ffmpeg drops frames after deinterlacing new defect normal git-master
#6972 Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream....resulting in audio synch issues new defect normal unspecified
#6979 Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream 2: 23309 >= 23226 av_interleaved_write_frame(): Invalid argument new defect normal git-master
#6993 librsvg-2.0 not found using pkg-config new defect normal unspecified
#6996 attempting to use QSV on supported Intel system with NVidia primary GPU on Windows 10 causes crash new defect normal git-master
#7001 Misleading error message if the filtergraph cannot be allocated (because a filter is missing) reopened defect minor git-master
#7010 Error writing trailer of icecast://source:password@server broken pipe new defect normal git-master
#7012 H264_cuvid Decoding Causes NVRM XID 31 new defect normal unspecified
#7016 Timecode incorrect when transcoding 59.94 to 29.97 new defect normal git-master
#7021 ffmpeg with -hls_flags single_file return incorrect byterange in playlist new defect normal git-master
#7023 mediastreamvalidator failed with "Error injecting segment data" new defect normal git-master
#7024 HLS: I receive "Can't deal with multiple sample timings per sample buffer" from mediaStreamValidator new defect normal unspecified
#7039 too many packets buffered for output audio stream new defect important 3.4
#7042 Wrong subtitle cut using -ss input option new defect normal git-master
#7045 Should retain pixel density metadata from HiDPI/Retina screen recordings new defect normal unspecified
#7046 Cannot select channel layout when loudnorm filter is used new defect normal git-master
#7047 Incorrect microphone options list new defect normal git-master
#7051 ffmpeg (libx264) skip frames new defect normal unspecified
#7055 Using decimate allows EIA-608 captions to pass through to MP4 files even when the -sn option is used new defect normal unspecified
#7063 Encode with FFV1 using the 2-pass mode gives the same result as without the 2-pass mode new defect normal unspecified
#7067 ffmpeg -f segment fails after 30 minutes new defect normal git-master
#7068 ffmpeg SDP file generation : incorrect header new defect normal unspecified
#7071 ffmpeg crashes in video capture on windows 10 new defect normal unspecified
#7080 ffmpeg issue with NVENC and keyframes when encoding interlaced video new defect normal unspecified
#7085 MP4 HLS produce wrong m3u8 with the _init in the first segment with wrong duration new defect normal git-master
#7107 ffmpeg fails silently and generates corrupt file if -ss is used on MP3 file with wrong length new defect normal unspecified
#7116 Unecessary warning? new defect minor git-master
#7141 support repeat boolean in FFREPORT global var new enhancement normal git-master
#7144 mpeg-dash - Application provided duration: -1056 / timestamp: 983056 is out of range for mov/mp4 format new defect normal git-master
#7152 avformat_find_stream_info() doesn't work as expected new defect normal unspecified
#7169 First chapter of MP4 is always at 0.0 new defect normal unspecified
#7177 crash when using scale with dst_format on 10 bit HEVC source file reopened defect important git-master
#7197 Stellar Phoenix Video Repair - LGPL/GPL violation new license violation normal unspecified
#7222 inaccurate -ss seek new defect normal git-master
#7223 ffmpeg fails to get https over http proxy new defect normal git-master
#7236 HLS stream input hangs new defect important git-master
#7237 Non-monotonous DTS in output stream new defect normal unspecified
#7240 Preserve Vorbis Comment vendor string when copying streams new enhancement minor unspecified
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