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#4676 Concat of AAC + MP4 has gaps new defect normal unspecified
#4198 Concatenate mov files new defect normal git-master
#6908 Concatenating mpegts files into stream longer than timestamp wrap can produce non-monotonic timestamps new defect normal git-master
#2309 Continuing -async issues new defect normal unspecified
#6472 Conversion failed! by Too many packets buffered for output stream 0:0. in wmv open defect important git-master
#4214 Conversion to mp3 changes audio duration new defect normal unspecified
#1621 Converted flash video has longer duration than the source new defect normal unspecified
#4955 Converting H.264 Video in MPEG-TS container doubles tbc new defect normal git-master
#3369 Copying from MPEG TS to MKV fails with "Can't write packet with unknown timestamp" open defect important git-master
#6757 Copying pgs sub stream(s) results in non incrementing dts error new defect normal unspecified
#2778 Corrupt image when transcoding H264 stream to JPEG using IB-CAM2002 new defect normal unspecified
#3662 Corrupt media file causes ffmpeg to output confusing error messages about "options" new defect minor unspecified
#7651 Corrupted start of mp4 file after "-ss 0 -to XXX -c copy" open defect important git-master
#7747 Crackling noises in audio on iPod new defect normal unspecified
#2653 DCP-compatible output with libopenjpeg encoder reopened enhancement wish git-master
#2421 DTS/PTS problems when trying to obtain synced video and audio files new defect important git-master
#4469 DVB subtitles with multiple languages new enhancement wish git-master
#4726 DXVA not functional with resolutions greater than 1080 on AMD GPUs new defect normal unspecified
#7709 Data Codec DTS stripped from MPEG2-TS new defect normal unspecified
#4482 Datavideo NVS-20 violates LGPL new license violation normal unspecified
#5399 Dealing with duplicated multicast RTP packets new enhancement normal unspecified
#3776 Decoding bug when playing some MPEG-4 ALS streams open thilo.borgmann defect normal git-master
#2464 Decoding of Matrox mpeg2video 4:2:2 HD avi files broken new defect normal git-master
#4951 Different frame rate using ts and mov containers reopened defect normal git-master
#3993 Digiarty WinX violates GPL new license violation normal unspecified
#4177 Digimetrics Hydra Player violates the GPL reopened license violation normal unspecified
#4290 Don't abort when existing output file is detected; instead skip to next output file new enhancement normal git-master
#2576 Downloading HLS streams from fails after random time. new defect normal unspecified
#4114 Drastic Preview Pro violates the GPL open license violation normal unspecified
#3192 Dropped frames if x11grab and webcam are used in filter_complex new defect normal git-master
#5935 Duration glitch and seek offset problems with transcodes to h264/aac/mp4 new defect normal git-master
#5828 Duration mismatch on opus to pcm conversion open defect minor git-master
#5075 Duration of M4A file is wrong? new defect normal git-master
#1778 EIA-608 / EIA-708 Closed Captions disappear when transcoding/reencoding reopened enhancement wish git-master
#5141 Eltima violates GPL reopened license violation normal unspecified
#3454 Emotion Systems violates GPL reopened license violation normal unspecified
#7063 Encode with FFV1 using the 2-pass mode gives the same result as without the 2-pass mode new defect normal unspecified
#730 Encoded video plays too fast for network input open defect normal git-master
#5948 Encrypted HLS stream lead to broken files new defect normal unspecified
#4433 Error Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer Logitech C910 new defect normal unspecified
#4201 Error Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer Logitech C920 new defect normal unspecified
#2361 Error message: [dshow @ 000000000249efe0] Could not enumerate video devices. new defect normal 1.1.3
#4923 Error messages shown when decoding Samsung sec cctv files that may contain audio new defect minor git-master
#7244 Error occurred during aac playback in the Chrome browser new defect normal unspecified
#4186 Error when adding srt file that contains two entries starting at the same moment new defect normal git-master
#667 Error when decoding TrueHD 1.0 track that also contains AC-3 open defect minor git-master
#4995 Error when inserting sidx atoms new defect normal unspecified
#5760 Error while generating VOD webm DASH manifest new defect normal unspecified
#7010 Error writing trailer of icecast://source:password@server broken pipe new defect normal git-master
#7273 Exported AAC does not work properly new defect important unspecified
#3135 Extra audio tracks no longer disabled in mp4 container new defect normal git-master
#5078 FFMPEG "loop=0" value results in warnings and extremely long runtime new defect normal git-master
#1417 FFMPEG -bf flag with mpeg4 codec creates video that cant be played with WMP/MCE new defect normal unspecified
#3982 FFMPEG Does Not Support the Audio in TS stream recorded by Marshall Electronics VS-7300 open defect normal git-master
#2764 FFMPEG is blocked when multicast group membership is lost (on linux kernel < 2.6.27) new enhancement normal 0.10.7
#6225 FFMPEG leaks memory in iOS devices new defect normal unspecified
#6927 FFMPEG version 3.4 gives wrong timestamps unless running with -advanced_editlist 0 new defect important 3.4
#6092 FFMpeg cannot deal the http streamed file new defect normal unspecified
#7535 FFMpeg freezes without any error message on incomplete encrypted segment received new defect normal unspecified
#6399 FFREPORT doesn't support drive letters on Win32 due to parsing separator new defect normal unspecified
#7690 FFmpeg QSV decode + VPP performance is just a fraction of what one gets with VA-API and MediaSDK new defect normal git-master
#4775 FFmpeg RTP network issue in Ubuntu new defect normal unspecified
#4284 FFmpeg doesn't pass -x265-params to the x265 encoder correctly. open defect normal git-master
#6818 FFmpeg fails to decode first frame in file due to multiple frames in a packet. open defect important git-master
#6724 FFmpeg freezes while downloading an HLS stream new defect normal unspecified
#1751 FFmpeg keeps streaming but stream is blank/offline new defect normal unspecified
#4768 FFmpeg preserving CFR during TS to MP4 conversion new enhancement wish unspecified
#2375 FFprobe outputs nonsense DTS/PTS for streams with reordered frames reopened defect normal git-master
#4398 FLV Sample muxing to mpegts and output file with no Video open defect normal git-master
#6588 Failure to decode some frames causing freeze new defect important git-master
#6215 Fairplay Encryption for HLS m3u8 feeds not supported new task normal unspecified
#3389 Feature Request - Isolate and normalize video content new enhancement wish unspecified
#7681 Ffmpeg segment produces corrupted segments after segment #0 when encoding h264 stream to mp4 new defect normal unspecified
#5749 File produced ffmpeg by stream copy reports audio (AAC) for the stream that should be video (MPEG2) open defect normal git-master
#6956 Filter Issue, Impossible to Convert (nvenc) new defect normal unspecified
#7169 First chapter of MP4 is always at 0.0 new defect normal unspecified
#504 Fixing av_seek_frame new defect normal unspecified
#7601 For containers with FFmpeg’s AAC implementation, ffprobe identifies the channel layout “5.1(side)” as “6 channels” reopened defect normal unspecified
#7602 For the Matroska container, ffprobe identifies the channel layouts “5.1(side)” and “5.1” as “6 channels” reopened defect normal unspecified
#2094 Forward seeking in svq3-in-mov impossible new defect normal git-master
#4092 Frame Drops and high cpu usage for Multibitrate Streaming new defect normal unspecified
#1556 Frame rate changed without changeing timestamps new defect normal 0.11.1
#7318 Freezing glitch new defect normal git-master
#7604 G.729B decoder not available. reopened defect normal git-master
#7902 GIF transparent frames overlapping new defect normal git-master
#5761 GOP inconsistencies when transcoding H.264 to MPEG2 MXF new defect normal 3.0.2
#4521 GPL Violation - Refusal to supply Source Code new license violation normal 2.5.4
#3988 GPL license violators who try to spam the mailing lists or forum new license violation normal unspecified
#6193 GPS coordinates getting lost after encoding new defect normal unspecified
#7691 GPU side format conversions working with MediaSDK and old i965 driver, fail with new iHD driver new defect normal git-master
#3391 Gaps in input timestamps cause invalid Ogg Opus output open defect normal git-master
#2522 Give ffmpeg (better) mp4 chapter editing support open enhancement wish git-master
#7901 Green/null frames at beginning of decoding with qsv decoders new defect normal git-master
#1150 H264 Main remuxing to TS fails (missing timestamps) open defect normal git-master
#3624 H264 decoding error messages from a possibly valid mxf file new defect minor git-master
#2233 H264 remuxing generated excessive warning messages open defect minor git-master
#3697 H264/MPEGTS avg_frame_rate inconsistencies new defect normal git-master
#7012 H264_cuvid Decoding Causes NVRM XID 31 new defect normal unspecified
#5227 H265 nvenc HLS stream new defect normal git-master
#5831 HDR Metadata in Encoding new enhancement normal unspecified
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